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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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It's looking more and more like it -- at least according to Clay, haha.


And I'm not sure I get this one:


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So sad!

Word of the day is 'sequaciousness' (17th century): the blinkered, unreasoning, and slavish following of another, no matter where it leads.

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1 word - Treason 

What  did they think was going to happen? He holds a rally down the street, did they think they would hold hands and sing Auld Lang syne ?

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I’m just so frustrated right now 🥵 Congresswoman dies- where are the arrests? 

How about that Ivanka eh? Tweets out “ protestors, American Patriots’ oh man, the chips don’t fall far from the cow pie 

yay to Osoff!

yay to reconvening for the electoral count tonite!

Im off to make stroganoff .. I need comfort food =O

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Oops Triple posting:

I need to update that it was not a congresswoman that was killed. For awhile there CNN was so confusing about what was happening over there. Fact is, someone did die..a protestor. Blood on ykw’s Hands 😕

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Ice cream. I will be eating some tonight, because I need some comfort.

YKW’s Twitter account just got locked!

Politicon has announced that Malcolm Nance will be on the podcast with Clay tomorrow. 

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Word of the day is 'uhtceare' [uht-kay-ara, the 'h' as in the German 'ach']: Old English for 'sorrow before dawn', when you lie awake in the darkness and worry. 

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Word of the day is 'ochlocracy': mob rule. 
Other -cracies:
kakistocracy: government by the worst of citizens.
aristocracy: (originally) government by the best of citizens; later by the elite.
idiocracy: government by idiots.
democracy: government by the people 

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Wednesday started out great for me. We went to get our first covid vaccine shot. Easy peasy. Coming home we heard about the riots at the capital. Spent the rest of the afternoon watching them unfold on tv in horror.  Definitely ochlocracy merrieeee. What a mess this country is in. In the evening, seeing Lindsay Graham redo himself once again, I just laughed so hard. Who is he kidding? 

I am so looking forward to a life I remember before March 2020.:drinking71:

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I'm not one to look back (any time someone says, "let's go back to the good old days," I cringe), but with the current state of presidential politics, I'd like to go back to 2014 or so.  You know, when we had a leader.

Fear, I'm glad you were able to get your first shot!

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Teachers on next tier for shots- my nurse daughter gets her 2nd one next week. Slow but sure

no worries girls.. impeachment # 2 on its way 🤞we will wash Donny boy right down the drain w his minions!

anyone listen to the podcast yet? Mr Nance is an intel man, as well as my son.. so I had to throw out a question- interesting to see if they ask it.

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I really liked the podcast. A little bit scary at times but very informative.  Though clays sponsor (a vpn provider)was a little badly timed 

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First question out of the gate baby!!

its the first time I’ve ever heard Clay say my name! Ha OMG.. is it bad I don’t even care what the answer is?!! 😂🤣 

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It really is thrill to hear him say your name.   He called me during a concert and said hi Linda!  I was a goner from that moment on!

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it really is, kinda surreal. Clay played right into my hands.. I’m thinking, hmm if I mention my son who works intel to an intelligence man, Clay would want to impress him and then have him ask a question I took right out of his book- and it worked. I got to hear that sexy southern drawl ask my question *sigh*

HA, jeez ya think I need a little break from reality right now?                         I may not sleep tonite 🥺

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Haven’t listened yet, but congrats mik!  I can’t wait to listen!

Clay answered one of my questions for a Broadway Q&A, so I know the feeling!

merrieeee, glad your daughter gets the vaccine soon!

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