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The Beautiful Ones

Couch Tomato

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My little sister thought Shaun Cassidy was da BOMB!  Now I must call and mock her.

ebird {{{{squishhhhhhhh}}}

Ummm, is little sister's name cindilu2 perchance?

Gahhh.. Shaun Cassidy! Da Doo Ron Ron Ron. :P I didn't see the actual wallpaper in my bedroom for years!

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I was always conflicted about the Hardy Boys...loved Shaun, but Parker's eyes did me in.

Of course, back when I was a kid...I loved this guy.


Yep, first class Bay City Roller dork who loved the lead singer, Les McKeown. Just did a google search for images of him...talk about a guy who did NOT age well.

What...this isn't the teen age crush thread? :P

OK, here are a few more men I think are very pretty...from the music area...

Don Henley




Bono (just discovered this picture...Good GAH!)


BTW, I have to say, with these last three, I love their PASSION as much as I love their looks. I seriously hope that Clay can follow in their footsteps...the next generation, as it were.

muskifest -- I'm with cindilu2 in the fact that I :lol: over your story.

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Yay! More younger siblings to tease!

Pho to Shaun Cassidy! Y'all were clearly too young to appreciate the gorgeousness that was David Cassidy


My little nontraditional favorites:

Boy George (back in the day) - I just though he was so pretty all made up:


Steven Tyler and Aerosmith in the BeeGees' Sgt. Pepper - I had no clue who he was at the time (and wasn't into the Beatles that much) but man he was HOT doing Come Together. HOT. Puberty inducing HOT. He's too much like a young Keith Richards now.

Oooh, I gotta add Daryl Hall (another blond except) back in the day:


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Wow I am seeing a lot of guys that are just short of GAH to me but certainly very worthy....

oops, how can I forget the two cutes from Battlestar Galactica...

Tahmoh Penikett



Jamie Barber


now I'm not sure if they should go to my top 10...

I have two more slots...very tough to pick since you all are giving me some great ideas...

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OK Ansa, I had to explain who one of my choices was...so could you please explain who your two choices are? And they ARE pretty.

KAndrea, I sooooooo remember looking at my first Rolling Stone magazine back in the early 1970's -- the one with David Cassidy on the cover.


I think seeing that picture kickstarted my hormones that year... :D

ETA because I can't type...and to say that Clay needs another RS cover. Soon. Like tomorrow. Without his shirt.

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ldyjocelyn...my latest additions are from the Battlestar Galactica Series...the new one from the Sci fi channel...it is a really great show!!!!

for any sci fi buffs or people who just love great drama...this is a fantastic show. The season just ended but I think they rebroadcast the episodes now.

this series have lots of pretty people...lots of great acting and great drama..

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Well, I was thisclose to posting my pics but it keeps telling me it won't accept my image extention. Sucks to be techno challenged. AHA! Thanks Ansa for fixing these.







James Blunt - my new honey


Peter Saarsgard


Simon Baker


And my oldest love, Steve harris


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Couchie, I'm sorry, cute guys are like Lay's Potato Chips - I can't do just one (or ten. Or twenty, for that matter.) But I will struggle along, staring at pretty pictures just for you. Oh, the humanity!

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Seriously? The WORST thing someone can do is give me a place to smut beefcake.

Here's more

The brothers from Prison Break. Yeah, wouldn't mind being part of that samich.


Jamie Foxx is getting a lil sleazy but still good looking:


Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Cillian Murphy and Tom Welling


Lastly, he maybe young, but i think he's ready.

Lee Thompson Young


Whew! I'm spent. That was lots of fun.

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