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I find this show memorable because of Glady's night...he said there is something pure a magical about Clay...Clay was very emotional specially when Simon said he was the one to beat.

Now ...if I can only remember what the other people did...*g*

As always check fcamedia for the video clips. They will be uploaded soon.

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Top 11 - Movie Night

Over dramatic announcer dude opens the show. Wooo Woooo AAWWhoaa.

Seamonkey is wearing a jacket that looks like it may be made out of upholstery fabric. Later it's revealed that it's actually a suit. Oh my. Perhaps it's any early prototype for Clay's paisley jacket from NAT?

The audience applause seems to be noticeably louder when Clay is introduced than it is for the other kids, unless I'm delusional. (Shut.Up.)

Randy is subjected to some truly embarrassing pictures. Can we just agree now that the Eighties were a bad time, and should never be spoken of again?

Gladys Knight - Pip-less for the evening.

Corey - Against All Ooze. All I can think about when I look and this guy and listen to his off-key warbling is Mr. Britney Spears Federline. Can you see the resemblance? The judges apparently are listening to something else, because except for Simon, they like him. Huh. And Corey just won't shut up.

Ruben - All Whole New World. I wonder how many colors of newsboy caps he owns. How very Dom Deluise of him. Ruben sounds good, and he occasionally reaches out with both hands, instead of always using just one. The Velvet Teddy Bear per Ms. Knight.

Trenyce - I Have Nothing. I hope she has plenty of double-stick tape to keep the top of her dress in place. She gets to show off her lower range in this song, and she looks lovely. Could we please keep Gladys instead of Paula? She is so articulate, and actually has something useful to say to each contestant.

Clayeeeee - Dog sharing the drinking fountain. "Who's at home?" Is that the infamous Mezghan working on his eyebrows? Could he be any cuter or look any younger? Am I trying to avoid talking about Somewhere Out There 'cause I hate the song? (That would be a yes.) Good hair, not too much bronzer, nice blue shirt. And I hit the mute button for that last note. Some people can't watch the finale, I can't listen to that rough note on SOT. Sorry. Gladys - magical look, pure voice, something exceptional is going to happen for you. I LUUUURRVVE this woman. Even Simon acknowledges that Clay is the one to beat. (And can I give a big thank you three years later to the camera guy who got all the great close-ups of Clay? Silently mouthed "THANK YOU".)

Kimbermeee - Shoop Shoop Song. The backing track does some of the heavy lifting on this song, and Kimbermee is a little shouty. Simon pulls out the theme park comparison. Oh, burn. But I would actually agree, she's not that special.

House tour - Kristan Holt is just about charisma free, isn't she? I'm glad the kids put the kibosh on the behind the scenes house stuff, because I think that would have been too much additional pressure and drama.

Josh - If Josh is missing his family when he's in Hollywood, how would he feel being deployed? I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - twanged up. The Marines in the audience look like they were straight from central casting. Simon wants Josh to pick a box and stay in it.

Carmen - Hopelessly Goat-throated. How the heck does she sing like that? I have nothing else to say about her.

A brief Kelly plug. Don't worry about that horrible beach party movie honey. You'll be able to rise above it. However, you should consider going back to the darker hair color - it's much better than the blond look. And Ryan, why are you so interested in how Justin kisses?

Charles - You Can't Win - eerily prophetic, eh? The most tepid judges' comments of the night so far.

Rickey - It Might Be You. He seems like a throwback - I can't see him fitting into the current harder-edged climate. He does a good job on the ballad.

Julia - What a Feeling. She sounds okay, although maybe a little flat, but still has no stage presence.

Kimberley - Home. (What, missing a chance to sing SOTR?) She's gaspy again tonight. I don't like the performance - it seems to be all over the place to me. However, the judges like it, so what do I know?

EEEEEE! A small glimpse of Clay in a beautiful orange shirt in the intro to the Coca Cola pool table bit.

Yikes! I'm not sure what Kelly is trying to wear. I think even back then her stylist hated her. I can't figure out the boots, it looks like a sweatband around her neck, and the dress is just scary.

In the closing bit, except for the families, all I saw were Clay signs in the audience.

