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Couch Tomato

11/30/05 Reading, PA

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Just got another call from Rhustress. Looks like a great crowd in this arena venue - floor looks to be totally full (and it goes pretty far back); 4 side sections closest to stage are very full; also people in boxes.

Everyone seems to have one of the mini candle/flashlights and a party hat; the young woman next to Rhustress is making her boyfriend put on a hat when it's time to sing happy birthday!

Merchanise stand was crazy busy - they didn't take credit cards. She thinks they sold out of the ornaments before the concert even started.

Secretly is sitting around 5th row, dead center - will be videoing.

haha! Cellcerter was a stub hub winner. She gave Clay a picture she took in a frame....he asked her what that was for and she said well that's because you have a birthday tomorrow and you wanted lots of presents!

He looked a little sheepish and said he was just out what you say Clay, you will be swamped with presents tonight!!!!!

said she couldnt look into his eyes..he kept moving around so much..he remembers everyones names..good at that..lots of noise in the venue.. was in MnG.. about 15 minutes with him.. crowd screamed..Fakin Aiken is there..looks just like Clay ..

cant get over how much he looks like Clay..asking if any first timers there..everyone has seen him lol.. lot of men there..great crowd..some men said they have been to 4 concerts already..they seem to enjoy it.. not complaining..wives dragging them..

The screams are starting .... and now here comes the music!

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cant hear anything right now..some static.. oh my there is the music...some major screaming occuring.. shakin Pa.. still some screaming.. drums beating..getting in the rythem of the mood...children doing there thing..sounds good...already bouncing in my seat.. OMG there is that and satin flowing thru cyber space...lchristmas time is here.. crowd sees him..good applause..cutting out a bit..must be working the stage..sounds better now...boy he is good... let the world rejoiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee still holding it..crowd yelling..cutting out bad now..cant hardly hear much beat of the music.. now hear clay..angels ...bad connection now.. can sure hear the crowd yelling...

...the lights on the tree will shine bright in their eyes, reflecting the love all arounnnnnnd....


Merry Christmas to all who would dwell here, merry christmas to even just one...may the joy of the season surround you, merry christmas with loooovvvve....

DARN... board keeps logging me out .. end up in cyberspace..clay singing Merry christmas to all...voice is of the season surround you.. merry christmas with love....he is in great form tonight.. saddness out of his voice.. pure joy and happiness..

wow guys, his glory notes sound GREAT tonight. WOW his voice is so beautiful! i'm getting great reception too on this call.

now the first vignette with beverly and tommy.

'can ah help you with something, tommy?'

knocking at the door.. come chuckling in the audience..bev jerks door open.. can I help you with somthing..crowd quiet now.. listing ... tommy asking.. whats the matter with you..isnt it time for you to be goin home now... crowd laughing..talking about her being a mean old lady.. clay must be standing off to the side.lean and tall...arms together.. head lowered and nodding back and forth..can just see that smirky smile on that gorgeous face...

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..hello, hello,'ve reached the lovebirds.... music starting.. silent pings of the ringing..this is so sad.. mail box full...she hangs up..very quiet..very..well where was I..oh picking up ..chipper ..sleigh bells. and he takes control... rockin out to gitty up lets go.. sound great..crowd clapping along.. really showing love for our man..boy this is great

sleigh bells! clay sounds very... upbeat.

giddy up giddy up giddy up let's go, let's look at the show...

audience clapping a bit. these wonderful thing.. sleigh bells jingle.. lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.. crowd still clapping along.. gitty up lets go...gitty gitty up its grand.. some whooping happening.. clay must really be working the stage.. we are putting is his hands.. cant hear music well but sure can hear that voice from god...and the crowd rises ...great great applause and whooping.. lots of it.. said how wonderful.. now into jingle bells --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Crowd loved Sleigh Ride....a little rythmic clapping going on....JB now.....

dash away, dash away, dash away alllllll......HOLY MOTHER OF AL LTHINGS GOOD..he is out of sight tonight.. hitting thost happy notes to of the ...dash away solid so perfect..jingle bells all the comes the snappy finger clay..rockin hips...tapping toes,,,,,,swaying kneesss...and the crowd explodes...he is so hot darn hot...voice the best I have ever heard...soaring on this last note..sleiggggggggghhh crowd is wild pure wild .....

