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12/08 Albany NY Concert chat


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Just my own theory here, but I think Clay still has trouble accepting the love, perhaps because ofthe baggage that comes with it.

I can spell, I can spell, I can spell reel guuud, two.

From CB

PSALM-Cellcerter just reported that someone in the audiance yelled out just before "GOOD NEWS" ............"HERE COMES OUR MAN"!!

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A few clarifications about last night's concert from anntherese54 of the CH:

DSIAFCD was awesome! Clay let out all the stops for DSIAFCD and the crowd did indeed respond. His sang "a hug is warmer when you're in it" to Quiana up close...almost standing behind her and leaning in to her a bit. It was very sensual. He let it rip on the glory note and he did the falsetto. Then, he went down real low on the ending note while looking at Angela. He was jumping at the end of DSIAFCD. Bouncing. Very energized and excited. People were on their feet during the glory note and stayed standing for the rest of the song.

TFN was also amazing tonight. He changed it up again. Afterwards, he and Quiana and Angela exchanged warm smiles as the audience was on their feet applauding.

I didn't remember seeing him squat in front of the SB dancers and pretend to be riding in their make-believe sleigh at the NYC show. He put his hand down to steady himself at one point.

Alison also had some family members in the audience tonight.

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