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Grand Rapids, MI ... DEVOS HALL


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Preshow from CV: Beautiful venue, looks full (seats 2.400), getting ready to start the symphony part. There's not a ton of room for Clay on the stage in front of the orchestra. Doesn't seem to be an issue with phones or cameras. A good number of guys in the audience.

The symphony section is starting at 7:30 sharp.

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Show starts at 7.30 pm...

Clay comes on at 8:30 pm

board reports start getting posted at 7:00

please post if you are going to this concert so we can start a FCA representing list.

How come I didn't get any notifications today about the Grand Rapids concert tonite?

I had tickets to go but can't make it so I'm particularly interested about the show tonight,

anything and all things about Clay. Thanks

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The conductor is sucking up to the fans: "I am not Clay. I look like Clay (giggles from the audience, so I assume he doesn't), I'm almost as adorable as Clay, but I don't have the same accent." He's acknowledging who the audience is really there to see - smart move.

ETA: This is tonight's conductor. Hee. Not particularly Clay-like in appearance.

While I'm on the orchestra's website, here's tonight's program. This is one of the shows where Clay was booked after LeAnn Rimes cancelled.

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CV is clear, CH is sucky, so I guess I know what I will listen to.

Jacket, no glasses, stubble? maybe. The certer voice was suddenly loud, it scared me.

Sheesh we must be listening to different things - the CV is clear a a bell to me.

From CB: bronzy tie, long beautiful thick hair ......looks better...sounds great!!!No glasses, jacket, stubble!

The sound is muffled when he is speaking now.

From CB: talking about having Christmas shopping done

ETA: who has theirs done? he does not

OK, Jacket off

Talking about school and teacher and MCWL

you know, unless someone else posts, it just keeps adding my stuff to the bottom of mylast post

Winter wonderland

He is turning up the lights

He is recognizing the people in the "nosebleeds"

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Ack, CV crashed, Am trying to get it back., It was pretty clear.

From CB:

Saying folks look Christmassy

Who's done shopping?

Complimenting orchestra.

Talking about the various words to get in the Christmas songs.

Not sure but he may be telling the Bridget story.

Something is bringing yells!

WW, he sounds good singing even we can't hear him talking. Introducing Jesse Vargas.

He was asking how many concerts people went to and talking to man in front row - just before the Christmas song. The Chrismas song - got the CV stream back, not as clear.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Flugle horn was great!


From CB :Clay is trying to direct the orchestra... SR audience clapping along.Clay was standing behind Jesse and conducting!.

Turned up lights again

He wants people to know they got their money's worth - so the word of the evening - tonight a big eyetalian word. Lacotto?

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When he called on a guy, he asked himhis name - then asked if it was his real name or a fake name

Wants to know if he is geting help

Now asking people on the second level = someone's name caused hoots - asked if they learned it in school

In the style of a mush - NO! says Clay

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This would have been my concert...hee...oh well I'll probably be kicking myself tomorrow when I get my bonus and realize I could have gone.

Hee now I don;t know whether to hope you get a big one or not... :D

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Ah, asking a woman who plays in a band - maybe.

She answers and CLay goes Oooh - A long.....? She is wrong - asks the next person Margaret and she is right.

From CB

Guy who stood up for Word of the Nite was a TV producer
- their example sounded like a scale - now with the word a flat scale.

From CB - Margaret read from the dictionary - heh


Marked, accented, emphatic, stressed.

Cellcerter is a man, he did come with his wife - Clay wants to know where she is.

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Accused man in front row with cellphone of stealing his concert - yadda , yadda

What ever he is saying has them rolling in the aisles

From CB

Asking people how much people paid for tickets. Talked to someone who said they are getting more than their money's worth up in the front row.

Asking Elmer what his favorite Christmas song is - Don't know what Elmer said, but Clay responded, "how about another song?"

Lost CV again. And we are back - Mary do you know.

From CB

said that he asked a guy what his favorite song was on the Christmas CD & he said Silent Night. Clay is singing MDYK instead

Hark the Herald Angels sing - People laughing????

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According to CH - He's talking to Can'tDecidette - don't know when he talked to her, but talk to her he did.

from CB

Something just happened during the first couple of lines of HTHAS. . . . .caller said something just fell on the stage. . . .people then started laughing.

Beautiful OCAYF Nice applause

Clay: at least it didn't hit anybody

Startingthe keep the hands up if you have been before

Clay - Oh a guy has been before!

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