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Disco Night...top 9


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"Everlasting Love" was one of my favorite Clay performances and not just because of the PANTS (which were :P ). Vocally it was great -- the original by Carl Carlton (?) is almost unlistenable now when I hear it on the radio -- but the song itself was one of my favorites when I was a kid. When watching AI I'm always happy to hear a song I actually know. Do we have an emoticon for "showing my age?" :D

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Top 8 Disco Night - featuring CLAYYYEEE and the PANTS, with seven other singers and some inconsequential random people.

There's some large hair on that TV screen. I had forgotten about Rickey's wig, and Kimberley had her some big hair too. Ryan has an unusual suit on.

Oh. Corey has gotten the boot. I had forgotten how this went down. Ryan has to make like the White House press secretary explaining about Cheney filling a lobbyist full of buckshot. Never admit, never apologize. Bye, Corey. Ooze on down the road.

Judges, and Verdeen White, who is wearing the puffy shirt from that episode of Seinfeld. ("But I don't want to be a pirate!") Oh, Earth, Wind and Fire! The kickline to "September". EEEEEE! Clay really was paying attention when he was on the show, wasn't he? Boogie Wonderland for the next Jukebox Tour, maybe? Sharks with frikin' laser beams?

Rickey - looks good in red once he loses the ridiculous wig. He has a lot of fun with "Let's Groove", and gets to use his falsetto quite a bit. Paula is wearing a tube top, and I would say she is about half a six pack drunk. Randy and Simon are harsh.

When we come back from the break, Ryan is in the audience surrounded by Clay signs. Obviously, many of the people in this audience have good taste. The rest are just sign-waving, look-at-me-ma! famewhores.

Carmen - "Turn the Bleat Around." Randy and Simon are still grumpy. If the judges ask you if you are having fun, that means they don't have anything good to say about your voice. Simon makes his "You are the most commercial of all the girls left" comment. Unfortunately, Carmen didn't have the tweenie following from a Disney TV show like Hilary Duff, so to have commercial success, she would have had to have been able to, you know, actually sing. Ryan continues to be obsessed with hair, and makes kind of a creepy joke, considering Carmen's age. Ewww.

Kimbermeee - "Knock on Wood". She loves to show us her armpits, doesn't she? Another pair of shiny pantlets. I hope the wardrobe people got a two for one deal with Carmen's satin cargo pants. I agree with Paula that she was off-key; I thought she was flat at the beginning of the song.

CLLLAAAAYYYYEEEEE - "Everlasting Love". The PANTS, up close and personal. (And a very shiny shirt.) The camera man, I have always believed, was focusing on Clay's face when I think there might possibly have been some hip action going on. Maybe it was just a shoulder shake. Randy: "That was brilliant, dawg." Paula: "It's golden." Did she mean the PANTS or his voice. And don't nag him about dancing, because we are all well aware of how that turned out. Verdeen: "You didn't look like you could sing like that. You can sing. You got chops man." Simon: blah, blah, blah. Bite me, you nasty little troll. Accckk, who was Clay winking at in the audience, and did she wet herself or just faint?

Trenyce - "I'm Every Woman". She apparently didn't get the memo about the shiny wardrobe requirement.

Ruben - "Can't Get Enough of Your Love". He's very smooth, and sounds great. Simon: "I think you should win this competition."

Kimberley - "It's Raining Men", and she gets off to a very rough start; too low or something. She sounds better when she gets to the belting part. Hee. Listening to the words of this very profound song, I am giggling about the lyrics that have Mother Nature fighting angels (1000 Days'ish) and rearranging the sky to make it rain men. With my luck, the guy intended for me would land on the roof of my car, leaving me with a big repair bill and a corpse disposal problem. Crap!

Josh - "Celebration" - C'mon yourself, you doofus. This song does not particularly lend itself to being twanged up. Kinda painful.

Clay gets to be the group spokesman and be diplomatic about what an asshat Simon has been tonight. That's cool baby, karma will catch up to him eventually.

Results show - This show I remember. Can I cut to the chase and just say that no one has to leave since Corey got the boot? No? I have to watch it all the way through? Well, okay, but you owe me one.

