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Aw, talking to a husband who came and is holding the cellphone for his wife, who was supposed to come and got sick.

How sweet!

"Ladies, prop those guys hands up"

Found a guy who dragged his lady to the show. "I feel so good about myself tonight!!!!" Hee.

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Talked to a guy who was cellcerting cos the person who bought the ticket was sick...but then it turns out it was the friend of his wife so people laughed at that

told the guys to raise up their hands and be proud no one will tell on them ...were in the military don;t ask dont tell.

then talked with a woman that palced her head on someone else and he said don;t do that you don;t know this guys its like putting your dandruff on him or soemthing...then the person won a contest then I lost what else

talked to another guy who dragged his wife to the show...it was their anniversary.

talking about people showing his underwear??? then people were screaming...and screaming...then he said he better start singing...

when he started singing ...he said...don;t be dirty..hee

His voice is very strong...much stronger and confident than last night. Its amazing that he can stay on key not hearing the orchestra...

"What - can you see my CROTCH?!! Oh, SOCKS!!" Stripey, apparently....

oh his socks...that makes more sense...

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From CB:

crowd goes nuts after WW

turning house lights up

1 gentlemen who is holding the cell phone calling him out we will not tell anybody you are here

man came in place of someone who is sick and is holding up his phone for her I think it is a friend of the guys wife who I think is also there

something funny don't know what ..

askeda man if he was dragged to the show and he said that he dragged her.

something in his high voice - said I am feeling so good about myself today.

lots of laughs high voice....don't know what is going on

something about putting her hand over the mouth of the person

someone said she won a contest and he says it sure wasn't for being the quietest..

Losts of laughs- can't hear..

asking a man in the front row holding a cell phone...... she bought a seat- she is sick- you came and sat in her seat and held the cellphone so she can listen...who is she...a friend of your wife??!!

ok this is a little more suspect...

all the guys in the house raise your hand....

go ahead you are ina military establishment don't ask, we won't tell..you are at a clay aiken show...

asking ...a couple.. the man dragged her/.. what's your story to the guy...

well thank you very much....

a woman just put a hand over her husband's mouth...

you just put your hand over your man;s mouth??!!!

lots of laughter and can't quite hear...

Now he 's cracking on the cellcert...

Now wants to see hands up from the gentlemen in the crowd..urges the ladies to hold the mens' hands up...

Chap sez he dragged the lady to the concert....Clay is astonished....

Next guy is there cuz it is his anniversary present!

Clay has them falling about with laughter....using his high country bumpkin voice.....hilarous...he's too funny.

Nexxt one won a contest....he's got a snark no matter what they say to him. He is never at a loss for the snark, and he goes for the laugh every time.....audience is ROFL.....

Someone asked if they could see his sox....striped I think she said....

they are just going crazy with his bannter.. your with him and you don't know this man.. what is your name..she put her hand over your mans mouth.. what are you going to do about that..you won a contest.. well I can tell you it sure wasn't for being the quietest..someone yelling from the back.. name address..its your anniversay also.. you whattttt..you want to see my sock.. surprised you dont want to see my underware.. he showed her his socks.. stripped..

started sining .. after Chestnuts. he said dont get dirty..


asked to show socks must have

started singing Chestnuts Roasting and said

DOn't get dirty now..

Were back...

Sleigh Ride...but the audience is cracking up...same with Clay...he must be doing soemthign funny while singing.

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Oh, so now he's messing up Sleigh Ride...and it sounds like a comedy act up there. What am I saying? It IS a comedy act up there...with some cool music.

Blaming it on the vertigo. Heh.

Can't wait for MDYK then...

Sleigh Ride has turned into a sing along!

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Women came dressed as medics. Ha Ha, only not so much.

Good Lord.

Word of the Day schtick now...except it seems the orchestra just gave him "The Pocket Manual of Musical Terms."

I love the orchestra.

"Mallencatzio?" -- don't know that one, and I do know music.

