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ITs amazing that after two years in this fandom we still get many new sites and groups listed on FCA every month. This fandom continues to grow...so if you have a new group, site or board tell us all about it.

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I already posted above in the "Tell us about your board" section but I'm going to post really quickly here because our Wild About Clay (WAC) board is somewhat new - created in December 2004 for the former members of Clay Aiken Forums (CAF). We're a small but very loving family and we welcome all new members with open arms!! Join us if you can - you won't be sorry (or maybe you will think we're all crazy!!)

Wild About Clay (WAC)

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I have a place that has GREAT Clay Aiken Icons and Blinkies and animations...

It's in my signature. This girl is really amazing with her talent!

Clay Aiken Icons and Stuff

She has a lot! Though I must admit after searching dozens of Clay sites, when I found FINDING CLAY AIKEN I almost wet myself. I've been looking for a site like this forever! Loving the mp3s and the pictures!

EDIT: Note how I never start the sites myself, I join and stay forever!

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I am an Admin there.

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This is the place to be to talk about Clay. I really love this site. It was the first Clay forums I ever joined. Check it out!!


(My username there is JenJen1989)

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I have a couple of them for you.....okay, three! All done by Clayla919 ..a young and talented Clay fan!

First is a Clay Board she made.....we are young, but its gorgeous and I hope you join in!

Will have to add that later, for some reason it is now coming up or loading when I click on it...

but here is a site she made and surprised me with. Has almost all my montages....she still has to add the last one and also she is working on adding a downloadable link to all....

Rcknrllmom's Montages

Well, looks like that is all I can give you for now...her other site is missing too and she is at school...have no idea what is up!!

Whew....there it is! lol

I was starting to get worried.

AIken For More

this one is her message board she made......

Here is the beautiful fansite she made to go with it....she has some of her wallpapers there, icons,etc.....

Aiken For More Fansite

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Kayla has yet another site....this is a TCG site...(trading card game....i guess....) its pretty cool...a lot of work yet again....

Came For The Voice

Dont forget to drop by her other ones....the message board is pretty......i hope more come and post! and her other fan website has been updated....she has added some new wallpapers and other things and changed the layout....

very very nice!!

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I am a member of the RCA Board. That was my first board after becoming a claymate. they made me feel right at home in the clay-nation. and it thank them tremendously for it. i love that board and have made maany friends on it. i hope that this board is just as fun!

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