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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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From Dan Rather on Twitter:

I heard this Twitter thing wasn’t working for some people. Just came here to check... and it seems to be working for me. Oh well.

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Two adjectives from the historical dictionary for possible morning states:

panurgic (19th century): ready for anything.

ramfeezled (18th century): exhausted, befuddled, and overcome

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2 hours ago, merrieeee said:


OMG those two are hilarious! I’ve always asked, how the heck can it work if you don’t agree on politics? Anything else, even religion, just not politics- too polarizing.  

I still think Clay needs to get himself a political show where he can help people see both sides and still bring the funny. Meghan’s getting her ass kicked over on the View. When they fire her, she’ll be available 🤣

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In 1895 the New York World published a “list of don’ts” for women cyclists, including “Don’t go without a needle and thread”, “Don’t ask ‘what do you think of my bloomers?’ and ‘Don’t scream if you meet a cow.’”

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Word of the day is ‘circumlocutionist’: one who consistently speaks in a roundabout way in order to avoid addressing a question directly.

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Get ur Q in ldyj!

Watching the impeachment vote is hypnotizing..

watching repubs try to save their butts- 😳 but on he other hand, the few brave ones that come forward to do what’s right. I’m lookimg at you Rep Newhouse 


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Word of the Day: AGELAST - a person that never laughs.


Should a smile be needed, I offer a quick reminder that penguins were once known as 'arse-feet', your eyes were your 'ogles', and eggs were 'cacklefarts'.

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On 1/10/2021 at 1:55 PM, merrieeee said:

Word of the day: SLOOM (Scots) - a fitful, restless sleep

Oh God!  That’s me. Probably that’s a lot of us right now!!!

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18 minutes ago, RIFAN said:

that’s me. probably a lot of us right now!!!

Oh yes -

But did you listen to Joe talk tonite? Man that guy is just like one big warm hug  😍

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Weird comment I read in an article about Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18 year old who shot and killed two BLM protesters. He was seen drinking in a bar with some Proud Boys. Anyway they were singing "Proud of You Boy", supposedly their theme song. What a waste of a beautiful song.

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That honestly troubles me.  It means that either those guys were fans of Broadway or Clay Aiken.  Shudder.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately.  My college starts back up next week, and the week before is always a crazy time for the librarians, especially in the pandemic.  Faculty members are asking us for resources left and right, and we try to get to all the departmental meetings to talk about the library.  Plus we are down one librarian at the moment, because of paternity leave.

New podcast is up:


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