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Top 7...Billy Joel


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Sorry I didn't have this up earlier...I haven't been able to watch the top 8 episode so I forgot all about this... -_-

but y'all have fun watching this episode...I remember Clay psyching me out with his switcharooo...when they started the song slow I remember screaming at the TV...NOOOO uptempo Clay...uptempo...but then I realized he was just being snarky and ended up loving him for it.

This is not one of my favorite perfromances...thought he looked different...but then when I found out he actually had a bad allergic reactio just before this perfromance...I was simply amazed.

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Top 7 - Billy Joel Night

Ryan is dressed like a 70-year-old man. His mom and sister are in the audience, and it's scary how much they look like each other.

The usual nonsense with Ryan and the judges. Simon Cowell lost out on a poll to Spongebob Squarepants.

Ryan introduces the theme of Billy Joel songs, with Smokey Robinson as the guest judge. (Lurve "Tears of a Clown") Smokey seems to be a very mellow guy. Or else he's tightly pulled and / or botoxed. Billy Joel is still aggressively unattractive. He can do a video intro, but can't actually make it to the show?


Kimbermeeee - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me. Back to the mall skank look for Kimbermee, and she seems to be off-key from the beginning of the song. She saves the armpit for the end of the song. Again, when the judges talk about your appearance rather than your voice, you are in trouble. Simon pulls out the theme park comparison, and Kimbermee is pretty dismissive and cuts him off. Arrogant much?

Ruben - Just the Way You Are. No 205 shirt tonight. I've had a lot of R&B and hip-hop come up on promosquad recently. None of those guys have the depth and warmth in their voices that Ruben has. I enjoyed his version of this song, even if he's pretty sweaty by the end. Excessive pimping by the judges, although Simon does tell Ruben he needs more variety in his performances to predictable boos from the audience.

Kimberley - New York State of Mine. She looks terrific, in her jaunty newsboy cap (borrowed from Ruben's stash, perhaps), and a longer jacket that really helps her silhouette. She sounds really good - the song really is in the right range for the smoky tones in her voice. Smokey loves her and tells her she can "sang". What a great night for her.

Carmen - And So It Goes. (As an aside, Billy is pretty funny telling his story about still thinking it is cool to hear his songs come on the radio in the car.) Carmen is wearing what is possibly the worst outfit in the history of AI - a greenish, tied-died tube dress thingy over a black t-shirt. I understand about the Mormon covered shoulders thing, but the tubey dress? WTF? And then there's the singing, or should I say the bleating? My DVD actually seized up in the middle of it. Just all-around awful. Simon is compelled to bring up the "ghastly party" metaphor. Do you ever picture his life outside AI as being one unending chain-smoking trek from a horrible wedding to a Portuguese restaurant, followed by an awful birthday party at an amusement park where the entertainment is a bar band?

Josh - Piano Man. He is slightly twangy and a little shouty, but not to bad considering. I would like to have heard one of the judges comment on the weird faces Josh made when he sang, but whatever.

Trenyce - Baby Grand. Why do I not know this song? Trenyce is a little too belty in places for my taste. Ryan displays his obsession with hair extensions once again.

Clayyyeee - Tell Her About It. A loverly orange shirt in his intro piece. Clayyee is wearing a dark suit with a bright blue t-shirt and of course looks fantastic. A little tripping over his tongue (Gah!) flub on the lyrics at the beginning of the song. Some crooning, and then some belting as the song progresses. Good, but if I'm being honest, not stellar, IMO. Oh, Simon makes his infamous "I prefer you when I shut my eyes" comment about Clay's facial expressions when singing. Harsh, but true. Think we could slip him little note about getting rid of the current nose-scrunches that were evident in the JNT Clack? I see Clay is number 7 tonight. Is this also the night that produced the sharpie extrapolation picture that played such an important part in furthering Waldo studies? What.

Results Show

For the Longest Time is the group sing, and once again, one of those trampy blondes are all over Clayyyyeee. Your time is coming Goatgirl! Grind away while you can. The guys really have a nice blend on this song. I think Season 2 definitely had the best group numbers, pointy poses and all.

On the couch, Clay is all intertwined with Kimberley and looking nervous. Watching it again, Clay seems to do something that makes his lips disappear while he's waiting. Nice eyeroll at the recap of Simon's eyes closed comment. Safe of course, with a dramatic collapse into Kimberley's neck. Kimbermee is on the bottom three. Ruben is safe. Carmen is in the bottom three. Josh is safe. the drama is interrupted so we can see the finest fake race car / Ford Escort driver ever, Trenyce is in the bottom three, with Kimberley safe, and Simon actually compliments her in his commentary.

Kimbermee gets the boot. Buh-bye armpit girl. Thanks for the retrospective of your skankalious outfits.

The show closes with a slightly wobbly version of GBTUSA..

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