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A Thousand Different Ways

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Sneak Previews of Clay's 2nd Mainstream Album are poping up all over the country through local CC radio Web Pages. I know we all have reactions to this CD ... this is the place to share your thoughts with other fans.

We want to hear your honest reactions and opinions. We expect that opinions will vary, some disagreements may arise. We hope we can discuss them in a friendly manner and remember to respect each persons opinions.

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Man, I will gladly give my complete and total review - but keep in mind, any semblance of any looking anything like impartiality is a complete and total accident. This is my main man. I will occasionally cheat on him with Prince, Nelly, some old school but apparently he owns my butt.

Overview of A Thousand Different Ways

I just love this in its entirety. From the opening notes in Right Here Waiting to the final fading notes of Broken Wings, I listen happily to it all. I have never cared about the "artistic vision" of an entire album - I've always been one of those who grumble that there are only 1, 2 or 3 good cuts off a CD - the rest is usually just filler. There are maybe 4 albums that I will occasionally sit down and listening all the way though: Purple Rain, Thriller, Hotel California, and a number of Greatest Hits compilations. I actually notice a thematic element holding this together. And it works for me! And it's true, the longer I listen, the shorter the songs seem to me

Right Here Waiting

I only vaguely remembered the original, it was sort of like on the soundtrack to that period for me. Clay is breathy and just sounds so good to me. It's Clay - the enunciation, the purity of the tones, the phrasing.

Lonely No More

The idea that Clay wrote all or part of it simply doesn't add or take from it. It's Clay - the enunciation, the purity of the tones, the phrasing, but the phrasing on really stands for me - the just different enough to be oddly compelling rhythm of the way he sings "I don't wan na be (pause) looonely no mooore, no more", the syllables he choose to stress; it's so much of what make Clay sound like Clay...

Without You

Oh man, this is an example of how Clay just kills me live...see I was perfectly happy listening to the CD cut over and over and over and over and over and over (well, you get the picture), then Scarlett's video came out. Now the CD cut is still perfectly lovely, but I feel like standing over the video version with a switchblade, screaming "back off! Mine! Mine! Mine!" and almost weeping at the thought that I could have gone to see this LIVE, but NO, I had to be SENSIBLE...takes a deep breath...and why I have stopped all vacation plans to see where that SOB is gonna tour because I have GOT to see him live...

Everytime You Go Away

I remember this better, but the intro is way different for me. Clay sings much prettier than the original dude to me. It's Clay - the enunciation, the purity of the tones, the phrasing. The enunciation in some parts is almost oddly staccato, I think it's interesting. This is the point where I realize he really is using his voice as instrument - to play with the vocals.

Sorry Seem To Be The Hardest Word

This is just so very, very pretty. A very delicate beginning, like an egg white meringue but the good lemon zest is being whipped into it and the aroma is intensifying...it doesn't have the underlying richness I'm finding in some of the other tracks. This is a palate cleanser, light, refreshing, tasty and perfectly sweet...

When I See You Smile

It's Clay - the enunciation, the purity of the tones, the phrasing again. And it bumps up the richness of the CD another notch - I just luuuuuurve his phrasing throughout this...

A Thousand Days

Hey, what can I say? I liked this during the JBT (and I guess Clay did too). It just sounds like a singer's song to me.

Everything I Do

Man, I just love his higher register, he has such a sweet tenor...normally I don't really care for the folk-y, celtic-y stuff (except for my Lords of the Dance, Flaherty and Aiken - his choreography to September was superb I say!), but this works on so many levels.

Because You Loved Me

This is my least favorite track, and I like it perfectly fine - but I'm one of those who loved Celine's version (subtle is NOT my middle name). It is very different than Celine's, and I can seriously picture him singing this to his fans at the next concert and the fans singing right along with him...

I Want To Know What Love Is

This is second least favorite track, and it's still OK - I just don't care about the female singer as I wanna hear more Clay...the instruments also feel a lot more stripped down than the original and sort of thin...if he's gonna sing with her, I would like more of deep voice Clay because they both sound like tenors...you know he's gonna sing it with Angela, who has a high voice than the duet chickie...hmm, should be interesting...

