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July 28, 2005 - Toms River, NJ


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Bringing all these post from the Main Thread


Thanks to the CH!

eta: we also now have it in our JBT gallery

thanks so much to snowdrop of the Clackhouse....


Some early reports from all over....

Playbiller called me from the sound check!

She has a terrible phone! So all I hear is noise!

But it is GREAT!

He is doing heard it through the grapevine!

He is selling black things with a red heart!

She already bought me one, in case they run out

some more reports on songs:

also nights in white satin, heard it through the grapevine,

when doves cry

all night long--lionel richey

madonna--celebrate!! (I think this is Holiday-Angela/Q singing maybe?)

HEART-How Do I get you alone


LOTS of dancing!

Angela and Quiana dancing very very close to Jacob, who is Clay's stand-in for this, evidently...no Clay sighting.

So I think grindage will occur...esp. since they are doing WDC!

BOTW - the Simon & Garfunkel arrangement, diff. from any he has done already


From Nova at the CH

Sailing (Christopher Cross)


Mr. Sandman

My Girl

Aint No Mountain Higher

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We will start to bring Cellcert reports at 7:30 pm...see you all then!!!!!


HeardLiving La Vita Loca during Souncheck, also Freedom by Aretha Franklin, Ain't No Mountain High Enough
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First cellcert party at FCA FORUM......we will start giving cellcert at 7:30....

That would be eastern time, correct?

Also known as 6:30 Central time, 4:30 Pacific.

EEEEP!!! Very excited!!

I do believe so...I hope Couchie and the other west coasters can make it on time...


The spoilers are getting me so psyched!!!!

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First of all, I want to cry because I have been saving my 1000th post on the CB to post on the first cellcert thread. Oh well.

I am reporting for Lori509, who is at the concert with nzvolclayno, starshiner4clay, and aiken4clay.

Some of things she's told me already:

There are two disco balls, up in the lights, ready to come down, one on each side of the stage.

The concert starts at 7:30.

Pictures will be allowed during the first two songs. (Hope the clack gatherers can do their thing!)

Sound check outfit was tan burberry hat, two shirts, jeans and flip flops.

Songs heard during the sound check were When Doves Cry, Invisible, Living La Vita Loca. Ain't No Mountain High Enough, and Freedom.

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Something about Clay is allowing flash photography during the first two songs. It was announced apparently. Or that was a joke - had a bit of trouble hearing her.

Program 15 bucks.

T-Shirt 40 bucks.

Hats 30 bucks.

ETA: Ansa and couchie (and whoever else is on) - can we coordinate who's watching where so we don't overlap on our reporting?

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From Clayboard, Chautauqua, etc:

backing, burgundy w/the 50s written on it --

something painted on the piano ( a little hard to understand)

somewhat confused about when concert actually starting -- may be a pre-show at 7:30

venue full, but doesn't look sold out

background music turned off, so not sure if anything's ready to start

guess we'll see -- possiblity it may be the pre-show cellphone schtick

lots of stagehands on the stage, so not ready yet


Cellstream: Prices: program $15, XL t-shirt $40, hat $30


Sounds like background music is back on . . . Oh . . . sounds like some oldies

Knights in Whaite Satin playing in background (not Clay, just pre-show muzak)

Rock Around the Clock . . sounds like the original  

That's wise - I'm only on the CH and the cellcert and here.

COOL!! I have cellstream and Ansa has CB.

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Never really got into beer...I like long Island Iced tea myself...

I just wish they didn't say it was 7:30...it just heightened the anticipation and damn...

don't like the let down....

hurry up already...

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