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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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New pod: OMG that sounds heavenly, can’t wait to listen!

i finally finished last weeks podcast last night, at bedtime half asleep, and then I heard Clay say it.. the one word I will not tolerate, the one one word I hate more than any other on the planet.  The word I have actually thrown someone out of my house for saying 🤨. And he was talking about how he’s been called it and how he has decided not to let himself be upset by it.. and how he’s had to tell his son not to let the bullies see that you care b/c that’s what they want.  [You know the kid has gotten crap b/c his dads gay 😒]

I know I’m dramatic but I can’t handle intolerance.  Im going to handle not seeing my grandchildren over Christmas, but this sort of thing is just as bad to me- its 2020 for crying out loud! 

(The word is spoken at the end of the podcast- last 15 mins.  In case you haven’t listened yet.)

This thanksgiving  I’m thankful for FCA and a place for me to rant.. also for Clay,  who really can break my 💔sometimes ;)

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I too am thankful for FCA...a good place to be a fan of Clay Aiken!

Update on my car:  it was the starter battery that went out.  While it did cost me some money, I was afraid it would be my main battery, which for a hybrid is VERY expensive.

Today's podcast was outstanding!  I listened while I was making my desserts for tomorrow, and kept nodding my head in agreement with Clay.  I love his brain.

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That’s me ~ I’ve been spuddling about all day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all here. So thankful to have a place to go to find any little thing we can about the wonderful man that is Clay Aiken.. and thankful for Clay himself. To still be able to follow someone for almost 18 years, who  can still keep us entertained  with sayings like “ if you get backed into a corner, you just don’t pee on the floor’ 😂 is just amazing to me...

Now let’s eat 🍗🍗


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I thought whataboutism was a recently made up word. Who knew?

One more day of vacation for me.  But...the 14 days of work, followed by 17 days off again!  Taking a bunch of vacation now, as there are two librarians who are expecting babies in the early part of the new year.  Time off will be scarce next year!

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Hi there - I am in the process of downsizing my home. I have a drawerful of Clay pins from my collecting days. I loved my time spent on the fan boards, collecting pins and going to concerts, but I no longer have the room to keep my pins.  After all the money I spent collecting the pins, the thought of throwing them out makes me sad. It is not the type of items you bring to Goodwill  I believe there are over a 100 of them.  I attached a picture of the majority of them.  Surprisingly, they are kind of heavy but I would be willing to mail them out to someone.  Let me know if anyone is interested.  Thank you! 

Screenshot 2020-11-29 164608.jpg

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Good luck  wfm200 . I have two huge bins of Clay paraphernalia. Someday I'll have to clean it out too. 

I've been helping my son clean up for when my granddaughter returns home. Her room was a big mess.  It rained an  unbelievable amount so of course his house flooded. What a mess. I went when he was at work so I wouldn't have to wear a mask all the time. I don't see them except outside and with a mask on. Brought them some Thanksgiving dinner I made. 

I'm on the board at our HOA so we had a meeting on my deck. We all wore masks . A week later one of them called me to say that she had tested positive for Covid.  She had no symptoms. Fortunately we are all fine two weeks later. Several of the board members hate Zoom so I don't know what we will do for our next meeting.

Anyway just to explain where I've been.


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Good luck wfm!  That's a pretty awesome pin collection -- but unfortunately I have my own collection that will probably need to go away at some time in the next 10 years!

Fear, thanks for checking in.  Sorry to hear about the possible exposure through your HOA meeting, although I'm incredibly glad everyone is OK.  When you say "they hate Zoom," is it the actual program, or that they just don't like meeting virtually?  If it's the latter, I think they are just going to have to buck up and learn to use it, for their own safety.  It's not the same, of course, as an in-person meeting, and right now, everyone I know is pretty fatigued regarding virtual meetings.  But I keep telling myself..."it's only for a few more months, it's only for a few more months."  

At this point, my work is probably not going to be live and in person again until the beginning of the fall semester in 2021.  And to think that if this country could have gotten its act in gear several months ago, we could have been past so much of this by now.  Instead....'Merica.  Freedumb.

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FYI...I just made my donation to the National Inclusion Project.  It's in honor of Clay's birthday and also for #GivingTuesday.  

So, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a personalized video thank you from Tonya Gillham, Director of Development and Marketing at the Project.  Very cool!

Click here to make your own donation.

The total at the moment is just over $21,000 -- hopefully they can make the $35,000 by December 31!

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 FreeDUMB I love it!!! 

My daughter, the nurse, works in a rotation so if I have her kids during her 3 days ‘on’ she has the results of her weekly covid test they let them do at her hospital .. yesterday’s was negative  so the girls are coming over today. It’s a Heckuva way to live, but I’ll take it.  I agree, do what’s right and skip the crap, freedumb - not so great in some cases

I give every year to something for Xmas .. this year NIP! I’m sending a check or money order- I’m a cashier 

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