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Season 2 Players - WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

Couch Tomato

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Ruben is working on a new album with an unspecified release date (like someone else we know)

Kim Locke is working on a new album

Josh is doing fine.

Trenyce - I actually lost track of her after she appeared in a touring company.

Carmen is mariied and has a full album coming out this fall

Kim Caldwell is still owring on her alubm with Randy and Diane Warren, but has no label, she alos is a sports spokeswoman/eye candy

Rickey is in school getting his music degree and has an possible contract to sing with an opera company for 5 months

Julia is doing community service and works in a hair salon again

Charles goes to Clay concerts and gives out Clay's personal phone number and arranges meet and greets for young girls

Vanessa was in local theater in Atlanta before Christmas for a part in a puppet show (where they wear huge costumes) and has not appeared after that.

Oh yes and Craggle, has an album out.

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Well, it seems that Charles get introduced at least once at every concert. I can't remeber where it was for the JBT, but someone had a meet and greet set up by Charles when he gave them Jerome's phone number. I remember he was introduced at the Nat and at an IT, I am not sure about the JBT, but then again, that was a short tour.

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That was cool...

But I kinda had a laugh about Tamyra's statement that winning idol wouldn't have given her the freedom to do what she has done, go into acting and writing her own songs. Now let me see...what happened to the one who did win American Idol on season 1... I thought she starred in her own movie...and released to multiplatinum albms with several of her songs going to number on billboard. I truly get what she means but considering what happened to Kelly, Tamyra...its sounds like sour grapes...

omg...what happened to Josh...he really put on the pounds. So Simon;s jeers about his tendency to put on weight was true...he looks better with longer hair.

Oh RUben...stop denying the fact you have a weight problem, its not a self image issue its a health issue when you are that big...that is the only sad thing about him cos I think he is definitely bigger than Idol days.

ok...I kinda felt bad for Ruben...I thought that was going to talk about all the idol alums that made it but they didn;t have Fantasia, Clay and Kelly...but Ruben was with the other losers...wow, that seems sad somehow...

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An article about Josh Gracin from the Desert Sun in Palm Springs, California.

Some excerpts

In a way, Josh Gracin owes his current life and entertainment success to the U.S. Marine Corps. That and a pretty good set of pipes.

Always a singer, Gracin was serving in a supply unit at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside when he decided to try out for the second "American Idol" series.

He made it to fourth runner-up by singing a variety of tunes, but really hit a sweet note when he turned on the country charm.

These days, he's living a long-held desire to be country singer and seems to be doing fairly well.


Out of the service for two years - he finished his full tour of duty - Gracin is enjoying performing on the road.

"We're having a great time," he says of his tour in support of his eponymously named first CD "The people I have around me make this all run so smoothly. They've taken a lot of the stress (out of touring)."

Gracin was one of the first country singers to make it to the final rounds of "American Idol."

"I had a wide range of different songs, and I guess they like what they heard," he says of the televised competition.

It also helped that Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flats happened to catch "American Idol" one night and was impressed enough by Gracin's talent to contact Marty Williams, the band's producer. It was Williams who helped Gracin land his recording contract with Lyric Street records.


"There's no way I could have done and gotten as far as I did without the discipline I learned in the Marines," he says. "It really changed my life."

And made it possible for him to juggle the different facets of his career from touring and performing live, to recording.

As for the CD, "It's already gone gold and sold more than 600,000 units, so I guess people like it," he says.

As much fun as he had recording, he seems to have more fun with a live audience. "I love it," he says.

"Every time I walk out on the stage and see the audience, I just know we're all gonna have a great time."

One place you probably won't see Gracin in the near future is on the "American Idol" tour or upcoming winner's CD. "No one's asked me (about joining the tour or CD), but I don't know how I'd fit it in," he says.

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