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We officially open today.

As a Grand opening Scheme we decided to give three lucky registrants a special Creative Memories/Clay Aiken gift basket

All you have to do to win is be member #:




Watch for the next announcement to see if you are one of the lucky Clayfans...

as of now...26 is taken!

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And the winners are:

Missmobius #26

Weak4Clay #88

I'll be in touch in a couple of days to get the information to send you your gifts which will include a photo album, stickers, color paper and a few Clay photos to get ya going. Congratulations and welcome! :D

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We have created seperate threads for every concert. This is where we will put all commentaries, recaps, cellcerts, clack alerts, reviews and articles for a specific concert. Discussions of the tour in general will be done in the General tour discussion. Tomorrow we will be doing a cellcert report from the CH cellstream and we will also pick up cellcert reports from the Clayboard. This will all be done in the Toms River thread. At this time we invite people to join us and give reactions and commentaries on the concert...we will have our first cellcert party...bring whatever drinks or junk food you wish...boas and blings are preferred but not required... :D

We are also putting the video and audio clack we can acquire in the media section. Since we don;t have huge server space we will be relying on "you send it" so these files will be available for 7 days.

We have also set up a Jukebox category in the Gallery. Members can upload concert pictures under the concert categories, under specific concerts or they can set up their own member albums. We do require people to give credit to the photographers when they upload pictures. If the photographer is unknown...please indicate the source of the photo...hopefully the photographer will be able to claim their picture in the future.

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I've been playing around with the admin tools tonight so BE FOREWARNED! I could have mucked something up. If anything on the board is acting up PM me or Ansa.

I released some restrictions that were there for no other reason than we just didn't know what we were doing LOL. So members can start new threads just about everywhere but the main area now.

Still trying to expand number of PMs allowed in inbox. I'm at 96% and that's what I went to try to find but so far no luck. hee

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