Results Show - Is Seamonkey wearing Clay's Atlanta audition shirt?

Ruben gets a tongue bath from Ryan for no reason whatsoever. Clay has his arm around Kimberley. Josh demonstrates how he can country up disco. Nearly 14 million votes. Clay gets his good comments from Simon replayed.

Group song - Footloose - Josh does the lead, the other guys are singing as a group, and Clay is over to the side getting some threesome action with Julia and Kimberley. Later, he does a shoulder shimmy and pretends to pay attention to Carmen. Hee. Hurry back up on stage sweetie! You don't want to miss the big song-ending pointy pose!

Mansion footage - Kristin remains robotic as the kids scurry around. Ruben checks the food supplies. We learn that Clay is afraid of the water, and get to see his bedroom. (As an aside, I realized I have seen pictures of pretty much every bedroom Clay has lived in since 2003: the AI house, the house he shared with Kimberley, and the Chatsworth house. Geez, I think I know too much about this guy!)

An awkward Q&A with the judges. Followed up with an equally awkward update on AI1 contestants - delusions on parade.

Another group song - I've had the Time of my Life - with the contestants boy / girled up with mixed results. How can Kimberley concentrate on singing with the laser greens looking right at her in an adoring way?

And the show drags on and on.... Although I was slightly amused at the checking of the electronics after the getting thrown into the pool bit.

Bottom three: Julia, Corey, and Charles. Charles goes home. Corey does get a few points from me for seeming to be supportive of Charles instead of just scampering back to the couch.

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Movie Night Performance...

love Clay in the blue shrt...and Klo looks so much better this week!

EEEEE lots more signs this week...lots for Charlie and Clay of course!

So time to embarrass Randy...

Glady's Knight...I thought she looked beautiful and a good choice for a judge. She was my favorite, then Neil Sedaka. But what movie was that she plugged I don't think I ever heard of that before...was that straight to video movie? I totally enjoyed her bio clip

Corey ...he is totally boring in his bio clip....against all odds...he is pitchy and he is just singing this song...no interpretation at all. He does not feel the song at all. He is below the notes most of the song...only good part was when he went to his upper register...but a bit too late Corey. Shows his lack of range when not belting it out. Good back and forth with Randy...Paula was a bit more subdued here. Simon..spoke for me. He was better in the end but it was a bit painful. OMG...shut up Corey...he keeps talking.

Ruben ...like his clip, his personality was front and center...A Whole New World...Very good start. His voice really sounds so full and strong on this. But of course...he didn't really add anything new to the song, pretty straight forward. Randy was right ...the tone of his voice grabbed me in the first three notes. Glady's gives him the velvet teddy bear nickname. Good recording voice comment from Simon. Good response from the audience too...lot better than Corey...lets see if Clay's reaction is stronger.

Trenyce...I really didn't like the way her personality came out in the clip, trying so hard to be cute and sweet...I have nothing...hate her look, a bit over the top IMO. I don't like the breathiness of her voice. She also didn't have very good phrasing on some parts. She sang this competently...but she didn't improve from the original and she was struggling in some parts which she covered up by growling or even stopping in the middle of a phrase. Not very smooth. She got SO from the judges. paula said she had good stage presence...I actually thought she was too over the top. Glady's gave some really good comments. So Simon says it was a much better group and mentioned how her outfit made her look too mature.

First public appearance of the Idols...cute clip...Ricky was emotional awww. I thoguth Simon;s mom was sweet.

Clay EEEEEEEEE...talking about how different his life is now..I like his snarky answer to the reporters, very natural...somewhere out there...I was so nervous about thi schoice but I think he did really great...audience reaction is pretty much similar to Ruben's. I totally love the tone of his voice...specially when he went down to his lower register...Man I was a wreck watching this the first time...but I love the huge reaction to his glory note. Except for his unsteady falsetto...I thought he did fantastic. SO from the judges from glady's so sweet...hmm she started with a mystery...said he was magical..and voice is pure, love it. Simon...you're the one they gotta beat. I think he was just referring to the votes he has been getting. He was so nervous and really felt a huge relief when Simon complimented him...poor baby. Three years after and I still think that was the best performance ...very closely tied with Ruben's...

