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Norfolk, VA:Scope Arena


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From Bridget (Mad4Clay) at the CB


My Night with Clay Aiken

Mary Did You Know, as we all know, Clay most of the time has messed up the lyrics to that song, but still sings it beautifully. Last night, after he was done with it, it was him who mentioned that for those of you who have been to these concerts before know that I messed up the words to that and it will be up on the message boards soon. So all I was doing was agreeing with what he was saying, and I said “Like we didn’t know that already.” So he said to me “What is your name. Bridgett? You come up here.” He said my name four times as I was coming up. I can’t believe I hopped up from my chair that fast with the bad knees that I have to see that man, but I made it and I didn’t feel any pain. So he asked me where I was from, and of course he made fun of my accent, just like the movie Fargo. Then he asked me how many shows I had been to and I told him forty something and he said my name again. He asked me where in MN I was from and I said “Crystal.’ I’ll have to say I was confused with what he was saying when he asked how far Crystal was from Minneapolis. Because of that confusion, I thought he was asking how far I was from MN being in Norfolk. I was really being fangirly, as you can tell from the video. So then because I got confused because I couldn’t answer his question, he said he was starting to feel bad about making fun of me now. Then he asked me who I was here with, and I told him Sue and Deb. Then he said “One of them is driving home right?” because apparently he didn’t’ think I could drive home because I didn’t know my directions. I told him I have been on the road since last Sunday, and I told him I was going to Williamsport, and he said “Oh so, next week.” I reminded him that was going to be there Saturday night, and he said “I don’t know. I just get on the bus!” Now mind you, all the while my hand is on his leg, rubbing back and forth, because that’s just me, and he was nice and social and it was a natural thing, and he was sitting on the stage and I was standing right next to him and it just seemed like a natural thing to do, because we were so close together. I was practically on his lap. My head was resting on his head for a moment, and I pray I didn’t get any hair sheen on his suit. So then he asked me if I knew the words to HTHAS and I said yes. And then he said “Well, you know MDYK”, and I said “Yeah, but you always mess it up.” Then he makes this big deal about what I said, to Jessie, to the orchestra, to his mom, and then he asked a person in the audience at the end of row one if he could enlist her to help beat me up, which was funny right there because no body could do that. Then he told his mom “Did you hear that? She said ‘You did that one really bad.’” Then he said “Well, since you know the words to HTHAS I want you to come up on stage and sing this with me”. And I said, “No, no, I can’t do that.” And then I said “I swear we were just talking about that today, like how the h*ll does he know all the words to the songs.” And that’s when he got that look on his face like I had said the worst word I could say in his family friendly show. So he is sitting there on stage making this big deal out of my cussing as you can all see in the video, and I am being completely fangirly still, and he asked me if I was afraid, and I said “No, I was excited.” All the while my hand is rubbing on his leg and he has his hand on my back and I have my other hand rubbing up and down his back. Boy is he skinny. I don’t know where the weight thing is coming from, but the boy is bones. He might have gained it in his face, but not so much in his body. Then he tells me to go sit down, and I had the nerve to ask “Can I please have a hug?” and he was more than willing to oblige. When I hugged him I held him and I squeezed him and he squeezed me back just as hard as I was squeezing him. I whispered in his ear “You are great.” And then I floated back to my seat and couldn’t believe what had happened, after all these concerts I have gone to, face to face, stubble, makeup, eyes, his hair. I didn’t take the time to smell him…I was just in such awe that I was standing next to him and my hands were on his leg.

Thank you to everyone for your pm’s and phone calls and postings on the boards. It was a night I will never forget. I have one last chance to see him tomorrow night in Williamsport, though my seats are terrible so he will not be able to see me, but at least I know I finally had my moment with Clay.

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