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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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Posted this on FB this morning:

My favorite things from yesterday:

1) Eugene Goodman escorting VP Kamala Harris yesterday. (If you don't know, he's the Capitol Police officer who helped draw a mob away from lawmakers at the Capitol riot 2 weeks ago.)

2) Amanda Gorman. Enough said.

3) The New Radicals reuniting after 22 years to perform their only hit, "You Get What You Give," at the virtual parade yesterday afternoon. This was one of Beau Biden's favorite songs.

4) Lin-Manuel Miranda reciting Seamus Heaney's "The Cure at Troy" (with the addition of President Biden reciting the same words at the end of the poem) during the televised Inaugural Ball.

5) Jill Biden's wrist corsage.

6) The unknown gentleman who spent the entirety of President Biden's inaugural address at Beau Biden's grave -- and the reporter who discovered this, and left him alone.

7) The Bernie Sanders memes. All of them.

😎 Hope.

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My fave #4

Didn't know #6 ❤️ Beautiful 

That’s what I love and missed, all the little traditions and deep meaningful  stories.. doesn’t it just make you feel hopeful? And then you read some of the comments under the picture Clay put up yesterday and 😳 ....

Fear- Those vaccines should make it to us eventually but my daughter and son who live near us both have gotten theirs (nurse and teacher) The older generation,  hubby and I, sitting here without!

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I read the comments under Clay's FB post yesterday....I was smacking my head almost the entire time.  

I have a feeling many of these people probably lost track of him after Idol, so they have no clue how liberal he is.  (For all we know, these people may not know he's gay either.)

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Right?! I was waiting for them to ask how the wife and kids were 🙄

there was even a guy who said he wouldn’t give to Clay’s charity anymore- As if.

You know I’m already tired of the double standard. Democrats must now be so gracious but we all had to look the other way the last 4 yrs during all the horrible divisiveness. Even Joy and Meghan got into this morning on the View. Sometimes I think Clay loves her because she is so fun to piss off 😝

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