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From CB:

ust beautiful . now right into HYSAMLC...very soft and seductive..he has them right where he wants them. and can do anthing in the world he wants to right now to them.. and they know it..we know it.. he knows it.. his voice is great..sure can tell he is feeling much better..thru the years.. shinning starrrrrrrrrr on the hightesttttttttttt bowelllllllllllllllllllllllll.and have yourself a merry little christmas nighttttttttttttt.. wow just amazing..

Lala ... it seems that the dots tried to give him the dot ball, but that apparantly was when he said that he couldn't lean over.

Stormy reports that he sounds good, but voice a little thin as if his infection is still an issue - still good and strong, just a few more breaths..

great applause.. SR. laughter.. he is directing the band with the mic.. lots of clapping .. cheering ..lovely weather.. giddy up giddy up lets go....lots of awess...he did something.. he said blame it on me.. and laughed.. crowd laughing at him.. he cant remember the words. .making them up as he goes..

Voice sounds beautiful tonight. Beautiful on "bowwwwww" Audience loves it!

Pointing out the fugelhorn solo..hee! Here comes Sleigh Ride. Audience is cracking up already! He's directing the band with the microphone. Audience is clapping along and calling out "yoohoo!" Giddyap! Cracking up! I think he missed a line there! Blame it on something! Sounds faster tonight.....like he's trying to keep up. Audience is laughing. Pop, pop, pop....laughing~



playing with a fluglehorn... lots of clapping... Sleigh Ride...audience is doing the giddy ups

I think he is a bit..

can't hear....some banter fingers on forehead like he is concentrating really hard to do the giddy ups, but in a funny way.

Definitely in the funny mode.

Sounds so happy and bright.

Lots of youhoos from the audience.

keeps making remarks to the aud. during the song

forgot the words 3 x but laughing.

Crowd sounds ready for fun.


Clay seems to be having a great time with Sleigh Ride. People are singing along. What a hoot!!!

He sounds like he's laughing as much as singing! It's great to hear him sounding so happy. SR!

Lost the cellstream there for a few minutes but it came back ( CH problem with the Cellcerter's phone) .....now I'm hearing SR loud and clear.....and a bunch of peeps sang 'pop pop pop' for him...big laughs....tempo is nice and upbeat....fast....interjecting a couple of comments into the song....has them laughing and clapping.....boy they are having fun...now the whole audience is singing the chorus with him....sleigh ride together you...3 times...cheering at the end.....wowo.....too much fun.!

It's the singalong concert with snark!

he must really be putting on a show up there.. he screwed up again.. he is letting the audience sing it now. .lots of laughing.. he stopped singing. .he cant remember the words.. sliegh ride together with you.. boy is he glad thats over..

he is talking. you know I have sung this song before..thanking the crowd for singing for him..women came dressed like medic.. in case he need them. .he appreciates it but I dont need it..

I think someone from the orchestra gave him a gift...a handy dandy handbook to musical terms...

on word of the day...

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From CB:

picking on someone who has a strange outfit on...lots of laughing...talking to pink jacket in the front..

trying to stop a yeller ....willing to give her jacket to Jaime

Says he really is sick, so can't do something...kiss someone? discussing $150 ticket..wouldn't pay it to see himself

still talking to the ladies dressed like medics..giving them heck..how much did you pay for those tickets.. 150 dolllllarsss. I wouldn pay that to see myself..

Talking about messing up the words. Audience did a very good job with the sleigh ride and giddyapping... what are you wearing?! Women are dressed like medics! I appreciate the enthusiasm.

I've got the microphone and they can hear me. How are you? Talking to someone in the audience. How much did you pay for those tickets? $150..good lord! I wouldn't pay $150 to see myself! Where is your fiance? He's out drinking?

Talking about fancy I-talian words so that you can leave this show educated and you got your money's worth.

word of the day...

can't hear.. Stormy is laughing too hard

She is talking but who knows what she is saying...


the meaning...to play only with the mouth piece of the horn.

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The term, whatever it is, means to play with only the mouthpiece of the horn. Horn section demonstrating. Should sound like a bunch of kazoos.

Gosh, he sounds so very happy and giddy tonight.

They made up the word?!?!?!? HEEEEEEEEE!

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