Kim Caldwell...didn't like her personality on the clip...shoop shoop song...she was off on her notes most of the song. specially when she was on the chorus. Very pitchy, but very entertaining stage presence. Not good vocals at all...but its a fun song. Randy...mad vibe and feeling her dawg...Glady;s see you in the movies...damning in faint praise. Simon...I agree that is theme park performance. He was so right...

video of the house...nice classic house. Hee Kristin said she was going to live with the idols...wonder what happened with that. I am glad they didn;t go that route and kept it focused on the talent competition.

Josh...nice clip about his family...I don't want to miss a thing...The country boy is coming out more...I think it was good decision to go this route. This was a more natural style for him. I don't enjoy his stage presence though...the close up of his face...ewww. His final note was wobbly...not really in tune...Another SO from the judges. Simon is right...stick to what you are. He is really better in this genre.

Carmen...the all american girl...hopelessly devoted...oh no, the goat girl in her glory...her vibratto is really irritating here..and man she is so nasally...pitchy too. She shouldn't be there...She did better in the chorus...but totally out of her class with the others. Randy...you didn;t shine, Paula was right it took longer for her to get into the song and less make up please. Simon...still supporting his choice.

Kelly clips she was still very dorky...

Charlie...very inarticulate...you can't win from the wiz...bad choice charlie...very prophetic. It's a very boring song without Micheal's vocals. Tried to dance, was cute with that but his vocals suffered very much. Very pitchy and lacking breath support. Very amateurish. Judges...not the best...but the song was not good for him.

Ricky smith...his clip kinda made him seem very simple..It might be you...another weird choice...his voice was a bit nasally and his falsetto was not very on. I am hating all the hand gestures, very cheeesy. He started giving it more power in the middle. It took a while for me to recognize this song. The melisma in the end was good. Not his best performance...a bit painful in the upper register. The judges really liked it. I guess I don't really like that sound..I agree with Simon again. I really didn't think it was all that original. It just wasn't really smooth to my ears.

Old navy shopping spree was cute.

Julia...her clip was boooooring, she has a boring personality...what a feeling...oh no, she has no stage presence for this or any pep...she gets out there already with a scared look. The vocals was good, but she was not really owning that song, she was too tentative. Oh no...was worse in the chorus...take your passion? well Julia you gotta find yours first. Ouch and she started getting really pitchy in the end. Randy didn;t like it...Glady's said it...she was not having fun with it and that's why the audience wasn't. Best constructive critique actually.

Kimberly...looking so much better tonight...once again, something about her bio clip is not clicking with me...Home...she is very breathy...the huge breaths she takes is very distracting...I have heard other singers sing this so much better. This was definitely better than last week...I like the smokey quality of her voice. Became too yelly in the end. Not my favorite performance of hers. Judges...improvement from last week...glady's classy lady....Simon...you redeemed yourself this week

Coke clip..charles playing pool...wow, he should just go pro with that.

Anytime by Kelly...I am skipping this.


Clay...he only had the wobbly note in the end but was still very memorable with the huge glory note. love the richness of his voice and the range.

Ruben...very close second to Clay. His voice was very rich as well...just a few pitchy notes and too breathy...but still deserving of praise.

Trenyce...It was a dramatic performance...wasn't truly blown away cos I thought she oversang in places

Josh...great way to move into his country voice. It was the perfect song for him and he was very comfortable with it.

KimL...the breathing bothered me too much but it was a much better performance than the week before. Oversang just a bit.

Ricky smith...was a toss up with Klo, I think he actually sang that better...but I just don't enjoy that high falsetto singing usually and I found it too nasally.

Kim C...was very pitchy but high energy and fun song

COrey...he was more in tune than the ones in lower rank...and had more presence but I still like Ricky's voice better.

Julia...heard a good tone in her voice...but no life at all.

Carmen...hate her voice but her chorus had a lot of energy and made up for the terrible vibratto.

Charlie...voice was very weak and was very pitchy...just not ready for this competition.

