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Grand Rapids, MI ... DEVOS HALL


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He is auctioning something...someone is bidding at 70...and he is talking to Ficus...

maybe he was asking the number of concerts...it sure sounded like an auction...I guess we will find out later.

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From CB

Talking. . . . . taking a show of hands for how many times people have been to concerts. . . . .more than 20? Some people have been to over 50 concerts. . . .

One lady has been to concerts over 80 times. Asking if she is going to any more concerts. Jacksonville?

Brett turns 21 today and is in Iraq.

Singing MGUCL for his brother Brett - where ever he is in Iraq. .

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Nice applause for MGUCL

Talking about classic Christmas songs - Joy to the world, etc.

Talking about the darker sounding OCOCE - you know this Schtik, so I will stop.

Hmm I have been to

1 AI

2 IT




3 JNT05

3 JNT06


19 total

2 GMA concerts as well

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Hey! Ansa - I already posted that - keep up!

Hee...sorry....I am just dying of coughing fits here...so I am not paying attention too well...

just don;t mind me... :D

Sniff...a grand total of 1 live concert...

but have been to almost every cellcert since it started...I only missed it when I'm out of town.

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Sounds like a standing o for Emanuel.

Now he is talking about a big symphonic boom.

April 27 Pink Floyd - something something Lots of laughter

Ah - talking about the symphony - you can get a schedule in the lobby with a nice picture of him!

3 years - thanks for voting for him. something something would have won.

Starting the foundation talks

From CB:

Talking about how good the orchestra is and when their next show is in April. Some lady is now talking about their concert season - this concert is number 2 of 5.

Clay is talking about how wonderful it is that this orchestra does more than just classical music.

From the CH, seems earlier he was talking to Fiscus


"How many concerts, don't be ashamed of it --- you're the one following me around the country!"

Too bad there was no plants near her.

Wow, he is really changing up DSIAFCD = great!

From CB

This orchestra has been nominated for a grammy??

Talking about his wonderful experience of the last three years. Speaking about the BAF --- helping children with disabilities get the opportunity to do things they don't normally get to do.

Also speaking about UNICEF --- Going to Indonesia and Uganda.. . .offices around the world. . . . wherever there is a need for women and children - they are the first there.

Encouraging people to support thousands of organizations that might need our help. . . . .

Wow, love this version, best yet!

He says Merry Christmas and leaves the stage. to wild cheers

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And he is back

Hmm from the CH - GBB

sunnydays just said "This is going to be interesting."

probably because

Crossed fingers, cracked his knuckles and rolled his shoulders

BWAH - the "auction" was him raising the numbers of how many concerts people had been to - they were dropping out. Hee.

IN Sleighride - one guy on the first row was overly giddyaping with his hands.

Clay talked to the OFC cellcerter when talking about stealing the concert.

TV producer from Bay City.

binaocular person was in the first row

Lots of cameras - not too bad with the flashes

So Clay was a bit obsessed with then being Grammy nominated and he made jokes about how he was not.

Him, so Fiscus won the most attending - I guess Dolly wasn't there then-

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Clay was struggling...he said he has a frog in his throat and never really

Jesse didn;t think he was coming out...so when Clay came out he mouthed...jingle bells...

he changed up HTHAS...and jesse was laughing and CLay said he was laughing cos Jesse was teasing him that he sings every song the same...and CLay said he changed that up cos he ahd a frog on his throat.

Clay took a bit of time to come out...and came in from the other side so peoeplw ere a bit taken aback...

he came out with his fingers crossed and he grabbed the mic and said let us pray...

there are a lot of men in the audience and they may be yelling

banter from Elmer....

started front row of how much did you pay for your ticket...

someone paid 70 and someone then said I hope you pain more than that cos they paid 80 and he is in the balcony...so Clay said maybe he should jsut switch their seats...

He also talked about how many times he went... and when Clay said he was dedicating the song to Brett elmer said tell him thank you...and Clay got verklempt. He also said with a name like Elmer he shoudln't wear all white.

Clay took off his jacket early on....he was cracking on a person who was taking pictures...then he turned around and kinda paused and took his jacket off.

the orchestra was grammy nominated so all through the night he kept mentioning that he didn;t get a grammy nomination.

When he talked to can;t decidette...it was for word of the day...she didn;t know what it was then he said he will give her credit anyway cos she is so cute.

Elmer said he saw clay with Kelly in tampa...and Clay said oh thats the other Kelly , the one that won a grammy.

when he talked to the binocular woman he turns around and check his zipper and he said that was ok and his nose is clean so what was they looking at

very heavy stubble...the hair is same length but seems like new highlights.

Everytime he came to peopel who was a first timer he would go...ooo fresh meat.

a mic popped during HTHAS...and he glanced sideways with a funny look on his face and they laughed and he gave them an evil look

he called on a guy and asked what he did and he is a TV producer do you do music specials and he said..no...and he asked do you have a job for me...and he didn;t really answer.