The audience is beside themselves with the screaming and the signs and the famewhoring and then with the screaming some more.

Hey, Clayyyeee, in the lovely red shirt with your arm around Trenyce, making Carmen feel all jeelous. Josh spouts off about the Marines and basically says "BO-YAH!" Ryan, again with the obsession with Carmen's hair extensions. Kimberley, for some reason, looks very plain tonight, like it took all day to undo the hair 'n make-up from last night, and she.just.can.not.do.it.again. I love how the Clay fans behind the judges immediately get their signs up in the air whenever they think the camera might be shooting their way.

Interesting how in the performance recaps, the comments are spun to show how Ruben was the hero of the night, while everyone else brought the various levels of suck to the table.

Group performance of "A Night to Remeber". An awkward pairing of Carmen and Rickey, who are at least in the same area code this time. Kimbermee trying to steam it up with Clayyyeee ( back it up off of the Aiken, you skank). Trenyce and Josh, and Kimberley with Ruben, groovin' along. And overall, not one of the best of the group efforts. Nobody really seemed to have their hearts into it. There were some nice Red shirts / good jeans shots of Clayyeee though, so all was not lost.

Give AT&T your money so Ryan can make some more gay jokes at Simon's expense. Audience questions - blah, blah, blah. Creepy innuendo again. Eeewww. Not at all set up. JD tries to be all coy about dating Kimbermeee. Dude, I'd try to to deny dating some chick who was rumored to have been intimate with Corey, too. Eeeccchhh.

GBTUSA recording session. And is that the first recorded glimpse of a hoodie-wearing Clay, or does it just seem like it? Interesting to see how Ruben seems to be directing the guys' portion.

Massages, manicures and facials - Oh My.

Clay was all eyelashes, lopsided smiles, shallow breathing and Carmen clutching during his comments. Acting or genuine nerves? Did he know how popular he was at this point?

CarWash Ford commercial - kind of T&A heavy for a family audience.

Bottom Three: Kimberley, Trenyce (whose mom in the audience looks like she's ready to tear America a new one for dissing her girl), and Carmen.

Carmen's re-sing is even more bleaty than last night. Trenyce goes all out on her song. And in the end, it doesn't matter, because nobody goes home thanks to Corey's legal woes.

A final group number: "Boogie Wonderland". The contestants should sooo be on skates for this song, including our poor funk-free dude who just can't quite find the beat.

After I did mine, I went back and read the TWoP recap for the episode. I'm always jazzed to come across the original quotes that still get used on the boards today. This episode's words to live by: "It doesn't matter. At this point in the competition, Clay would have to blowtorch a litter of puppies on stage to land in the bottom three."

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Top 9...Disco Night:

the afros are all out. Clay with his shiny shirt and ...PANTS!!!!!!

so Corey was kicked out...heh...SO COOOL

guest judge...Verdeen White...

Ricky smith...lets groove tonight...hate the "cmon y'alls", his falsetto was not bad here. My problem with Ricky, he out of breat but his moves were okay but final note was off. I thought it was very karaoke...Randy didn't like it...of course Paula liked it...Verdeen made sense...Simon was a bit OTT but he was right he wasn't anything special.

Carmen...turn the beat around...looks much better, I like this look for her straight hair extensions, she does have good perfromance skills; the tone of her voice is not really that great but I think she kept up with the beat even if not with the tune. Very pitchy. Paula she may have fun but we didn't...Verdeen was right she is a performer...ok Simon is whack he liked it?

Kim C...knock on wood...another one with a lot of pitch problems but a good performer...but her moves are tiring already.she did a good job I think better than Carmen for sure. mixed reaction from the judges.

Clay...everlasting love...I hate this song...but his voice was great in this song. But this is my least favorite perfromance of Clay because it wasn't too disco. But I love the lip bite and the little foot work. OMG...I miss him...I need to see new Clay stuff...I was doing so well waiting then I see the lip bite...the glory note...CLAAAAAAYYYYYYY when will we see you again. But I love your voice...incredible...CLAAAAAAAYYYYYY...

oh sorry forgot...PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone loved it except simon of course...well Simon ...bite me!!!! hee...no you sure didn;t get it...cos that guy sold 5 M records right now...and he commands the stage like not other. But as I watch that interchange...that was so scripted.