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back to skit...some laugther in auidence..clay has to be happy with this crowd tonight.. they sound wonderful..he should be beeming with pride ...should be standing at the top of the stairs..pacing..smiling..giggling..very quiet now..talking about the past when she met Mr..going into season for romance

love's the season for romance, ohhhh, it'll get you if you give it half a chance......

crowd is silent as Clay weaves his spell.......voice soft and romantic..... First he sounded SOOOOOOo happy with Jingle Bells.

Now his voice sounds so soft and romantic with Season for Romance.

Oh it got us alright! the romance of Clay shines.. melts from his body flowing thru space.. capturing everything in its path.. drinching it with love and happines..voice is amazing.. taking over me..across the floor...voice softly lowers ....sultry then rises to next level..floats in the air.. warming us..just beautiful...season.. reason for romance..give it half a chanccccccccee...they love it.. applauding ..some major screaming for something.. now back to skit

This crowd is sooo responsive.....lots of WHOOOS for Clay, clapping a lot......a special night for everybody!!

We danced, and danced, you know I use to be quite a good dancer says Beverly.....

Clay singing HYAMLC.....from now on, our troubles will be out of sight....and, you believe him.....have yourself a merry christmas.. let your heart.....from now on..our troubles we leave out side....very passionate now..should be walking the stage a bit.. finger tips touching..slightly soothing each other...milesssss awayyy.. here we are ....seems to be holding notes a bit longer tonight..he is sailing softly...glidding thru time..shining star from high applaudes..have yourself a merry little christmas..he is really pouring it on tonight.. carrying every note to its fullest..stretching them out to perfection.. .from now on ourrrrrrrrrr troubles will be miles away...absolutely breathtaking... it's that time of year when the world falls in love......

his voice glides from note to note....

...santa's on his way, he's filled his sleigh.....every song seems to say...merry christmas, may your new years dream come true...and, this song of mine in 3/4 time wishes you and yours the same thing toooooo....

sorry about the orange..just seeing if you were paying fingers here..

bev talking...clay singing frosty window panes.. crowd welcomes him with open arms..santas on his way...things for you and for me..time of year....he is just no words..notes flowing together yet so far apart..grasping even the slightest of notes.. and releasing it into falls in love.. merry christmas...dreams come true..absolute joy in his voice tonight..this is obviously a very special day for clay...backups clay...huge applaude..dont know what happened.. 3/4 time wishing you and yours.....same thing toooo....they go nuts.. loving this

crowd is now breaking my speakers in response to Tommy coming in SECOND PLACE......yes, they are loud!!!

crowd explodes on second place..clay must be beeming no glowing right now.. they are loving it loving it..huge response from the crowd.. now that clay aiken guy..and they have to be on there feet.. this is big..clay you amaze us.. oh something just happened.. heard ops just went..lots of laughter..

silver bells.. clay standing behind bev ..softly whispering silver to draw her out .. to make her see..what christmas is all about..he works his magic on her.. she joins in..great voice..crowd applause..clay must be brightly glowing..silver bells now together.. perfect pitch... perfect harmonay.. hear them sing.. its christmas meaningful..just beautiful..clay carring the notes to the gently ending..they errupt again...

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everybody knows... a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright... tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight...

i love it when he takes his time with songs and his phrasing is perfect... and his voice gets all deep... and, every mother's child issssss going to try to see if reindeer really know how to fly....

although it's been said, many times, many ways...merry christmas to you......each note is perfect, the nuances in his voice are wonderful....

chestnuts roasting on an open fire..few far away right now..well not anymore..this must be heaven cause I could sit here and listen to him for eternity..beautiful blend of notes..shooting from one to the other with such ease and perfection...he is gonna kill us the second I am preparing myself for it now..rare us what we want..merry softly playing..waiting for clay to take control..oh an he does....smoothly sucks right back in..awesome voice..merry christmas..merry merry christmas...and whispers awayyyyyyyyyy... tommy going out side to play.. no chores.. some not coming thru great tonight but the voices are.. angela singing.. Angela's voice is so wistful and sad as she sings...I miss you most at Christmas time....