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Result show:

Clay didn;t look as nervous here tonight.

eeewww hate Kim C's hair

Ryan is wearing Clay's shirt I think.

Paula looks nice ...oh no and now its Ryan's pictures.

Clay nestled in between Julia and Kim...he looks pretty cosy and happy there.

Carmen does have a lot of confidence...what a difference from julia.

14 M votes...

Footloose...love this performance. Josh looks stupid in between Carmen and Kim though...There's Clay dancing with Trenyce...shot of Clay in the audience.and his funny run back...hee. and Clay waving at the audeince after. So cute.

The clip of the idols in the mansion totally cute...love the shot of Clay trying to be cool and staying away from the pool...and when he was so happy about his room. Love that. Need to watch it again...Clay was looking so excited. Ruben was cute. Hee I love Clay's holy crap and when he said they got the better room. Clay's voice was so nice when he said goodnight Trenyce.

questions from the audience...quite lame...Simon does have better form in his push ups...Josh's was pitiful...and yes his pants are truly very high

where are they now with the idols.

I've had the time of my life.. Clay looked good singing to kiml... Corey sounded like a girl...didn;t blend with the group at all. I love the way had the lip bite ...EEEEEEEEEEE ..cmon give me more Clay shots...there he is ah...gorgeous. He is eyef*cking kim...lethal. Love the Clay shots...he looks good with KimL.

throwing each other into the pool...that looked dangerous the pool was so narrow they could've hit their head...

Results...Clay had another huge cheer when they said his name...he really can;t believe all the cheers I think. Look at Clay giving Kim all the love, he really is smooth with the ladies. Clay was so happy for her.

bottom 3 - julia, Charles, Corey..kicked out Charles...just as it should be.

Then we see Paula defending Corey...wow you really can see the Paula was very into Corey. and also the infamous KimC fameho moment and when Clay holds her back. EEEEWWW kim crying was not nice. But Paula was also very sad, lots of sad people like Julia.

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Because I am a naughty, naughty girl, I shall read all reviews before mine and steal good stuff out of them. Nyah.

To recap: Vanessa was kicked off last week. Seamonkey is wearing another incredibly ugly t-shirt under an ugly jacket. It's movie theme night! And Kelly is gonna sing. Whoopee! OMG! It's gonna be 2 hours long. Fast forward will be my friend. KimMe....Charles...Julia....KLo....Josh...Rickey...Craggle....Trenyce...MY DARLING...goat girl....Ruuuuuuben. Seamonkey's hair is almost as horrible as his script.

They have enough padding to fill a billion pillows. It really was impressive the talent they got as guest judges (not judging, musical) - but Gladys was sweet.

Seamonkey says Craggle is calm under stress. Yeah, right. He picks "Against All Odds" He is wearing a big baggy sweater and is carry a SWEAT RAG. Now that is just tacky. He seems nervous and sounds weak. Barely looks at the camera - when he does it clearly is an afterthought. dear lord, apparently a small animal was attempting to chew its way out of his intestine during the last 20 horrifying seconds of a song I used to like. He was YOWLING at the end. Again, Simon and I agree. He does have a range - it's horrible, but a range. Seamonkey touches the nasty sweat rag. I am now officially creeped out by Seamonkey. But not as much as the fan who took the sweat rag.

Ruben is second. I skipped the back story because I don't care. He sings "A Whole New World". When Ruben is good, he really is very good. And I agree with Ansa, he didn't do a whole lot of changing up in the song, but I think that was a very good thing, especially after the horror that was Craggle. And now I can't look at him without thinking of Dom DeLuise. Darn you, bottlecap! The "Velvet Teddy Bear" is born.

Trenyce is up next. What a surprise, she choose a Whitney song, "I Have Nothing". He hair is pulled back so tight, I have a headache. She does have a good voice but you can tell she's done this a billion times, but Whitney is still better. Trenyce has a huge mouth. The red dress does make her look like she has an ass. No boobs though. Her stage presence in this performance was channeling Whitney from the movie, right down to the arm gestures. That is karaoke....good karaoke, but karaoke nonetheless. The judges emphasize her strength - her stage performance. Simon thinks she's dressing old and comments how much better the performances are this year.

