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You're Going to Hollywood

Couch Tomato

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Ah, the Hollywood round - a veritable festival of whininess, petulance, entitlement, arrogance, staged cattiness and tiny glimpses of true talent.

And oh yeah, a couple of glimpses of that tall skinny guy with the puka shell necklace. Did we ever decide if that was Quiana he was with when the party boys were banging on hotel doors and recruiting? "I thought we were going site-seeing" - BWAH! I would have loved to have seen Clay's trio performance. And the hugging machine goes into high gear when the final 32 are chosen.

Corey Clarke - skeeviness personified. Paula, I don't know what kind of drugs you were on to be attracted to that puddle of ooze - what were you thinking, girl? Just EEEEWWWWWWW!

Lurved Frenchie and Kimberley's "Band of Gold" performance. I would have been interested to see how Frenchie did in the competition - I think we only got a chance to see her belt out her songs. How do you think she would have done on different styles of songs? Would her personality have been too quirky for the teenage voters to embrace?

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Offstage, Quiana always looks 12 - at least to my wizened old eyes. I just wonder why she wears clothes that don't seem flattering to her on the stage. Or maybe it is just that she is standing next to that rail thin person on stage.

I thought she was definitely IDed as being in at the door with Clay. I am trying to remember what Clay said about that scene. I know he said he thouight they were going sight seeing, but there was something about being misled about what they were supposed to do - I just can't remember and it is not as if we don't have miles of clack to search thorough.

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Look, I'm poking my head in here! I wanna play!

Hollywood - my, there are lots of people I completely forgot about!

Look, there's Tony Bennett! The animated dude is cute.

Frenchie was good and I think that it's possible she could have learned to adjust for the show. Don't know. Oooo. I hate Marcus. Even more than I hated Bic Boi.

I still don't like the twins. Bettis was cute. Hmmm, so many of the competitors were so very...dramatic. And cliche-ridden. And so badly scripted. And I had forgotten how annoying I though Ricky was. I did like Vanessa in the come up with your own melody thing. And maybe it's just me, but these people seem terribly sensitive (or TPTB are just showing those).

Oooo, Clay and Quiana! Why were they practising together? I thought it was all boy or all girl groups. Clay was being naughty! (or at least that was the conclusion my family came to during the first airing of the show). Julia did have some serious dinners in that red sweater. Why weren't they all staying at the hotel? Julia's sister did not help at all. Ruben & Ricky & Random Dude who wasn't going on so we didn't need to know his name were ok, especially compared to the other guys (except of course we didn't hear Clay's group. I wanna hear Clay's group.) because so many of the other guys were pitiful. I was still in total charity with Simon because he was so totally right. My, Paula liked Corey (she had to because he did not sound good on "Kiss from a Rose", that was just whack). I like Bettis (both the way he sang and the way he looked). I do believe Stephan was still drunk. Or the fuzzy hat was compressing his few remaining brain cells.

Did the contestants choose their own groups? That's what KLo and Frenchie make it sound like. And I always liked Kim's unprocessed hair. Feh, Simon. Did one girl have a lipstick mustache? Julia did have a nice tone to her voice. And Kimberley's voice did stand out from the group. and her eyebrows are way too far apart. And Carmen is nowhere to be seen. Oh, I had forgotten how clever I though Ricky was with his "assistant". Should I confess I cheered when Marcus didn't make it though?

I also had forgotten how much the judges annoyed me by dragging out the freakin' announcements. Except for Simon, who was fairly prompt. Heh, Lashoundra. Trenyce does sound better. Hmm, maybe I should have actually called in for Bettis that next week. Oh well.

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will do my Hollywood commentaries before I read KAndre's

hee it was on Friday the 13th...why was this only one show. I would've loved to see more.

wow...the people they mentioned in the intro all got through...Frenchie, Kim and Josh

Tony was cute...he said he was the Britney spears of his day...cute

Simon said in 5 months one of you will be very famous and very rich!!!...well Clay certainly did...

Marcus is truly irritating...agree totally with you Kandre. glad we didn;t ahve to see more of him.

Frenchie...had good voice but the personality would need to be toned down for sure

I find Candace coleman totally cute....great voice too.

