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Matt Damon

Quite a few alerts, most pertaining to his appearance at the New York Critics Circle Awards. A sampling:

NY Times blog: "Damon drinks beer, pays cash, tips well"

Mr. Damon was there, too, nursing a beer. The Baguette asked if he paid for it himself? “Yeah I did. I paid for it,” he said. “Seven dollars. Actually I gave her a $20 because my wife is a bartender. People don’t normally tip at these things.”

Roger Friedman, Fox News:

Throughout all of this evening, which took place sans dinner at the ironically named Supper Club, Matt Damon worked the room without a publicist.

"Did you come alone?" I asked the always cheerful and still not corrupted star of "The Departed and "The Good Shepherd."

"Well, my wife was going to come but she wasn’t feeling well," he replied.

I had meant, where is the publicist? But Damon persevered, and every actor should take a cue from him. He managed to have conversations with filmmakers and press people without any trouble. It was almost, uh, normal.

Many stories are about complimentary things he said at the party about Affleck, DeNiro, Robin Williams and Jack Nicholson. (Ex. "Matt Damon thanks Robin Williams for Saving Private Ryan role " or "Damon: 'De Niro made me a much better actor'")

There's an article about his former assistant in the Boston Globe:

"He's great," says Trinette Faint , the Cambridge-bred actor's personal assistant between '99 and '02. "Matt's very easy going. I was lucky because I didn't work for someone who was a tyrant or crazy."

Going back further, there's a Gawker sighting:

Ed Norton & Matt Damon (808 Lexington Ave Jan 1st, 2007 @ 10pm) Here's my first sighting of 2007: Ed Norton, Matt Damon, and a girlfriend picking up food from Fig & Olive Uptown around 10:30 tonight. Laughing, looking very happy. Eddie paid like a good boy.
and details of his New Year's Eve Party in the Miami Herald:

In case you were wondering who, if anyone, rented out The Fifth's $10,000 Penthouse A on New Year's Eve, it was none other than Matt Damon. The A-lister had an entourage and hung out all night up there in their lofty confines before hitting the main floor to pose for pix with Mickey Rourke.

Tyra Banks

Not too much on this front. Articles are basically about:

1. The fact that she's going to be a speaker at the University of Arkansas School of Public Service.

2. Her inclusion in Television Week's Most Bankable Stars in Syndication issue.

3. Her upcoming Vanity Fair cover in which she's hailed as the next Oprah.

4. Mention that she ate at a Hollywood restaurant named Ortolon.

5. Peripheral references to her shows, either in terms of schedule, ratings, America's Top Model winner CariDee, or her fat suit episode of the Tyra Banks Show (as it relates to the Lifetime movie, "To Be Fat Like Me.")

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OK, my boy Pierce came late yesterday:

4 news alerts: 3 about his next movie, Seraphim Falls. 1 about the fact he lives in Malibu, which burnt. Not that his house burnt. He just lives there.

5 blog alerts: 1 throw away line from an dude about a mockumentary that he didn't apparently realize was a mockumentary; 1 hot guy meme (big shock); 1 Bond geek talking about an "ultimate Bond movie collection" (Vol. 4); 1 about the new Bond; 1 Which Bond are You test - I of course took the test. And retook it until I became Pierce.

Today on Pierce:

4 news alerts: They are all about the fact he lives in Malibu, which burnt. Not that his house burnt. He just lives there.

5 blog alerts: 2 about the burnt stuff. 1 review of the Matador. 1 blog about movie props. 1 about a Bond girl.


9 news alerts: 4 about his movie (positive reviews for him); 1 about some contest where somebody gets to perform with JT at the Grammies; 1 Scarlett says she wasn't a diva on JT's video shoot; 1 about him dating people; 1 about his tour.

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Okay I am going to pick Paula Abdul, just because of the "weird" and "intoxication" factors, which should be worth a lot now that AI is starting back up.

An I am going to say, Hugh Laurie because of House. Just love that show and the fact that he makes a great "american" with him being extremely british and all.


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another boring day...the most significant news about him...he will be in blender magazine talking about the fact that he is a clean freak and he liks to crack his knuckles, his neck. everything that can be cracked.

he is still in the top of some classical chart

some tour announcements


she is one of the people rumored to be in the running for the wonder woman role...

and just some blog person who wrote about her Cd coming out and this generated 3 alerts...sigh

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More DAUGHTRY!! alerts....

One from MTV where apparently he announced his tour dates. I just get a kick out them insisting its a band! :lol: Anyway, I find it interesting that the tour dates are coming out in dribs and drabs. Sound familiar??