The contestants have a press conference. I skip that. I skip Simon's mom too.

CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! He's drinking with a dog! He's typing on a laptop! He's making people laugh ("Somebody from Raleigh! Yes! Well, if you're here, who's at home?") Hey! Why didn't we see those brightly colored shirts on the show? I luv him so much. And dang I hate this song. "Somewhere Out There". Man, he has a GORGEOUS tone. Now that is a range! With one not good note, no let me be honest, that one note was bad, yeah Clay that last "truuuuue" was weak, dude. But oh, I love you so much. His hair is so red and looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket, but he is not wearing stripes! I will make a confession - I honest thought Clay was naturally orange. I didn't know he was actually one of the most pasty men on the planet. Until the pictures came out later with those snow white hands against that Coppertone glow. At first I thought the boy was wearing gloves. I'm realizing this as I'm missing that unearthly glow I have become accustomed to. No nerves at all during his singing, but clearly apparent afterward. The cameraperson is totally infatuated with Clay. Though this is one of the performances Clay really isn't playing to the camera, the camera (and operator) loves him anyway. But hell, none of the contestants at the show seem to be willing to take advantage of the camera. Randy comments on the power and the range. Paula does the seal clapping for the first time I recall and says he is effortless and natural. Gladys STANDS UP for Clay. No one else. Just Clay. He's a mystery, his own look, magical, sexy (though I don't know if that was Paula or Gladys). AND YOUR VOICE IS SO PURE. Oh Gladys, you are so very right. In so many ways. His voice is not comtemporary but something exceptional is happening to him. Simon acknowledges the talent. Clay's eyes look moist. HE'S SOOOOOO SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Even singing songs about vermin. He holds up four fingers! I shoulda voted for him.

KimMe - I watch enough of her blurb to watch that heifer dance with Clay. Clay is such a freakin' flirt. Her hair does look like one of those troll dolls. The sameness of her performances is beginning to be very apparent. She's not really very musical, is she? Randy said she could be a star (but ain't one now). Paula likes her. ansa is right, Gladys is very tactful with her "no, girl, you are not good at singing". Simon is right about the theme park and that KimMe is missing the X factor - but I don't he realizes she can't find hers because she doesn't actually have it.

I looked at the house because y'all did. I still had no idea who this heifer was. I though she was a friend of Clay's. Nice house.

Josh is up. He reminds us he's a Marine, husband and father. And I'm sorry, if that is military shape, that's pitiful. He's singing "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing". Damn, he's TWANGY with a capital TWANG, which is why he sounded so very fake country to me at the beginning. Isn't he from a Jersey exit or something? He's better than Craggle or Julia though. Randy liked it. Paula liked it. Gladys called him country (heh) but liked it. Simon gives us a preview of the horror that is Josh doing disco. There are a lot of Marines up front.

Caaaaaaaaarman. Ooooooh. Three whole hours of school. The HORROR! Why is she standing so crooked? Why is she bleating at me? Who told her fire engine red lipstick suited her? Why didn't someone tell her the mistake that were her sleeve and ruffled skirt. Randy was right, but Randy doesn't like Carmen. Thank you, Paula. You said the most sensible thing in this whole competition. Take off at least half that crap on your face, girl! Though Paula probably should have mentioned to it to Clay too. Gladys is very, very tactful. Simon, the Dixie Chicks would kick your ass. No! Please, no! Don't vote for Carmen!

The world's worst movie according to many, many polls. We are never, EVAH going to see this movie. As it is written, so it shall be done.

Charles is a regular guy. Charles, doll, you aren't actually a superstar, 'kay? This is a textbook example of incredibly bad song choice. I really don't think "You Can't Win" is as familiar to a really broad audience as the other songs. And like Ansa said, without MJ's vocals, the song is just meh. Charles' dancing is meh. Hey, bottle, I'm also taking the word "tepid". Mark that down.

Ricky is up next. I really find Ricky annoying. I just do. "It Might Be You". A Tootsie song? Man. He's not bad, but I can't see myself going out of my way to listen to this. The judges liked it. Simon said he was nice, not particularly original, but good enough for another week.

