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Dancing with the stars


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I just saw Marie leave..Oh Damn we won't have her to kick around any more! Guess her act wore thin on everyone.

I went over to TWOP, peeked a little and found out Helio won. I would have been just as happy with Mel and she did deserve the win more than Helio. :

It's been a good competition this year, I'll miss the show.

That finale was the best I've ever seen because of Mel and Helio's personalities. So much fun!! :clap:

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OK I've decided to watch this season

Penn...bwah..he's funnythough

Jason - he seems so sweet...and he moved well...needs a bit more spark

Christian? is that his name... middle of the pack

Adam - I missed his dance

Mario - looks like he reverted to ip hop

Steve - looked happy to be out of his cocoon.hee

I love Marleee ..hope she does well. Did anybody watch Picket Fences? I loved teh Dancing Bandit!

Priscilla Presley looks bad. I don't understand. What did she do to herself..it doesn't seem natural? Can't they see it?

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I like Melissa&Tony and Ty&Cheryl!

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I KNOW!! Don't get me wrong, I love Ty and I think he shows that hard work can, for a time, overcome a lack of talent, but really. Lil Kim was the better dancer.

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Dang that finale was padded. I kept turning back and forth to the after playoff game press conferences. I wanted Giles to win but I liked Shawn too AND Melissa. I don't watch the Bachelor but getting dumped was probably the best thing to happen to her. I thought she was cute and sweet and had a good personality. I figure Giles will get some work out of this so it's all good.

Now bring on the best dance show-- so you think you can dance!

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