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he said peopel would go to the pink floyed concert stoned and the orchestra would play a pink flotd song backward and add stuff from Wizard of Oz...so I have heard.

there was a orchestra pit...and he said finally they have the moat that he requested...and then when he had said he had a frog on his throat...he said that was what the moat was for so he can spit that frog into that.

he talked to a guy that played the French horn and all the French horn people stand up...and when he talked to Haley that plays viola...and the violin sectin stood up...

the boxes looked like hollywood squares...

oh no...there ushers going after people taking videos.

when he talked to the woman with the cellphone she said she was cellcerting the OFC...then Clay said is that when you let your friend steal the show...then the ushers became more vigilant.

he conducted during one of the song.

the conducter said he was jsut like Clay but not so cute...and he does not have a bodyguard either. The conductors have been very welcoming to Clay.

There was huge applause for Brett and his birthday and being in Iraq...and he sang right into MGUCL and he seemed more quiet and more nuanced and more emotional.

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Never mind - according to Pax there is no bus - hee = They are just lining people up?

I guess it is too much trouble to drive from detroit to Jacksonville - Guess they will fly there and then fly home - how nice for Clay to sleep in his be again so soon.

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Marsha...notification from whom?

Whoo hoo... Looking forward to the show tonight.

So sorry I haven't gotten the hang of this yet. Had tickets to go tonite but couldn't make it.

Very anxious to hear all the news.

My apologises. I usually get an email announcement from Bottlecap or Ansamcw about concert

notification. Please excuse my stupidity.

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Oh I get it. Marsha I think your controls are set up to alert you any time there is a new thread started. At first Ansa was setting up each thread right before the concert so you got the email just in time for each show. However, I do believe one day she just set up all the concert threads so the announcements have all gone out and there won't be any more emails coming regarding the concert threads. Just know that somebody will be around during every show. There are just a few left.

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The Grand Rapids Press

Energetic Aiken has right touch for holiday show

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

By Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk

The Grand Rapids Press

Claymates everywhere slept easy Tuesday night.

Diehard fans of Clay Aiken go online each night their "American Idol" favorite has a concert to listen to that evening's pirated, cell-phone recording. They need to know if their guy hit the high note of his encore, "All Is Well."

He did.

Those, of course, are only the midlevel fans.

The most serious of West Michigan's Claymates, of course, didn't have to check the Internet about their boy's debut in DeVos Performance Hall. They were there, taking in his show with the Grand Rapids Symphony.

A sellout audience -- mostly female, plenty taking improper flash photos and/or making illegal cell-phone recordings -- filled the 2,446-seat hall for "A Clay Aiken Christmas."

Aiken was a hoot and a holler, full of Southern charm, telling stories, cracking jokes, bantering with the audience.

He also sings rather well.

But beyond the songs, it's the whole package -- the easy grin, the down-home demeanor, the good ol' boy charm -- that made the former special-education teacher from North Carolina the kind of celebrity who makes headlines just by clapping his hand over Kelly Ripa's mouth.

The 28-year-old singer, who referred to himself as the "Scandal King," did not disavow that action.

"It needed to be done," he told the cheering audience. "And I'd do it again. Hopefully with less publicity."

Dressed in black suit and shirt with a chocolate brown tie and cowboy boots, Aiken sang 13 songs in 81 minutes on stage with the Grand Rapids Symphony, led by his pianist and musical director, Jesse Vargas.

Soft and soulful versions of Christmas hymns such as "The First Noel," "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" and "O Come, All Ye Faithful" fell easily from his tenor voice.

His buoyant delivery also worked well with such breezy tunes as "Winter Wonderland" and "Sleigh Ride."

But Aiken was at his best with intimate melodies such as "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and "The Christmas Song," singing the latter with a Nat "King" Cole flair.

One of his finest of the night was "Mary, Did You Know?" which Aiken sang with an earnest appeal.

What was especially touching about "My Grown Up Christmas List" was that Aiken said he was singing it for his younger brother, who turned 21 on Tuesday and is a Marine serving in Iraq.

The Grand Rapids Symphony opened the concert, part of its SymphonicBoom Series, with 30 minutes' worth of holiday music, a couple of medleys as well as variations on "Little Drummer Boy."

Some were recycled from the Holiday Pops earlier this month and played better.

Associate conductor John Varineau shrewdly picked several medleys and arrangements -- a cinematic version of "Sing We Now of Christmas" and a whimsical variation of "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" -- all with a bit of glitter, a little snap and plenty of solos all around to show off the orchestra. It's always smart to dress up when you have company over.

Aiken, in turn, was the gracious guest, full of praise for the orchestra. His several plugs of the evening included a couple of mentions of the Grand Rapids Symphony's recent Grammy Award nomination for its recording "Invention & Alchemy," with harpist Deborah Henson-Conant.

"Cause I've never had one of those nominations," he said with a pretend pout. "I feel really bad."

Nor did he win "American Idol," but that hasn't stopped Aiken from becoming a star in the world of entertainment.

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From CB:

Clay was talking about how nice the venue was. He was fascinated by the walls changing colors. He pointed up to the people on the sides and said that they looked like a game panel.. something like Hollywood Squares. Then, when Margaret answered the world of the day correctly, he was like X gets the square! It was so cute.

We were laughing during Sleigh Ride because Clay was doing hand movements during the "giddy up giddy up" part and made the lady in the front row do what he was doing

We laughed at the beginning of AIW because he stretched and cracked his knuckles. You'll see it in the video that I post

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