Wow! they get to shop at Old Navy! How impressive! Only not.

It's Julia. Skip the glurge. She's singing "Flashdance". And darn, she's dull. Dull, dull, dull. Sigh. Dull, dull, dull. The song should be lively! Randy is not impressed. Paula has fallen back to "you look grrrrrreat!" Gladys said "no, baby". Simon did not like it. Julia's smile has turned into a rictus.

Finally, the end. KLo! She's straightened her hair. She choose "Home". In a way, it's a bad choice like Charles due to the unfamiliarity factor, but a better choice because she sings it better and it does showcase her voice. She is clearly used to it because she wasn't sucking in as much air as usual. I hate that dress. The hair isn't bad, it's just so blah now.

Charles is much better at pool. Kelly is wearing some horrible boots. This is a terrible song. Bleh.

My rankings:

Clay - like, duh.



Kelly (hey, she sang, she gets judged)







Goat Girl


Results show! Stupid Seamonkey pictures. Seamonkey pimps Ruben. Talks to more contestants. Josh contrifies "I Will Survive". Yes, it is horrific. The first of the decent group numbers "Footloose". Clay is in hog heaven. He has managed to surround himself with the amplest chests available. They are wearing their Old Navy stuff. It's funny how some woman didn't notice she was blocking Ricky's way back to the stage. Then Clay is all up in Trenyce's junk! Have y'all noticed if Clay dances with someone, he's gonna hold their hand or touch them. Such a naughty, naughty boy. For someone who can't dance, he does a freakish amount of it.

They show the house again. That is a teeny pool. And Clay is staying far, far away from it. That Walton thing was lame. I'm skipping the judges' questions, except for the push up thing. Because Josh was totally embarrassed. Josh was weak, WEAK I tell ya. I'm skipping Tamyra too. The second of the group songs. Clay completed missed the intro because he's gazing deep in KLo's cleavage. I remember my entire family laughing at him because he was so very obvious. Clay is smirking. Clay is dancing with KLo. Can't dance, huh? Charles, it's too late for the camera. This is one of my favorite group songs. Clay acts like it's just him and KLo out there, enjoying himself.

Josh is safe. Trenyce is safe. Ricky is safe. Julia is in the bottom three. CLAY! the audience screams! I scream! We all scream! I lub him so. He is so freakin' safe. KLo, and that indiscriminate Clay has his arm around her waist. She's safe so of course she gets crushed in his arms and kissed. Jealous, who me? Why, yes - yes, I am. Ruben is next and safe. Clay doesn't kiss him. KimMe is safe. They mess with the heads of Charles, Carmen and Craggle. Clay hugs KLo some more, apparently just because he can. Carmen is safe. Charles and Craggle in the bottom three. Paula is delusional. But Julia is safe for another week. Buh-bye Charles. Paula is in tears. The other girls are in tears. KimMe ought to be ashamed. Clay is making SURE her butt can't escape in a very discrete way. I love him so much. Charles is sweet, but I won't miss him.

Ah. Country Night! Though originally is was supposed to be Disco. I wonder what happened?

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Hee. I had to watch the ending of the results show again after reading Shack's recap and being reminded of Kimbermee's enthusiasm and attempt to upstage Charles' sing-out. Clay really was quite the skank-whisperer, wasn't he? I would love to hear what he was muttering into Kimbermee's ear as he was "comforting" her with that vice grip around her shoulders. Rawr. Apparently he was into being dominant and bossy even back then. ;)

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Movie Tunes--AI2 Finals

Do we have to see old pictures? Next week, Paula. Results given with singers’ paragraphs. How long was results show, three hours? How long can you drag it out, AI?

Bottlecap: How do you know so much about Clay’s bedrooms?


Ansa: the movie was Hollywood Homicide with Harrison Ford. Gonna rent it to see GK. Maybe she sings in it.

Yes, I read all your reviews. Thanks, knocks my inferiority complex down a notch. But I got an excuse, ha, ha, just out of the hospital. Have to think of another excuse for next week.