Trenyce...I'm every woman....starts out really well. I think she had some off key moments there but not really noticeable. I think her performance is one of the best tonight. She captured the era perfectly. Paula mentioned rising from adversity..was this the same week her police record came out?

Ruben....can't get enough of your love baby...I liked Ruben's performance. It was fun...he sounded smooth...he showed personality and I thought it was more disco than Clay's...ok here is the major pimping. Now i remember why I was so pissed off by this Simon. He should win the competition...yeah they really needed to pimp him and criticize Clay to keep the competition going. But he was really good. and its too bad that the pimping really made me start looking for something to not like in Ruben

KimL...raining Men...she looks Terrible...her low range was terrible so pitchy...but once she got to the chorus she really killed...but the first part was so bad. wow Simon damning with faint praise.

Josh...celebration...OMG he was so out of key as soon as he came out but when he got into it he was on tune.Ok then he started losing energy...and whats this point, point choreography...pretty stupid looking...bad ending...ok the judges are giving Josh the sick excuse...

uh oh...Clay was asked the trick question and was the only one with the balls to say what he really thought. KimC suck up.


I have a hard time ranking Clay...I loved his voice, he was the only one not pitchy...but I hate that song...and thoguht he really didn't give it his all.

Ruben- I thought his version was really fun and his voice was great

Clay- didn;t like the song and thought his stage performance was a bit tentative but he had the best vocals tonight (as always)

Trenyce - I thought she was very energetic and the pitch problems not too noticeable

KimL - She would've been third but her pitch probelms with her lower regsiter was juts too bad...but the rest of the song was great. She looked terrible though

Kim C- She wasn't too bad but her schtick was very predictable

Ricky- he was not able to do the song justice...very karaoke

Josh - very lethargic...just phoned it in.

Carmen - very energetic; one of the better performers...if only she was lipsyncing then she would be fantastic...but her voice is really baaaaad.


or the great fake out...

Love Clay's red shirt..but he really looks nervous. I think he really thought he was in trouble.

A night to remember... not one of the better group songs...Clay and KimC sounded good...but kim and Ruben sounded strained.

OMG Ruben sounded so boring in his answer to his question from the audience.

GBTUSA...so cute when Clay reminded everyone to say one not men...I like that clip some cute Clay close ups

mansion clip...uh oh Clay playing with Carmen's toes...I love this group they really seem so comfortable with each other....Clay was cute..."i'm never going back to work"

carwash pimpmercial..I really liked this. Clay looked good in orange.

Klo in the bottom...not surprised she looked bad

Trenyce...I was surprised but then I remember the scandal broke this time...

Carme..but hey Clay gave her hand a kiss

...Ok I think Simon was talking about Josh when he said one guy should be on the seal. I think he really thought he should go home at this and point.....no one was sent home

last group song...boogie wonderland... this was a better group song.Clay was trying some choreography...how cute.

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aaaah, finally one of the better nights - Disco! Oh how I luuuuuuuv disco!

I vaguely know Jewel was some sort of singer.

Seamonkey would have been laughed off the brightly flashing floor. Clay actually looked more 70's than anyone else - shiny patterned polyester shirts were the bomb! Feh to Corey and Seamonkey is a great big liar. Why the hell is Corey scratching his chin? Does he have fleas?

Honestly, I think Verdeen (while really, really scary looking) was one of the best and most honest judges participating. EW&F was much more funk than disco though. I really want that shirt though.

Ricky and Let's Groove. What happened to his backing track in the beginning? His voice was up and center (frankly to his detriment I think). He just didn't sound particularly musical to me. Randy was right with the pitch problems; Paula didn't say he could sing but "celebrate the spirit" of the genre (not really, but she was digging for something good to say). Verdine (who clearly is a professional) told him to "hang in there". Simon says typically "blah, blah". Ricky tries to stand up for himself.

