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Williamsport, PA...Community Arts Center


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From CV:

There he is!!!!!!!!!! The crowd is getting loud!! Hoops, hollars, screams, MAJOR EXCITEMENT!!!

LOTS of screams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He did the line VERY fast!

Walking the front of the line now.

All i could hear was a chant starting of Thank you Clay

From CB:

Just read over at CV that the line was actually 3 blocks long and Clay is walking the whole 3 blocks with Jerome...he's in his PJ's, coat and glasses!!!! How freakin' adorable is that?? Can I read him a bedtime story...please...huh?? HUH????

Before he could get to the bus, Jerome told everyone that Clay had a meeting...hmmmmmmm....wonder what that was about?!?!?!? Hope it's for something very, very good!!!!

Right now I am listening to the steam, said there are 2 blocks of fans at the busses, put them in a straight line, and he is walking the whole line and shaking hands...all the way from the end....said it is unbelievable....so many fans, can hear him saying stay in line now...thank you very much...oh my gosh, they are just estatic...has on his glasses tonight too...walked the line very fast and shook everyones hands...Certer says that even the stage hands are out watching this...they are just amazed.....can't believe this.....

That was sooo much fun to listen to. He moved quickly along the loooooooong line with all the stagehands looking on. Then the crowd spontaneously burst into a loud chant of Thank you, Clay! Thank you, Clay! Thank you, Clay! Thank you, Clay!

From CV

ClaysGirlinGA @ Dec 9 2006, 11:37 PM)

she was telling Caper that Clay talked about the book "Mikayla" the chldren's book that BAF published. And that Clay was going to visit the class that wrote the book.. the 3rd grade class. Is it in PA ?

It's near the Easton venue, kind of where I live

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My most wonderful memory so far of this concert tour is all the recognition of his uniqueness by those "NOT US". It's incredible and I'm sooooo very happy for Clay. We've always known how very special he is and how lucky we are...it's making me ridiculously schmoopie to hear about all the people who are getting to know it, too.

He gives us something new every single time he entertains us---if not on stage, then afterwards at the buses---trivia games! inside the bus visits! a 3-block receiving line in pjs, coat and glasses! smutting over musical terminology! pants!

And always...even in Waukegan when he still gave so much---ALWAYS...the VOX.

There simply is no other like him.

Now I've got Christina Aguilera's song "Ain't No Other Man" in my head. :lol:

Damn, I love him.

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you are making me very schmoopie...

GAh I hope he will always be this spontaneous and fun loving...and teasing person.

From CB:

Ok, Lala called me back. she said he walked all the way down past the line till he got to the end of the line and started there. She said when he was going by them or right before he got to them, he looked up at the line and said "lawd Jesus"!! :laugh He was so surprised how long it was. I think someone had already reported him starting at the end, but I just repeated it. While I was talking to her she said Jerome came out with one of the dogs so it could do it's business. She wasn't sure at the time which one it was, but was very cute. They were so thrilled to get to see one of them. She got off to take a picture and wait for the bus to leave. She still supposed to call me back again.
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I love reading all these bus reports...

...and then I kick myself for not going to them at Merrillville. At this rate, I'm gonna be 80 before I meet the man.

I have sympathy for Claygasm for not getting stubble and for getting glasses. Me? I wish there was stubble still, but I'm glad for the glasses. As a glasses wearer, I love that he's not afraid to show that once in a while...even if it is just to give his eyes a rest.

As for what muski wrote -- "Ain't no Other Man" is right. He gives and gives and gives, and so many realize that....intense fan and casual fan alike. I love him so very much.

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She is a menace and a pervert - that is all I can maybe hear

But I thought Claygasm was in the 18th row? How did he spot her all the way back there. :P


"What kind of name is Claygasm? And why are yew looking at mah crotch? Mah zipper is zipped!"

Bottle, you are cracking me up! These comments are sooooooo funny!!! :lol:

I'm baaack! I am dead tired. My roommates snored like freight trains! Plus, I have to drag myself to my office Christmas party in a few hours, so I will do my recap later. Suffice it to say despite the disappointment of no stubble and his wearing glasses, it was a great show. Great venue. The Williamsport Symphony was great. The venue was great. Clay was at his snarky, funny, smutty adorable best and oh yeah. The man can sing too! I wish now I had brought my camera. Despite being 18 rows back, I think I could have gotten some decent pictures.

Can't wait for Red Bank and am hoping he doesn't shave between now and then - and loses his glasses!

More later, gators!

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Here is my Williamsport recap.

Except not really, in that I won’t bother telling you about the performance and how funny he was and how he’s getting much more comfortable with being smutty (playing with wood, indeed!), and how wonderful his voice was. I am sure you have seen all the clack by now anyway.