I felt so bad about the girl that thought she was in...then was told their row was going home...ouch...

aww olivia was crying...but she was asked back as we know...saw her in the wild card

Josh was cute with the marine thing ...but he still sings with constipated face. His original song was good though

So Clay will be the musical theater guy...but he was so cute there...I just had to watch again...and again, so cute he had a pitch pipe.

hee so funny when that one guy didn;t even know what ghastly meant

Vanessa was very cabaret though

Aww I felt so sad for those getting cut...I hate that we didn;t see Clay;s groupthey actually got a standing ovation from the girls and Clay sounded so good on Superstar

Ah the julia demato and Kim fight...Julia was a bit stupid she didn;t hear that they were supposed to meet at kims room...I mean she should just look for them in their room

Corey...really is no professional...poor patrick

hee Clay was so funny...I thought we were going sight seeing... and quiana...total serious...This is no joke!!! hee

Ah the staged party scene..wow these guys are really full of it saying they were superstars. I wonder if that is also staged

Julia...you were totally stupid. I wonder if the camera people kept her there for the drama.

The late group, finding the other guys...really gave that a bit of drama...

ah the cat fight...julia versus kim...yup Julias sister just made things worse.

The guy groups were painful...but Clay's group should;ve been there...sniff

Ruben and Ricky were really excellent...

EEEEWWWW corey hits on Paula...Randy's commenst were right on...if he wants to do that then he should be one tune

Klo and Frenchie...fantastic

hee real drama with alden and Marcus...did alden go through...I know Marcus didn't

Julia really sounded great in hollywood...

The hollywood episode I guess is the most intersting..in AI2 I find its very real. The kids seem real..hey I saw another shot of Quiana getting her number

Ricky was excellent...Josh was too nasally...Candace was good too...why didn;t they show Clay...sniff

MArcus was lucky he got to that level...he was not good at all.

So sad for Quiana...MArcus was so immature

CLay looked so cute celebrating...what a great moment for everyone.... Clay and Frenchie hugging is a great moment.

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I did believe the "fight" or "oh god this is so high school I'm not taking that from you so there" between Julia and Kimberly was sort of real, just exacerbated by the camera - because Julia was stupid, didn't listen, and decided to stand her ground on the wrong thing at the wrong time. Kim didn't seem to want to play, and came out looking much better.

It did seem a little more real, and much more like a talent search - though it was clear from the beginning TPTB were trying to generate drama and they were looking for more that just a good singer.

It does remind me of how much I generally agree with Simon - his schtick hadn't gotten old yet and the big blind spot in regard to Clay hadn't come into evidence yet.

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I also thought the fight was authentic in that Julia really waited for Kim and that Kim and the rest got really bummed with her decided not to include her. I do think that without the camera Julia may have gotten some brains and decided to look for them. But because the camera was there and she was getting some attention, she was not motivated to move her butt. I also thought the sister didn;t help things and good for Frenchie for stepping in and helping.

I also think the partying story was not totally staged. I mean I can see these three actually doing this even without the cameras. They probably wouldn;t have been so cocky but I belive they wanted to go out as well.

yeah the camera did look for drama but I thought the contestants were still pretty naive with the whole thing. They were not acting up for the camera the way they do in the later season. I really felt true camaraderie among the kids. This show lost its innocence after season 2.

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One of the things that struck me from the Hollywood round of AI4 last season (yeah, I know that's not really the topic, but whatever (tm Tommy)) was the number of kids they showed that took rejection so graciously, and expressed thankfulness for the opportunity they got to even make the trip to LA. That kind of stuff restored a tiny measure of my faith in the show, which was rapidly snuffed out by the blatant and manufactured cruelty of "The Chair" episode.

I am generally pretty cynical about any confrontational stuff on the show being, if not staged, at least encouraged by the production staff. It has me biting my fingernails over what they are going to do with Cowboy Garret from the Denver tryouts the other night. At the same time, I am somewhat suspicious of all the auditioners, and find it easy to believe they all come in with a "gimmick" that they are cynically willing to work to get on TV. ( I have to believe that they have one of those "magic boxes" that shows the moving pictures and sounds, even in the heart of a Wyoming cattle ranch. ;) ) "Sweet, unspoiled country girl" worked pretty well last year, so how about trying "socially awkward cowboy" this year?

Hee. Do I get an award for having the most off-topic and convoluted post in this thread? I had a point when I started typing, I swear.... B)

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No prob...I think comparison to AI5 and other AI seasons is just natural.

I guess that is why I keep seeing the realness of AI2 as opposed to other season...The public in general was still quite naive about the whole process. I remember only finding out that the three judges didn't actually see everyone is when they brought out that special AI edition of people. That was when I didn't find the auditions too funny anymore, cos it seems that the lousy singers were really chosen for TV. Yes there were gimmicky people like the one with all the safety pins, but its not as blatant as it is for the later season.