These Open Arms

Never participarly cared for Bon Jovi (in fact, I don't think I can name a song he or his band has done). Think the lyrics in the beginning are a little repetitive...but the middle is that delightful Clay wordiness and I look forward to the Random Aiken Lyric Generator to kick into high gear! I don't think it's earwormy enough though. I don't catch myself singing it like all the others.

Here You Come Again

When I first saw this on the track list, I laughed out loud, and was squirming in anticipation! And my man did not disappoint...he has turned this on its ear. It reminds me of how Neil Sedaka switched up Breaking Up Is Hard To Do and how both versions worked...this shows off that purity of the voice; I want him to sing this to Dolly. Badly. The closing "here I go"es are just a perfect demonstration of his vocal range. The man is just good.

Everything I Have

Oooooooooooooooh. One of the few songs that the lyrics actually jumped out at me...man, they are pretty. I am not a sentimental woman, but if some dude gave me a mix CD of this, I would have to seriously consider him. And I can't remember if this was a cover because if it was I swear I've never heard this before - it's like the album is building up to this...

Broken Wings

until this starts. I love this with my whole heart. At first, the spoken part was annoying, and now I just love it. I went back and listened to Mr. Mister's - I liked it back in the day, but it wasn't anything special. Clay's is special.

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I have been listening to this CD since the first time the stream was leaked. I have been gushing about it to online friends like couchie but haven't had a chance to just sit down and write down my thoughts in a proper review. Right now my overall feel of this CD is ...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

I have to admit...I wasn't thrilled about the concept. I did enjoy the clips...but thought they sounded very similar to the original. SO I was totally surprised by the whole CD...these songs are so fresh and new that I hardly recognized some of them. And now that I hear all the songs in order...it totally makes sense. THIS IS SOOO CLAY. No pretentions of being trendy...no worry about being radio friendly...just go out there and make music from his instincts and guts. I do believe he needed to do this for his own growth as an artist. I think every artist must first know who he/she basically is...to recognize their essence. Once that has been established then they can explore and experiment. But I do believe he needs to do that from this core.


This CD is very surprising because it is not full of boring ballads. People were afraid that there won;t be variety of sound and I think that is definitely not a probelm with this CD. I found that there is a lot of energy and life to this CD not only from Clay;s vocals but from the arrangements and isntrumentation. A lot fo care was placed in amking this CD...it is very evident in the result.

Right Here Waiting (RHW): LOVE LOVE

I really like this song as a start to the CD. The isntrumentation, a misture of strings guitar and drums is a common theme throughout the CD. I like that they chose a song that has a driving beat that makes you bod along. It may not be upbeat exactly but it is still high energy.

Lonely No More (LNM): LOVE LOVE LOVE

One of my favorite tracks. Love the instrumentation that is so layered and lush. I love the melody and lyrics and thrilled that Clay had a hand in this song. There are so many special moments to this song that its apparent that Clay worked on this with much love and care.

Without You (WY): LOVE

I loved this when it first came out but in the context of this CD I think it is one of the weaker tracks. the only thing that makes this special is Clay;s killer vocals. But its a bt dated and nothing surprising in how Clay sang it. Its still excellent production just not as special as the other tracks.

Everytime You Go Away: LOVE LOVE LOVE

I didn't have much expectaiona bout this song...thats why I am so surprised at how much I lvoed this. Again ther eis jsut so many special touches vocally and in the arrangment. I love the energy and the build up. Great contrast to the sad and predictable WY.

Sorry seem to be the HArdest Word (SSTBTHW): LOVE LOVE LOVE

here is another mood shift. love the guitar opening. Very appropriate for this song. Then Clay's vocals are just sublime. So full of emotion. He does not try to be intense on this the way elton and fantasia does. He went the route of his ICMYLM interpretation and I am so glad that was their direction. Beautiful guitar...and love how he simply comes up with this vocal riffs in random spots...like he just can't help it. The falsetto voice is used so wonderfully too. He interpreted this on his own terms...and it totally works, sounds like something that was written for him.

When I See You Smile (WISYS):LOVE LOVE

This is one song I wasn't looking forward to cos I didn't like the original...but damn, he made me love it. I love the driving beat...I love the quality of his voice specially in "I can do anything". He certainly brought out the great melody of this song. I also loved how he added so much passion and intensity to certain phrase...oh and the little ughs he does at the end of some phrases are just so sexy. Once again...this is a very different version from the original...It has a lot of energy and I think would be great for radio. Oh love the entrance of the strings in the last part...really increases the energy of the piece...great build up!!! Love the strings...