Guest judge was Gladys Knight. I love the lady and her music, but I think she was prompted in her comments. In all her Clay compliments, she said she doesn’t know where he would fit in (I’m paraphrasing) and I think the knickname for Reuben was planned, as well as the name sound.

Since Reuben got a nickname, let’s give one to everybody!

Corey Clark sang Against All Odds. I thought he was boring with no passion or style. One good high note. Didn’t move much. Carried a towel for “sweating”. Who does he think he is, Elvis? Randy good, Simon painful. Paula thought he took risks and moved nicely around the stage to please his fans. (see above).

Nickname: I can’ t think of one.

Results: One of bottom 3 but saved.

Reuuuuuuben next with A Whole New World. As much as I think Clay should have won, this man does have a great mellow voice. I will have to do some research. How is he doing now? What will be his music longevity? Seems Kelly is hitting the stars and she worked for it. He needs medically to lose weight, his legs are like tree stumps. Judges raved, of course.

Nickname: Let’s see. I think I forgot it, ha, ha.

Results: You can guess.

Trenyce sang I have nothing. Little Whitney imitation, but she interacted with the crowd and gave her best. Great red dress.

Judges liked her, but Simon though dress made her look old.

Nickname: Sultry Siren.

Results: saved.

Clay sang Somewhere Out There. Said he chose it because it showed his range and was from a movie for kids. Wore blue shirt and black pants, drool. You can now see those beautiful facial features. Yummy, want to kiss screen!!!! He stayed with the mic and looked so comfortable. Gave us a glory note.

Randy: same old, where does that voice......

Paula: natural, effortless.

Gladys: You all know it. Mystery, pure, etc. She did qualify it by saying she doesn’t know where he would fit. We know.

Nickname: Sorry James, but it’s now Sweet Baby Clay.

Results: Jump into that pool, Clay. I’ll save you, too. (What happened to him. I took my kid to the Y early on so he would learn how to swim. Clay worked at the Y. Did he not have an opportunity to learn?)

Kimmee sang Shoop, shoop. Good voice, appearance, seems to be having fun, but not Cher. Judges, good, but Simon said she has not found her X factor, potential yet.

Nickname: Her own cheerleader.

Results: saved.

Josh sang I don’t want to miss a thing. Strong country voice with a long note. Judges said best he ever sang, sang with his heart.

Nickname: Sarge or Sergeant Country

Results: Saved

Carmen sang Hopelessly devoted to You. Twangy and boring.

Nickname: Miss Perfection

Results: Saved.

Charles Grigsby sang You Can’t Win. Sadly prophetic. Pleasant, moved nicely, tried hard. Loved his hat.

Nickname: Fashion Dude.

Results: 1 of 3; sent home.

Rickey sang It Might Be You. Tries, but doesn’t have the same quality as Reuben. I always liked him because of his upbeat personality, but I guess he could be wearing. Judges gave him high praise.

Nickname: Mr. Sunshine.

Results: saved.

Julia sang What a Feeling. She tried hard to sell the song, some success. Judges said she lacked confidence. She seemed to come undone by this but rallied to talk to Seamonkey.

Nickname: Chic Chick

Results: 1 of 3, saved.

Kim Locke sang Home with strength and feeling. Great job with a nice ending. Judges liked her dress, but I thought she looked lumpy.

Nickname: Silky songstress.

Results: saved.

Clay looked so cute in the second group sing. The light showed his handsome profile. He looks so happy being there. He seemed to know how to move in a production. I guess the previous stage experience helped him. He’s such a darlin

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Claywright's back - yaaahh! Sorry to hear you were under the weather.

Bottlecap: How do you know so much about Clay’s bedrooms?

Hums: "If I was Invisible, I could just watch you in your room..." Or, on a slightly less creepy note, I've just watched entirely too much Clack and read way too many articles about the poor guy.

About Clay's water phobia - I don't think we know for sure, but I believe Rickey Smith once told a fan it was related to some childhood trama Clay had suffered, but didn't offer any details.

And, yes, I scare myself sometimes that I remember that kind of stuff. I might need another hobby..... <_<

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