Instead I want to tell you about the audience. I could tell there was something different about them when they started singing along with the orchestra on their last two songs. I just assumed most were Clay fans getting into the spirit. But when Clay did his poll of how many had never seen him before, I was shocked – and Clay appeared to be shocked too – how many raised their hands! I would estimate a good two thirds of the audience had never seen him before. But every time I looked around, they were laughing and smiling and their faces when he sang were filled with appreciation. I have been to many concerts, including the very special Wiles-Barre IT concert, and I don’t think I have ever seen such an appreciative audience. Maybe I feel that way because I know most were not Clay followers. They were truly an audience where the Not.Us types outnumbered the Us types.

And they loved him.

I was sitting next to two of them. We talked before the show. They were amazed that some had seen Clay more than once. They asked if I had and were shocked that I said yes – a lot. I filled them in on a few things like the internet community and the friendships formed as a result. They had seen Clay on AI2, and liked him, but hadn’t followed him since. They lived near Williamsport and came in to see things at the theatre occasionally. When they heard Clay would be appearing with the symphony they thought it would be fun to see him in person. I warned them he looked a lot different! :lol:

When Clay came on I leaned over and said, “He doesn’t usually wear the glasses and I bet it will be all over the internet in a matter of minutes”. As you probably heard, Clay made this exact comment a few moments later and they both turned to me and said “How did you know?” When he sang TFN, I heard them both saying over and over “Beautiful”. They laughed heartily at all his jokes – especially the Kelly Ripa ones! I guess that news even hit Podunkville, Pa! And, they were laughing their heads off at playing with wood! I would estimate these women were in their late 50’s or early 60’s, but they got it!

When the audience started clapping along with Sleigh Ride, they were enthusiastically joining in. I saw one of them wipe away a tear after Emmanuel. And their jaws dropped along with the rest of us when he dropped the mic down at the end of DSIAFCD. I heard one of them say “He doesn’t even need a mic to sound beautiful!” And they jumped to their feet to join in the long standing ovation that followed.

Clay took a long time to come back out after DSIAFCD, much longer than usual it seemed. When he dropped the mic down my initial reaction was that there was something wrong with it and that is why he was taking so long to come back out. I had to tell several people there was going to be an encore song (the two in front of me left anyway. Oh well, their loss!). When he finally came back out the crowd went wild, and some annoying people started yelling “I love you Clay” – old Clay fans I’m sure. :glare: I feared for a moment it would be like the screamers we heard all too often during ICMYLM during the JBT.

But as the music started, it became so quiet you could hear a pin drop, except for Clay’s beautiful voice. It was almost as if no one breathed during that song! Right before the final note, his voice wobbled a little bit and I thought “Oh no!” but then he took a huge breath and he hit that final note and the crowd jumped to its feet and roared their approval. There was not one person I could see who wasn’t standing and cheering. The women next to me kept shaking their heads in disbelief and were clapping wildly.

This audience, most of whom had never seen Clay except maybe three years ago on AI, were showing him as much love as those of us who had seen him multiple times and spend far too much of our lives watching his every move, hair style, clothing choice, etc. I asked the women next to me what they thought and they said it was the best show they had ever seen. They said they couldn’t believe how funny he was and his voice was so beautiful. They both emphatically said if he ever came back to Williamsport they would definitely come see him again – and they hoped he would. I mentioned he had a Christmas album called MCWL that they could probably find and if they had a Walmart near by if they were lucky they might find his EP with AIW on it (I can’t believe I was drumming up business for Walmart! :o ). I also mentioned ATDW. They said they would definitely look for MCWL and AIW.

Now, I doubt most of those Not.Us types in attendance that night will be turning their lives over to Clay and start spending far too much time on the message boards etc, but I can guarantee you that many of them will look for his albums and tune in when they see he’s on TV and will most definitely come back to see him in concert if they can. He won over tons of people that night. They really, really liked him and they got him. He earned their respect and their admiration.

And you know what? I think they earned Clay’s respect and admiration too. There was something about the way he looked at that audience when he found out how many had never seen him before and how much they appreciated him. You know how during the JBT he joked about the same 5000 people coming to all his shows? Well, I think that night in a little in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania town in the mountains he realized that wasn’t the case and he didn’t need Just.Us. to be appreciated.

One side note: I have watched the clack of just about every concert and I have never seen the orchestra as involved as this one was. The conductor was laughing and smiling the whole time. Many of the musicians, whose ages ranged from 15 to probably 60 or so, that I could see, were laughing during Clay’s stand-up act. They were really into this show and seemed to enjoy it as much as the audience did. And I would be willing to bet they left with nothing but good things to say about Clay.

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