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Link to AI vids

Couch Tomato

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Here are the you send it links provided by seashell 1

Group 1 performance


Group 1 results


Group 3 performances


Group 3 results


Group 4 performance


Group 4 results


While I am doing that here are some interviews.

1) after Atlanta audition in back yard.

Wral interview


2) I think Ansa wanted this to revisit. top 32 advancement interview w/friends


3) you have to close your eyes or live though anomaly again. But you get to hear clay sing a little more of his Audition.


thanks to seashell

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I'll fix that tonight...sorry abuot the error and the delay in getting up video...my life has been hectic the last month plus I've had computer problems. Tonight I will get up top 5 and results, top 4 and results and top 3 and results.

I will fix that audio file as well..

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Hey, Claymates!

Aw, Phooey! I would've put everyone's performances (Good or Bad) from Top 8 down to Top 2! I've got the audio stuff from auditions to Top 9 of my favs! Like I stated when I posted here LT, I was trying to get the "Dynamic 4's!" Idol performances (CR, JG, KL & CA)! And now that we're all done reviewing the shows, I had hoped the admins would've added more audio! Just out of curiousity, how did y'all find get the vids/audio originially & would there be any possiblity that I could DL the performances on my own time?



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Ok. I'm having a problem. When I copy and paste a link, example:

www.megaupload.com/?d=O8G1MG2R]top 6 Diane Warren

I get an error that the file has been removed due to violating TOU. Am I doing something wrong?

I was trying to see if I could download the avi files or not. Help

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