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12/09 Providence, RI


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bottlecap's random name generator at work there. Good thing there's an edit button.

Huge laughs at the banter, but I can't decipher what he's saying.

More laughing all through the intros, and even the beginning of the sing. We'll have to wait for the cellcerter to clarify what happened, because I couldn't understand anything.

Baby that's a fact - guess what - screams again. How surprising!

The crowd has completely lost it! Good for them.

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After concert report: Gregory got a teddy bear, and her took off his clip-on tie, and put it on the bear. Clay: Don't let them see that it's a clip-on.

"Merry Christmas Rhode Island, and drive safe"

"Thanks, darlin'" to a little girl that gave Clay flowers.

Baby, that's a fact to the audience.

Audience stood after every song in the second half.

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Patricia came out with a tie...

and he said poor patirica didnt get a gift...asked people to send her gift...he had his arm around her.

he got the name of the community theater wrong

he said soemthing about kissing that got the audience excited even when he was singing so he said ...keep quiet I'm already singing...

he is not singing love now before glory note...he was doing thebouncy thing.

he sang hug is warner to people in the audience...

he sounded the most strained tonight...but he went for broke on DSIAFCD

Emmanuel was gorgeous...

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