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Star Plaza Theatre, Merrillville, IN


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Have to correct this a bit. He said "you won't see another singer with unique styling and vocal intonation... Until you see this next guy.

So he's equating clay to frank not saying clay is better.

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Per CV cellstream...

dark suit, purplish shirt and tie, no sweater, hair is beautiful.

I can't hear a word he's saying but I'm smiling anyway.

Me too...

Clay says he has no ear plus tonight.

MCWL...starting so good

From CV:

'I did hear him say he wa the "controversy king" and something about putting his hand over people's mouths"
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this reception is so sucky but that sounds really great


The poor quality connection is giving me a headache, so I think I'm going to call it a night and wait for the Clack.

Later, peeps!


From NYMom4Clay:

Asking the crowd how many times he has been in this theatre. He just feels at home he guesses - thought it was more than once for JBT.

Was never hear with classy musicians like these. Give them a round of applause.

He woke up at 2 - got off the bus in his PJs and walked in and they were all dressed up.

Said something about controversy. We've been a whole 2 weeks without controversy? Someone doesn't seem to get it. He's asking like where have you been for the past 2 weeks?

Did you think I was brazen?

it was intended to be rude but I didn't think it came off that way - or something like that.

Doing the show for the first time without those little things in his ears. UH oh. Well, he's going to be laid back.

If I have a request or if you have a request - well keep it to yourself.

Talking about choosing the songs for MCWL and Allison introducing him to one of his very favorite songs - MCWL.

Lots of screaming and the audience saying yeah!!!

and a lot of screaming...

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Wow nonstop laughing again....

From CB:

The hand over mouth thing - he said he may go out in the audience and put his hand over one of their mouths tonight. Lots of screaming for that.

Cristmas song...a lot of laughing in the beginning...

this is musthave clack once again

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I love how clay can take things and turn them into a joke. The whole hand over mouth controversy was just very silly. He's giving it the respect it deserves.

yup he did say that there is a lot of material to be ahd from kelly Ripa...he is making themost of this right now.

He is hitting some really beautiful notes on this song. This is quickly becoming one of my favorites

wow...once agin his voice is really great with a lot of nuance and gorgeous tones.

Wow he added some really fantastic flourished to HYAMLC...beautiful

Sleigh Ride...a lot of laughter...very fun.

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I gave up on the CV cellstream. Too hard to hear. But from what I could gather, he's bringing down the house with his banter as well as with his voice. I can't wait to hear it in clack.

That was one of the things I was hoping for, that this format would allow his humor to shine through. I'll be the not.just.us audience is having much more fun than they expected.

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Hi! I have the CV cellcert on...whoops...wait...it's on and off..and off again...We must develop more advanced technology! :P It's hard to understand the banter...but his voice on the songs sounds wonderful. (just heard Sleigh Ride and the last part of HYAMLC)...oh, I wish I knew what was going on---lots of laughing..

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seems to be playing with individual musicians in the orchestra

ETA: to say by 'playing', I meant just joking around with and talking, etc.

Now he's talking to somebody in the fourth row...I hope we get a transcript of this...ok...the place is going nuts...what he HELL did he say?

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