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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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what a great way to end 2020!!!

Happy New Year to Clay - sweet, sweet man.. who btw can stop saying that he finally sounded like a man for the first time in his life. Have always sounded man enuf for me  😘

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Word of the day is ‘crambazzled’: 19th-century Yorkshire dialect for looking prematurely aged from excess drinking

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Clay is number nine on this list from BuzzFeed (I liked most of that look!):

29 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Hilariously Tragic The Year 2006 Was

And number 31 on this list, along with Chaka Khan, also from BuzzFeed:

78 Movie And TV Cameos That Were Hilarious, Heartwarming, Or Just Plain Unexpected

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talk to the manager 😂 

Well, his hair still looked better than most of the other guys in those pics.. Taylor Lautner still has Clay’s hair from 2003

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Didn’t work for him- won’t work for YKW either

When I listened to this tape earlier tonite, I thought to self. ‘Mik, this is so what Clay would tweet about. I hope he comes back”

awww he back ❤️  Cutie

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Word of the day: TAISTER (19th century Scots) - to dodge work, to be lazy - as on the first day back from holiday

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Hell, I’m a Taister 3 days leading up to a vacay too


This should be a meme..  Erin Burnett’s reaction to them telling her on CNN that the voters in Georgia aren’t wearing masks..and they bring  their pets to the voting booths- cats, dogs and even a goat! LOL


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I did fine yesterday -- had tons to do.  Today, though -- totally taister.

I'm trying not to stress about the Georgia election today.  I bet Clay will be glued to the news tonight.  Although, he said he doesn't watch news anymore, so who knows.

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Man let’s hope he’s right!

listening to Stevie K over on MSNBC is giving me a headache ~ he talks so fast, he loses me. I find myself thinking about what I want to have for dinner tomorrow night.. 🤦‍♀️  

Clay could handle that though, he’s friends with Meghan after all.. that girl talks in a blur 

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