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Red Banks, NJ... Count Basie Theatre


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Hey, couchie...nope, still in New York...

Alex and I bought a day pass for the Metro and hopped on and off buses all day in Manhattan. Spent most of the day in Greenwich Village and she got to walk around the NYU campus, having me take pictures of her in front of the performing arts buildings! We had lunch at a little Cuban restaurant, which she chose to 'honor our Cuban heritage' :lol: Now, Claygasm, Couchie and now KAndre have SEEN my daughter and I'd bet good money not one of them would guess Alex has any Cuban blood in her...her skin is almost porcelain white; she has blonde hair and pale blue/grey eyes. However, the fact of the matter is that she is indeed one-quarter Cubana!

Then we checked out another possible show tomorrow night (but this time an off-off Broadway show that we can better afford!)..then battled unreal crowds around Radio City Music Hall---I think there was some sort of Christmas show there because the police had to be at intersections to direct the waves of humanity wanting to cross streets at the same time that merciless cabbies wanted to get to Point B. :unsure:

We saw "Volver" tonight--the movie in Spanish (English subtitles) with Penelope Cruz...excellent! Now we're ensconced in our teeny, tiny, teeny room at the "Y", me typing away and her watching "Zoolander" on the fuzzy monitor of our room's tv. Oh great, now, while she's watching she's doing leg extensions---to tighten her tummy, she says.

She HAS no tummy! :glare:

So glad Clay is getting better. I love him.

ETA: It took me so long to write that long-assed post, I only saw that he didn't/couldn't do AIW tonight after hitting the 'submit' button... :(


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No All is Well tonight... I'm glad he knows he gives people their moneys worth without it and if he was starting to feel dizzy... he should just not do it.

Kandre on the cellcert... rwody crowd.... lol... he said he was going to ignore attention whores waving phones around (her words I'm sure) ... said he can't please everyone about the hair... when people were yelling stubble he said he's going to shave...

KAndre said he was struggling at the end... and he made a beeline off that stage after DSIAFCD...just don't think he could have done it tonight...

she just did a shout out to FCA...introduced Claygasm from FCA... yay...

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Solo is back...thinks he's feeling better, just not 100%..got dizzy with all the walking around ..he stumbled a bit during DSIAFCD..

I guess somebody tried to tell Clay who Jemock was....I guess she has more blog posts than anyone but him at the OFC..I think that's what Solo said..... and he said Jemock? What's a Jemock.

JEsse's family was here tonight..his mom and sister.

Gave Mary her pink jacket...he started talking about the pink ladies... he asked one to stand up..they all stood up and he said..I didn't tell ya'll all to stand up. Now he's promising pink jackets to perfect strangers.

Heee..evidently the pink ladies gave Jamie her jacket last night..but spelled her name JAIME...

so when she came out with the word of the day placard Clay said...

That's not EYETalian, that's espanol

Usher had never seen Clay before but thought he was amazing and loved him with all of his ladies...

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Clay messed with Jesse's family..made them stand.. sit.. Kandre said she's a southern flower and can't stand the frost.

there will be clack..there was a crackdown... did not take cameras....just said stop

Clay just got on the bus..

Butterflyshine called back:

Clay just came out with Jamie holding him up. He had his hand on the bus along the way to the door. Jerome pushed his elbow up to help Clay get up the steps of the bus. BFS said he looked nauseous. He was smiling at the fans. She wanted us to be sure to know that he was not at death's door, just pretty nauseous and has a bad ear infection and dizzy.

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Just got back from the concert.

There were a lot of flashes - which I think is very bad considering that almost everyone there was an experienced fan. I mean this place almost sold out the first day and when Clay asked how many people have been to this Christmas concert already - almost every one raised there hand.

The good stuff - -

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH we had such good seats were - such goooood seats. We were off to the side, but were second row but really first row - there was just one person in front of me, nothing in front of Sandy. and Clay liked to come and sing to our side. He just found us less than communicative. I guess we did not answer right away, so he just asked a row up from us. I don't think we will ever have such gooood seats again. Pure dumb luck and a ticket seller that liked me because of my weird phone connection story (beach, bad reception, frequently disconnected, standing in traffic trying to get good connection, etc.).

Clay said early on that he had a head ache and that the lights were bothering him, but he just powered through the show. Since we were at the side, we could see when he turned from the audience, he looked down, but he always put a smile on before turning back. I guess the people that kept taking flashes did not get the message. When they turned off that spotlight, they really turned it off, in that you could not really see Clay well at all, it was brighter in the audience than on the stage.

Anyway, he was in good form tonight In the beginning his voice was strong, but it seemed to suffer only on DSIAFCD. Clay singing at 75% is still 100 times better than anyone else singing at 150%. e did some beautiful versions, even had the audience sing some words when he "forgot" them in winter wonderland.

Jesse refused to state his home town - guess he did not want fans pulling up his grass. When Jamie came out with her jacket her name was spelled Jaime and Clay kept saying it spelt hymie - I guess he was trying to give it a Spanish twist, muchachas.

More in a minute

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He looked great - he started to hold on to the stool at Emanuel and increase as time went on.

I think I am to tired to think straight,

I know that one time he said he wanted peopel to take home something fromthe show and some woman yelled out I want you. That pretty much made him swithc his speil to take home some learning.

After he said that men should be happy to be at the concert because that meant they would be very happy when they got home - he had to back track a little nd said that sometimes things leave his mouth that have never passed though his brain.

I think this was a more subdued show with more enthused fans.

Might as well add to this - at one point when he was doing the how many fans - he was a little stunned at the fact that the majority of attendees have been to another of this concert series - he said to Jesse that it is that same people coming to all the shows making him feel like he is popular - then onto the fact that after the show all these people are packed in the back of a truck and shipped to the next show.

No Ripa remark tonight, I think he probably felt he played it enough last night.

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