Quite a rift on the end of Angela's song....getting a nice reception from the crowd......

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phone ringing...tommy burst into the door..boy is this going fast for anyone else..seems like we are flying thru ...chuckles in the crowd..talking about christmas day at his house..if you want you can come.. crowd laughs..wants her to come to his mucial ...celebrate me home starting!

home for the holidays, i believe i've missed each and every face...

LOVE this song!!! celebrate me home starting!

home for the holidays, i believe i've missed each and every face...

LOVE this song!!! here we go....home for the holidays....c'mon and play my music....totally surrounded in your circle, ohhhh my friends...please celebrate me home, gimme a more song I will always remember, I can recall whenever I find myself all alone......clay sounds so smoooooth.... and, the curtain draws closed while they sing please celebrate me home......cheers, applause, whooooooooosss....I think they loved it!!!! says clay is drop dead gorgerous.. stunning.. venue..close to 3/4 full many in balcony.. cant really tell.. floor competely full as far as you can see...earlier numbers came from ticket mgr..said about 3000 in attendance. .so your guess good as is light..blonde tips in the hair.. beautiful...

she said his eyes are sparking .. can see thru binoaculer.. he seems so delighted.. in heaven.. he is loving it.. Just got an intermission call from Rhustress. Clay looks beautiful and happy tonight - he was laughing when John messed up his lines.

Rhustress has listened to the cellstream and watched clack but she says she is suprised how emotional the first act was for her - she found herself tearing up several times during the vignettes. Says The Christmas Song (a song she never liked) is absolutely gorgeous live - so sensuous!

She gave out all her extra candle lights and birthday hats!

There have been a surprising number of flashes so far.

Two young girls yelled out "happy birthday Clay" after the second song.

She is having the time of her life and is so glad she has more concerts to look forward to!

...the church is filling with people to watch the Christmas program....Clay enters to applause....piano softly playing in the background.....Tommy's parents are not there yet....

Oh Holy Night....the light centers upon Clay's radiant face....his voice echos into the building, building softly and gloriously.....

must sit and just listen.....

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cant hear a thing.. quiet as a in the back ground..playing gently.hear bev and tommy talking.. and the voice appears out of now where OHN.. passion and love spills out flowing higher and higher.. gliding back and forth..sounds deeper and richer ...just beautiful...hear the angel voices.. oh night ....holding it..devine...this brings tears to my eyes..tear of joy..bring that voice upwards to the heaven..

to witness was a miracle.. miracle of God.. his faith desire to please desire to fullfil desire to be recieved with open arms.. is amazing.. oh night devine.. oh night when christ was born..oh nigggghhhttt..hits the glory note holds it.. and releases tommy reading...clay must be looking over his shoulder with such pride and glowing with satistifaction...his voice rings out..oh holy nightttttttttt high range..powerful..heart stabbbbbing... hear the angel voices....lower whispher of devineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...huge response... can hear the angel voices....

oh holy night, oh holy night divine.....

perfect......crowd loves do I

the first noel... i think this song is seriously underrated! we tend to forget about it.


noel, noel; noel, noel; born is the king of israel... ....his voice is so pure and gorgeous, noel, noel,...born is the king of Is-ri-el... he is showing his the low notes and also love the love he shows while singing.... tommy reading..with an angel standing over him..glowing in the soft light .. FN.. the angel did clay is really trying his best to deliver us his all ....sounds wonderful.. voice box of marshmellow..laced with creamy white chocolate.. oozing of sweet vanitta..pouring the flavor of love thru out the air..such beauty..powerful demanding voice grasp you.. holds you .. longs for your acceptance.. this is just beautiful.. born is the king of iseriaaaaaaaaaalllll...drums beating softy inbackground...clays massive strong voice piercing ..sending waves of volts thru me..chills .. this is amazing..hits noeeeeeeelll and lets go.. born is the king born is the king of Iseeraaaaaaaaaa rrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..omg.. amazing.. .....come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphand OH come ye, oh come ye.......

oh come let us adore him.....oh come let us adorrre him, christ THE LORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDD....