Goat Girl and Turn the Beat Araaaaaaaaaawnd. The shiny gold pants were the right material but for the 70's would have been skin tight. And she dancing was pitiful. Why ware she clutching her ovaries. And her voice was terrible. Randy hates Carmen. Paula is stupid - having fun is the not the point. Like Shack said, Verdine commented that her best strength was being "sparkly" or in other words, girl can't sing. Ryan makes a pervy joke.

KimMe picks Knock On Wood which is a nice shouty song - but it is becoming clearly that all KimMe is is shouty. But her outfit is very 70's, especially the knee pants and the arm thingy. One of the most accurate comments back in the day called her "Armpit Girl". Did KimMe really sound like Jewel? Paula doesn't like girls. Verdine clearly thinks KimMe has stolen one of his sashes and wants it back. He comments on the stage performance but still is not impressed with the singing. Simon says 6 1/2 out of 10 - which is right.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! :wub:Clay! Ryan acknowledges his popularity! I LOVE THIS SONG! I never quite got the idea it wasn't disco - it was always played in my discos! Honestly, it is one of my top 3 Clay AI performances. He came out (and up to this point I wasn't really watching. But the boy made me get up off of my butt and dance. In my bedroom. He just sounded so good. His little cute dance. The little hip shakes...well, just to be fair I watched Clay's performance on my 26 MB m2v just in case I missed something. He's looking at some lucky bitch! The cameraman still just loves him to death. Man, the resonance in his voice is gorgeous! And the ENUNCIATION! I had listened to that song for 20 years and realized I never actually knew the words. My baby is FEELING that song! He loves it like I do! Actually, I don't know if he did or not, but I'll be darned if he didn't make me think he liked it!

Open up your eyes - then you'll realize - Here I stand with my everlasting love!

Need you by my side - girl, to be my bride - you'll never be denied everlasting love!

From the very start - open up your heart - be a lasting part of everlasting love!

and then....the note. It was the first thing I search for clack of...downloaded it immediately...played the very next day at work to anyone who didn't watch it the night before....I was IMPRESSED! He made something that would be a struggle for so many look as easy as pie! I know some seem to be tired of glory notes - I am not one of them. He does them so freakishly well! Randy was sensible for once. Paula's drug induced haze didn't clear enough. Verdine said he can SING. He has chops. Simon said the stupidest thing in the history of the Pop franchised. Someone ought tattoo it on his ass. With an axe.

I don't wanna listen to the rest. Oh well.

Trenyce is definitely not the 70's either. But she is definitely channelling Chaka and not Whitney. She tried to mix it up a little too much in the end. Trenyce did look very pretty. She wasn't Chaka or Whitney, but who is? So far, she is second to Clay.

Now this was one of Ruben's weakest performances to me "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" - boy didn't make it sexy. And this is supposed to be a sexy song. He wasn't bad, just didn't bring it. Simon begins the heavy duty pimping.

Oh my god - KLo starts out so very terribly on "It's Raining Men". I don't think I ever heard her so bad - she is very yelly and off-key or something. I like her hair though and her makeup was perfect.

Josh. Lord, Josh doing something some tone deaf person might call singing Celebration. Even I could hear how flat he was at the beginning. And the tunelessness. Man. That was badness on a legendary scale.

I lurve snarky Clay.


My, there's a lot of Clay signs! There is a lot of blah, blah, blah. They sing "A Night To Remember" Ricky sounds much better with Carmen. And, I'm ashamed to say that I thought Clay and KimMe looked hot together (right height and body type) and sounded good. Trenyce and Josh sounded good. KLo and Ruben sounded good. Their voice just meshed. The last pointy pose was weak though.

I skip all the questions. I skip the recording of GBTUSA. I thought KLo and Clay were cute in there interaction.

Ruben's safe. KLo goes down. Ricky's safe. Josh's safe (so undeserved). Trenyce's goes down but is hugged by Clay so I am jealous. Clay :wub:

A terrible pimpercial involving "Car Wash". I will never buy a Ford, no matter how cute Clay is with a vacuum.

Carmen goes down and KimMe's safe. But does it matter? No, because AI is evil incarnate and not in the that fun way. Carmen and Trenyce are the bottom two. But everyone stays because Corey was an ass. Feh.

