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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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7 hours ago, ldyjocelyn said:

Clay, I am very proud of you.  You continue to shine the light on dark things, like money in politics.  You ran a really good campaign, and my wish is a) you take a well deserved vacation; and b) you do what makes you happy going forward.

I’ll second that!

This fandom has always loved our underdog.. but Just ONCE I’d love to finally see him get what he wants 😐

As for the hair.. c’mon Clay just do the rainbow ;) 🏳️‍🌈

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Final email from Clay’s campaign. 



I know we wish the outcome was different… but, the votes have been counted and we won’t be continuing our campaign to November.

When I first got in this race I told you that I was sick and tired of leaders finding their way to power that do not speak to the North Carolina I know and love. The Triangle is my home. It’s the community that raised me and gave me the voice I have today.

Our journey isn’t over… and I am still warming up those vocal cords to hold our leaders accountable to you and our community ;). No matter the vote count and Tuesday’s result… I promise you I will not stop speaking up and I hope you are with me.

Together, we make a great chorus and we will hold our elected leaders accountable and push for progress wherever we can. It takes every last one of us!

Thank you for your trust, support, and love. Y’all never stopped showing up and… heck… you helped make a campaign we can all be proud of.

Thank you!




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I'll bet Clay hasn't the slightest idea what's been going on with Musk lately. I hope not.

In general, he doesn't appear to pay much attention to Twitter, period.

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I pray for the people of Uvalde, Texas...

...and I pray that we get some lawmakers who get their heads our of the NRA's a***s and start strongly regulating guns.

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How is everyone's weekend?  My husband and I got a new grill this week, so we've had fun learning how it differs from our previous grill.  We also attended a reception for a friend's daughter who graduated from 8th grade.  The rest of the weekend is laundry...and hopefully some reading.  I'm also trying to get myself steered up for watching the new season of "Stranger Things."  I loved the first seasons, but I'm reading this season is REALLY dark.

Have a great Memorial Day!

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Crazy weekend.. so busy, and then Mother Nature decides to throw a few tornados at us. Yikes! But we lived through it. 

I do miss Clay Aiken like never b4.. I sure hope he’s out doing something fun!

.. if I can’t have Clay I guess I’ll go listen to another progressive lib. My niece and I have tickets to see Bill Maher on Saturday night! Pray for us, two girls going down into downtown Minneapolis 😬 I think it should be a good time other than that.

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I heard about the tornadoes in Minnesota yesterday!  I'm glad your OK mik!

I have a love/hate relationship with Bill Maher.  Sometimes I think he's really good, other times I wonder what the h**l he's talking about.  His treatment of Clay has also been hit or miss. The 2014 campaign had Bill lodging a salvo against Clay...and then in 2015 Clay had one of his best appearances EVER by being on Bill's show.  🤷‍♀️

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I agree with that totally ldyj

Ive seen the videos on YouTube. Like the one when Clay comes out and is on the People cover, and Bill says  “even the baby knew he was gay” 😆 ok, not that funny 😬

He did seem to end up garnering a lot of respect for Clay in the end. ( If he had any brains of course he would) I’m also not a fan of his apparent love of marijuana.. since I am a strong anti drug person. But I’ll give him a chance. He better not do any Clay Aiken political jokes or you’ll see me  on tv pulling a ‘Will Smith’ on stage - Lol


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I just said to my hub this morning, “This country needs a kick in the a**,

we need some shock value attached to the words being said about what’s happening with guns in America.

Thank you Mr Mcconaughey  

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My husband and I watched Liz Cheney on CBS Sunday morning this past week, and she was asked if we are in a Civil War.  She said no -- but then my husband said "we're darn near close to it."  So I'm not sure if a swift kick in the butt would do much good.  Sadly.

I just saw the headline about McConaughey.  I'll need to look that up.

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27 minutes ago, Mik4clay said:


oh well it’s sure is a ‘been there, seen that’ kinda situation.  I’m not sleepy watching it.. just a little more angry 😡


33 minutes ago, Mik4clay said:


oh well it’s sure is a ‘been there, seen that’ kinda situation.  I’m not sleepy watching it.. just a little more angry 😡

I'm with you with your comment.  Waiting for more revelations in days to come.  Funny, but I didn't interpret Clay's GIF tweet  'literally' (to convey being bored, boring), but the opposite intent i.e., like saying 'you should really pay attention.'    Am I attributing too much towards tendency for snark/sarcasm that he sometimes show  in his earlier performance days???🥺  Comments so far seem to reflect both.

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Beaner, you know I will forever stick up and make excuses for Clay Aiken. Why not? I’m a fan.. so why not a kool-aid drinker?  it’s a lot more fun and well,  I like kool-aid. So I think that Clay was sitting around, bored, watching reruns of the Office and forgot to turn on the hearings. Yep, that’s it- nailed it   ; •)

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Thanks...like your response.....it gave me another fresh perspective... realized i'm more of a fan now than before pandemic...and intend to remain so.

Can't make it to Drowsy, but if there's tour or more musicals in future, i'm in !!

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