THE LOOOOORRRRRRDDDDDDD.....HTHAS..propelling softly ...bringing it up ..laying it out there for all to comsume..his voice is just magnificant tonight..just magnificant..christ the ever lasting lordddd..venue quiet..taking him in...savoring the moment .. moment when he gathers us and holds us...perfect.. glory to the new bornnnkingg....gently OCAYF...oh come ye .. oh come ye..such spirit just rocks your heart..he is true he is open he is inviting..christ the lordddddddddd....voice rising rising and rising.. oh come all ye faithful ............ohhhhhhhhh come ye.. to bethleham...just no words..have volumn all the way up.. just shattering is the glory note..the lorddddddddd...THE LORRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD..he just blew me awayyyyyyyyyyy and the crowd... ....REJOICE, REJOICE EMMANUEL.....

the audience is under his spell......voice filled with emotion.... OHHH REJOIIIIICE, REJOIIIIIICE, EMMANUELLLLLLL... shall come to thee, oh israel, rejoiiiice, rejoiiiiice...

he's really nailing those glory notes tonight. holy #$%#%#!

That final rejoice is so peaceful, so angelic.

And now Mary Did You Know?

Th crowd is managinf to pack a lot of enthusiasm into the short bursts of applause. .....ahhhh, that last poignant....

MDYK.....sweet and special.....I never heard the random lyric generator last night....this song always hypnotices me... the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dead will live again... the lame will leap, the dumb will speak the praises of the laaaaamb!


mary did you know, that your baby boy is lord of all creation....

this song is so haunting...

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MDYK.. that your baby boy ...sons and daughers.. did you know..he so owns this song.. every part of it.. kiss the face of god.. mary did you know...the love he shows just in his face.. eyes closed..head tilted to the heavens..heart open for all to witness..overflowing with the joy of his beliefs..sharing his heart and soul...whooooooooowhooooooooooo love that..dead will live again.. lame will leap ..dumb will speak.. praises of the lammmmmmmmmnnn.. whooping.. and applauding..that was good..did you know that your baby boy ..was heavens perfect lamb...sleeping child your holding is the great I ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....WONDERFUL JUST WONDERFUL>.. quiana's turn! man, this is totally one of the highlights of the show.

do you remember me? i sat upon your knee... back to skit.. christmas is a holiday for everyone..chuckles..

quianna singing now.. the beauty of her voice is over powering.. you remember me, I sat upon your knee.....Quianna starts her song beautifully..... .....SING IT GURL.......CROWD LOVES HER!!!!...LAST 2 SONGS WERE STANDING O'S



CROWD ERUPTS....... getting ready for the celebration.. hear clay taped message.. he is ready to come out. dressed in sparkly sexy black.. tall an lean...tearing our hearts apart..hear lots of comotion people getting ready for the celebration.. HERE HE IS..CROWD LOSS ALL CONTROL...STANDING O...READING IS OFF THE MAP...


And it just got louder!

They're singing happy birthday!HUGE NOISE.....OVERPOWERING SPEAKER...CAN HEAR SINGING OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....THANK YOU VERY MUCH.....NOW INTROS..... sang happy birthday.. clay thanking them...introduction going on.. cant make out what he is saying..talking about picking up williams cd.. if you stop with the flashes.. into william thanking everyone for the birthday hats and lights.

'now how many times ya gonna sing it, you already messed it up. it's only one day.'

apparently they started singing a few times and it just didn't work.

talking about william joseph's cd:

'you can pick it up at your record store if you'll stop blinding me with your flashes.'

Announcing Andy and saying that tomorow he gets to see baby Tatiana.

Special applause for Brianne for being a PA girl. She got to say hello to the family.

