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Fingers crossed for a date near me!

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April 20 (Patchogue, NY) and April 22 (Bronx, NY) for now!  

I'll keep track here if I can.

I just thought it was time for a new thread -- thanks to merrieeee for the title.

ETA: Wall Street Theatre, (Norwalk, CT) April 23

ETAA:  The Center for the Performing Arts (Carmel, IN) May 11

Number 4: Oxford Performing Arts Center (Oxford, AL) May 7

January 11 -- premiere of Celebrity Name That Tune

ETAAA:  full list of dates here.  https://www.rubenandclay.com/

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From dksfriend at CV, used with permission:



Just got home from the Portland WOFL show. The show was closer to 2.5 hrs long, with an intermission. It was a fun evening, and Clay did an amazing job. He was great at bantering with the contestants, thinking on his feet and keeping things moving. There was a moment after intermission when he had clearly been asked to stall for time, and that's when someone in the audience yelled out asking for him to sing. He said "not going to happen tonight", and then a few more people further back in the audience yelled the same thing! There was one moment in the show where Clay had to ask for clarification from Dave (announcer) about a complex rule, but he handled it in his usual professional manner. Other than that, you would never have known it was his first night on the show. 

The audience was definitely not your typical "theater" audience. Many people seemed to be acting like they were watching the show at home - I've never seen so much getting up to go to the bathroom/get drinks during a show! In between game rounds, the announcer walked out into the audience and did little mini games for people to win t-shirts/mugs. He only selected people wearing colored wristbands (which you could sign up for in the lobby when you entered - different from signing up to go up on stage); we were glad we didn't have wristbands!

For anyone who is considering registering to actually play the game, I would encourage you to do so.  In my opinion, the contestants tonight all demonstrated average to below average skills at the actual game!

Edited to add: since the final bonus round winner won a trip to Paris, an audience member also won that trip. Not a bad bonus for just sitting in the audience! One of the other players tonight won a trip to New Orleans and a trip to Las Vegas.



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Recaps from artquest and dancermom at CV, both used with permission. Artquest says more will be coming later.


Clay kept messing up tonight but finally got through to the end. He had to call security to a part of the audience that kept calling out letters and answers. Shades of Jerome! And speaking of which, dancermom was scolded for taking pictures. Heh. At least they didn’t confiscate her phone as in days of yore.
There was a woman in the front row who was either drunk or boisterous or both. Clay kept calling her out in a good natured way. But when they picked the audience member who would share the final prize, it was her!!!  He was gobsmacked!  Very funny ending to a fun evening and a lovely day. So nice to be back on the road with Clay.


Back at the hotel after trying to find food after the show. We had eaten lunch late and I wasn't hungry before the show.  The old Aiken Diet kicked in and the closer it got to show time the less I was anywhere near hungry.  Everything shuts down at 10. We thought we had found a place to eat that was open till 1 am but it turns out the bar part is open but the kitchen was shut down. What to do what to do.  Head to McDonald's. 
Really tired and we have to get an early start back to NYC tomorrow so just quick thoughts...
I had a great time tonight. The show was so much fun. I think Clay is still finding his groove at the hosting gig and he did mention it was only his 3rd show so he was still learning. He was funny and quick. When he was announcing the wrong winner everyone started saying...no wait...wait...until Kalpana got his attention. He made a self depreciating joke about not being good at Math.He did have a potty mouth but the crowd seemed to lap it up and were really laughing. He wore the PBS Shiny Suit tonight. Hair is fantastic. The blonde/red looks so good on him and the hair was behaving.  From the host to Kalpana and Clay they all had their moments of being human and making a boo boo. They kept saying this happens all the time on TV but they edit most of it out.
Really great contestants who were really serious about the game.  They knew their stuff. Clay mentioned that in Syracuse people kept landing on Bankrupt and he hoped that tonight was way better. Someone won a trip to Hawaii tonight. 
I was straight on the aisle which is not a good place from which to try to take video. They made no announcements. So I got scolded when I was trying with my iphone. Whoopsie.I did not try after that.
They closed the balcony and the whole orchestra was filled. There were a LOT of people in that theater tonight.

I had so much fun tonight.


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41 minutes ago, ldyjocelyn said:

thanks for the link. 

great interview...loved the part when asked to compare touring as a vocal artist vs this time as  a host..."it's great....I can't lose this one!"😄

41 minutes ago, ldyjocelyn said:


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