They close out with "Boogie Wonderland". The girls don't know how to Bump. Pitiful. Since Clay has no girl to dance with, he clearly didn't even try to learn his choreography. Clay and Carmen are the two worst dancers. Ricky sounds good in this. But the guys' harmonies were good too!

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Disco Night

Listening to Corey’s apology about not telling TPTB about his criminal record, I was reminded of something I saw on a Dr. Phil program. I’m enclosing it for your purusal, if you care .

Dr. Phil suggests keeping the following points in mind when you're talking to someone who you think might be stretching the truth.

1) Too much or too little eye contact. Liars tend to avoid looking people in the eye, but if they are staring you down, they may be working hard at lying.

2) Over-emphasizes details. When people are trying to avoid telling the truth, they often pick some obscure point and talk about it a lot instead of focusing on the key issue.

3) Fidgeting. Is the person you're talking to very fidgety? You often see kids do this when they're telling a tale. That's a sign that someone may be lying.

4) Touching nose. Research shows that when people lie, they tend to touch the base of their nose a lot. "That's a dead giveaway," says Dr. Phil.

5) Mouth pursed. When people tell a lie, they can't get enough oxygen, so they tend to breathe through their mouth instead of through their nose.

6) Speech hesitations. Pausing, throat clearing, or other stalling techniques may indicate that a person is embellishing the truth.

7) Looking up or down. They may be stalling for time.

8) Answers questions not asked. Without even asking them a question, liars will defend themselves.

9) Other body language to check for to spot a potential liar include: excessive blinking, dilated pupils, pitch changes, less smiling, and shrugging shoulders.


The Show:

The guest artist was Verdine White from Earth, Wind & Fire. He was the best and most articulate, the most sensitive, the most perceptive guest host so far. I’d like to focus on his comments to prove my point.

Did you notice Paula using a lot of big words. She must have had a dictionary on her lap.

Rickey came out with a huge afro wig singing and moving like he was having fun. I have always liked Rickey and as far as I’m concerned his personality is his greatest talent. Verine was so positive and supportive. He said it must have been hard for some one to come out singing one of his songs. Simon said something snide about singing at a children’s party. Rickey answered him back by saying entertaining is part of a singer’s showmanship.

You go, man!

Carmen came out and tried to sing “Turn the Beat around.” Verdine kindly said her strength is in her performance and her sparkle. He said to work on it.

*********Clay********** What can one say? He is so adorable and so intriguing in tight pants. C’mon camera man, move down more often. It’s hard to watch his face, listen to his song and try to see how much of a b------there is down below. Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar me and I love it. We are only so human and can’t take too much at one time. --------sigh---------------. I tried to time the last note and according to my watch, it was 12 seconds long, but seemed so much longer. Paula wished he would dance, and he said he needs help with that. In his infinite wisdom Verdine said, you can sing. You got chops. Can’t remember Simon and so what?????

Trenyce came out and Verdine said You’ve got star quality. Keep it up.

Ruben. Verdine said, inspiring, brother.

Klo came out with big hair belting out, “It’s raining men.” The audience went wild with her growly rendition. She was so good.

Verdine said you sang one of the hardest tunes of that era.

Josh sang Celebration. He claim that he was not feeling well. Verdine said, The show must go on. It happens to all of us. Don’t worry about it.

I’m sure all the contestents treasured Verdine White’s comments and remembered his words.

At the end, RS asked the group all snuggled together on a sofa with people who didn’t fit, hanging over the back, what they thought about Slimy slug in black shirt Simon. Clay, the future diplomat, showman and writer, said that there was some confusion about the contradictory comments by Randy and Paula versus Simon. He added that he respects Simon since he knows so much about the business--or he should? (paraphrasing) Kimmee prissily piped up with “I don’t tell about my opinions?” Can’t you just see her in high school with a bunch of blond cheerleaders?

The results show was crammed with inane and stupid comments from RS. He certainly earns his money for stretching a 15 minute show with 45 minutes more, nothing worth while. A little review of previous show, some group singing. Ho hum. Where is my fast forward button on this thing?

The bottom three were Kim Locke, Carmen (with a full body hug from Clay, jealous, ha, not me, not much) and Trenyce. The phone rang and I didn’t watch who went home, Carmen or Trenyce.

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