Introducing the lady who has celebrated more birthdays with him than anyone else up there and who introduced him to MCWL. awwwwwwwww

Someone telling a story about Crystal w ho obviosuly has wonderful taste according to Clay.audience giving huge applause and yelling for the band and crew..clay not talking as fast.. someone mom and dad are there/....thankin them for being gregory ellis.. lots of love being shown intro for bev.. again crowd screaming..Reading civic theater..round of applause.. clay: this is my birthday present from angela.

not sure what he's referring to. crowd laughing and cheering. clay finishing up crew introductions. something very interesting about this group of people....guy in audience speaking to Clay about his fiance on stage...

introducing the girls....something funny just happened.....try again, this is my birthday present from angela.....I have no idea what he is doing..candace just said clay has a party hat on.

LOL. he just forgot what he was gonna say. 'oh goodness.'

dsiafcd now... darn customers.. talking to ronnie.. something about his hair..greatful for having them around the last two years.. give applause.. something happened .. still happening.. yelling do it do it do it...major yelling and whooping.. lots of moans.. and groans...crowd laughing now..clay rattling off. forgot what he was going to say...yells you know what I was gonna say dont you...dont wait for christmas.. .......some screaming......don't know what happened.....hear Clay say something about 45 minutes to do his hair.....

now into his talk about starting so early in Nov. you know what I'm going to say, I'm going to say don't wait until christmas......

singing now......c'mon Clay....belt it out there!!!! Something's happening - screams, OMG's

a birthday hat I think

Clay said something about it taking John 45 minutes to do his hair.

Started talking about something and lost his train of thought.

I don't remember what I was going to say.

You know what I was going to say...

Don't wait til Christmas Day to tell people you love them.

I'm guessing we've know that lesson here. Rhustress says the birthday lights are unbelievable - there are so many of them!!

One of the guys in the community theater group has a fiance, Crystal, who loves Clay. The guy managed to keep it a secret from her that he would be performing with Clay tonight. Clay said Crystal has good taste!

Clay put on a birthday hat - maybe he got it from someone in the front rows?!?!

When he was introducing the backstage crew he said "Jacob" instead of "Jerry", then said he was all flustered!

Crowd going crazy with DSIAFCD!!let all the chiiiiillllldreeeeen knoooooooow...


it's coming...


GLORY NOTE! OMG! OMG! OMG! *falls over*

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think he put the bd hat on.. now DSIAFCD.. he is giving his all playing to the audience.. working the stage..pouring it on.. he is happy full of fun .. just enjoying himself so much..dont save it all for christmas day.. find a way...holidays come an gone.. give loveeeeeeeeee.. how could you wait another minute.. hug warmer when you in it..and the earth shatters under Reading Pa.....dont look back.. how manypeopl.. OMG I am a bubbling mess.. cant type.. need to breath..dont save it al lfor christmas day find a way...I am trembling.. he is giving his all to his fans... give love......and he is...all the children knwo.. voice ripping thru me.. crows yelling...he is killing me.. here it is..looooooooooobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeholy crap..I am done.. crying shaking.. cant go on.... The crowd doesn't want him to leave....neither do I....

Everybody is wearing their hats and had their lights on, he seemed really surprised!!!

There he is.....Good News starting....angelic voices singing so sweetly.... good news, good news... an angel brings good news... good news, good news... i leave you with... good news. (beautiful quiana and angela! )

he's BACK! screaming! woo.

close your eyes, fold your hands, for a moment let your sorrow fade...... why oh why are you afraid? has this world stripped you of your faith...?

this song is so, so beautiful and so haunting. love it... his voice is just... there's no one like him. GN.. venue dark..curtains part .. there stands an angel..ready and willing to give himself to God and us..opens his mouth and the words flow with such ease and grace.. such eligance..layers of affection and wanting...I sit here tears flowing.. my body is just quivering..feel so warm so complete.. but yet so sad...I leave you with good newssssss..complete silence in venue.. he is mistical and makes you feel as if you are part of him.. even for a split second. that you are in him ..and feel his heart his faith is warmth..his love for all..good neww an angel brings good newwwww..can see him hands out front using them to praise his lord..gently sliding thru the air..wiping away all bad and making room for the good...head toward the heavens.. we break the bread we pour the wine..such amazing tones coming out of him..wrapping his words around you..caressing you so sofly and so loving .. with true and honest affection and love..oh I bring you goooood news and angel brings goodnews.... good news (high trilling )... good news... i leave you with... good news.

and with that, he is gone.

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