A Thousand Days (ATD): LOVE

considering that it is my second to least favorite from last summer I am surprised that I actually love this. I actually think this is the most rock ballady of all the tracks. There is an intensity to his delivery. Much more so than the other tracks...very rockstar Clay. I think if I didn't just get sick of this last summer I may have a bigger love for this...and of course the fact that this is on instead of my favorite TRD has nothing to do with it. I do love the bridge and that great glory note...the build up in the end is really fantastic.

Everything I do (EID)...LOVE, LOVE

I really do love the celtic feel to this song. Its a great track to follow ATD since it is a shift in mood and style. I also love Clay's vocals the only thing I find it may be too much on his upper register but it gives him this very ethereal quality. I like the harmonies with the female back up...I love how the bridge ended...with that long note that lead to the instrumental interlude...I think the ending is also very effective...just fading away, give variety from the build up in the other songs.

Because You love me (BYLM): LOVE LOVE LOVE

I really love how this song starts...you really can' t tell what it is until he starts singing. I end up with a big old smile in my face when he starts. I love the instrumentation...really does not sound like Celines song. Then in the middle the drums come in and the beat gets faster and next thing you know you are bopping along with the song. I love the fact that he didn;t go for the obevious glory notes to this. .. a great bridge that almost makes me start dancing...I love the soft way he started for the last verse. Very cool arrangement. Love the way it ends...his voice is so Clay. Celine who? Love the piano ending...beautiful.

I Want To KnowWhat Love Is (IWTKWLI):LOVE

I really like the way this starts I like Clay and Suzies voice and the fact that we get a lot of deep voice Clay..I think my probelm is that the arrangement is not that different from the original except for the fact that its a duet now. I also don;t like the fact that Clay and Suzie don't harmonize too much on the chorus...its more just singing in unison. I just think with this two they could've done a more compelling improvisations and vocal layering in the end.

These Open arms (TOA):LOVE, LOVE

When I heard the clip I wasn't that interested in this cos the chorus kinda sounded boring. But I really liked the verses. I also think this is a more inspirational song than a love song. I love listening to lyrics. I also think Clay is very connected to this song. His vocals are very intense...rockstar Clay. Then of course we get those Clay RRRR's very cool.

Here You come again...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

I love the entrance of this song from the intense ending of TOA...with this very interesting guitar treatment and Clay coming in with this very sweet vocals. WOW...this is my toe curler. I really love the melody of this song. Its very cute. Clay make sit really sexy and touching...specially that low GOOOO...Very cute...and fun song...LOVE IT!!!!! love the ending...so sweet!!!! DOlly who?

Everything I have (EIH)...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

just lovely...lovely melody, lovely lyrics, lovely vocals, lovely instrumentation. When I listen to this it is really about parental love to a child. As a mother it really makes me so verklempt. I think this could be a pop classic if it gets AC radio play. There is speculation that this was produced by David Foster...if so then no one can accuse him of being too bombastic again. This is the height of subtlety.

Broken Wings (BW)...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Love the arrangement...the instrumentation is masterful. Love the poem interwoven with the song. I love how Clay's voice meld with the lovely ethereal background singer...then when he starts going intense on us on the long TAKE in the end there is a different quality to his voice...there is a solid intense feel to it...really powerful and strong...what a fantastic way to end this CD...specially when the last line of the poem is A thousand different ways...totally COOL!!!!

WOW what a great experience typing up my reaction as I listend to each track. It made me pay attention to a lot of details and nuance. this is what makes this CD extra great...you can listen to it over and over again and fins something new and surprising everytime.

Congratulations CLAY...this is a fantastic CD. You really should be proud. I am so very very proud of you for this artistic effort...it was certainly worth the wait.

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Sneak Previews of Clay's 2nd Mainstream Album are poping up all over the country through local CC radio Web Pages. I know we all have reactions to this CD ... this is the place to share your thoughts with other fans.

We want to hear your honest reactions and opinions. We expect that opinions will vary, some disagreements may arise. We hope we can discuss them in a friendly manner and remember to respect each persons opinions.

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