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I know I heard the story somewhere that the guys going out were recruited by the producers. I really think the guys would have partied with out cameras in their rooms, going out and partying in front of cameras should not have been something that they thought of. Just as fighting in front of cameras should not have been something that an auditioner should want.

I had heard that they producers felt they needed drama and they feel free to manufacture it. Sometimes it is done with editing, sometimes with pushing the characters.

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I know I heard the story somewhere that the guys going out were recruited by the producers. I really think the guys would have partied with out cameras in their rooms, going out and partying in front of cameras should not have been something that they thought of. Just as fighting in front of cameras should not have been something that an auditioner should want.

I had heard that they producers felt they needed drama and they feel free to manufacture it. Sometimes it is done with editing, sometimes with pushing the characters.

I guess you are right about the party guys...they would;ve partied but in their rooms. I thought Kimberly actually tried not to show it in camera...she was pretty meek when the sister was talking to them. I always had the impression that Kimbermee was always conscious of how she presented herelf and tried not to be too controversial. They certainly never played it up...although AI tried to milk it.

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Yay I'm done with Hollywood. Clay and Quiana were shown all of a minute but I got a million screen caps. They were two geeky peas in a pod. Quiana reached out to comfort at least 3 people. I love her.

Clay -- where the hell was he. I want to here his auditions so bad..his whole tune, his group..do we know who was in his group?

Marcus...didn't you just wanna slap him. Did they bring him back for another season? Or was that Chip. He got no face time either.

I do think everything was staged - not in the sense that they were given a script but that they taped a lot of shit and wrote the storyline to fit the footage. Who knows how long Julia waited for everybody.

ah KAndre, I liked the twins...i would have liked to see one of them move on... or both.

A lot of people think that if Frenchie had stayed Kim wouldn't have made it so far. But I don't believe it. I think Kim's voice is much better than Frenchy's. To me it is plain as day in band of gold. I would have liked to see how things would have turned out with her in the competition. It's a tough calll.

I liked Vanessa. I thought she could sing and had personality.

And Hercules Hercules...yikes. I hated it too K.

Next up..Group 1 for me.

Ya'll are too fast.

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See, I like Kim's voice better, than Frnchie's as well, but we all know it was not about voice, but about good TV. Frenchie was larger than life and would have made better TV, although I was shocked to find out how yound she was - it was cute hearing her talk to her Momma in her little girl voice. I guess we all revert when talking to a parent. Heh.

I rally think the Hoolywood episodes are more interestingthan the bad auditions, I wish the viewing public let them know that and they would cut the auditions and increase the Hollywood segmant so we could see more people and more of the work that they do. It seems to be a very creative intense portion of the show.

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I totally agree...th hollywood portions are my favorite. They really don't need to add any other drama there. Just show the kids preparing and show the talent. I guess the problem is, they don't want to show the talented kids that they didn't choose. Like in Season 3...I bet they threw away a lot of good people.

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I've always wondered how Frenchie would do in the long run. Kim said one snarky thing to simon and some folks never forgave her for it. Would everyone have been more forgiving of Frenchie? How long before her larger than life self said the wrong thing.

Also, how would she have handled all the different genres. I've only seen her on idol so don't know how well she would have handled the competition.

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OK, Girls!

I can honestly say I didn't start watchin' AI 2 until Neil Sedaka week & I was very impressed with Clay & Kimberley! These two have ALWAYS been my favs from then 'til now! I heard Paula mention the other night that "this is the best top 12 we've ever had!" NOPE! In my opinion, the best top 12 was season 2! No offense to the others! Personally, I think Miss Frenchie would've made it all the way had she not done what she did! She, Kimberley L., Carmen, Josh & Mr. Clay were BIG TIME POWERHOUSES! MAN OH MAN! Every time I watch my AI Best of 1-4 I get VERY UPSET B/C OF WHAT HAPPENED IN SEASON 2! And every time I tell myself, "ya can't change the past!" I'm sorry but America got it WRONG! Personally, I think it should've been a showdown between K. Lo & Mr. Clay! I think if that would've happened, he would've won! Anywho, I'll get off my soapbox now! I was just wonderin' how ya can watch all this stuff again b/c all I've seen when I'm online are the audio clips from the shows, concerts, etc! I was wondering if y'all have DVD's/videos that I don't have! I've got Season 1 DVD but I HAVE NOT been able to find any of the other seasons!

See You Later,


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