Daughtry, the band led by "American Idol" finalist Chris Daughtry, have begun eking out dates for their upcoming tour. The rockers get the party started January 28 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, then hit Los Angeles and San Francisco soon after that. They will be on the road through April, at least. ...

Then there was an article about where last year's top 4 Idols are now. Where they are now? Its only been a few months! Its kind of sad we have to be told where they are now, isn't it? But if you're interested, here's the article: http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publi...272610880.shtml

That's about it!

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Yes, My google alerts finally started - I had to change them to separate news and blog alerts - the comprehensive did not work.

John Mayer - 2 news alerts - I guess he is just interesting as an escort ot jessica Simpson, who is really the topic of conversation.

Some interesting blogs

1) Very interesting - he appeared at MacWorld and they have his 2 songs available for download. 3 others commenting on the appearance

2) some joke on the comedy channel about him being a stand up comic

3) some one commenting that he is boring

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another boring day...the most significant news about him...he will be in blender magazine talking about the fact that he is a clean freak and he liks to crack his knuckles, his neck. everything that can be cracked.

I know..how boring is that..now if it was about a certain someone who like to stack their milk bottles carefully, and can turn his feet around backwards, then we'd have something interesting... :lol:

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I know..how boring is that..now if it was about a certain someone who like to stack their milk bottles carefully, and can turn his feet around backwards, then we'd have something interesting... :lol:


Harrison Ford news -- he reportedly turned down a boatload of money from George Lucas to reprise the role of Han Solo. Now, if we use the Clay Aiken/Clive Davis form of logic here, I'm guessing that Calista Flockhart pressured him to not take the money. :P Anyway, 5 different blog alerts and one news alert on this story.

Bono -- two news stories. One was a mention of them in a story of the company that makes their concert tshirts. The other was a story about Thomas Nelson Publishing, a Christian publishing company, and the celebrity books they are releasing this year. They are releasing a small book of a speech Bono gave at the National Prayer Breakfast last year in Washington, DC.

Two questions: 1) Isn't Thomas Nelson the company that also released LTS for Christian bookstores? 2) Can you imagine the ruckus in the fandom if Clay had given a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast?

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John Mayer


2 alerts - one performed at Mac World and the other that Continuum toped Musicbox reader's favorites.

Blogs Simpson, MacWorld,etc.

Then there was "John Mayer's Continuum Tops Musicbox-Online.com's List of Readers' Favorites During 4th Quarter 2006" This was newswire today!.com

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Today on Paula Abdul:

"Fellow jurist Paula Abdul calls the show a 'cultural phenomenon': 'I get a kick out of the fact that there's not a day, not an hour, that goes by without someone talking about it, asking about it,' she told The Associated Press."

"I don't see anything that tells me that it's about to fall off the air,' she said. 'We won't be there for quite some time."

and this can you imagine

Paula Abdul steps up to 'Bratz' team:

Paula Abdul has signed on for Bratz: The Movie, a feature from Lionsgate based on the popular line of Bratz fashion dolls. Abdul, who returns to Fox's American Idol on Tuesday, will portray a major character in the live-action film and serve as executive producer. She also will be involved in its music, choreography and fashion. Bratz: The Movie will be directed by Sean McNamara (Raise Your Voice and That's So Raven) and is scheduled to open in August.

and the Blackwell list

Mariah Carey and American Idol’s Paula Abdul also showed their names on the list. "Mariah the fashion pariah ... the queen of catastrophic kitsch," and American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, as "a fallen fashion idol,” stated the one time actor, but the now fashionista.

on Simon

"According to TMZ.com, in Wednesday’s New York Post Paula admits when allegations surfaced she’d had an inappropriate affair with Corey Clark during the sophomore season of “A.I.,” it was Judge Dread who ultimately stepped up for her.

“He was extremely distraught and protective and supportive of me when that happened," she said. "There's the times when he's like a big brother – or a lover."

Of course, as "Idol" watchers know well, Paula also admitted that working with Cowell isn’t always easy: "When he's just annoyed, I get the brunt of it."

Waving to Ansa,

Where is everyone???

Going to check the main page.

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Ok, its Kelly Clarkson time!

First, she will be guest starring in an episode of the CW's "Reba" playing a TV intern named Kelly and Barbara Jean, who is a weather girl at the station, thinks the station management brought "Kelly" in to replace her. Then at the end of the show three of the characters perform a spoof of the Idol judges!

Sounds like must see TV - only not. Not when I can be watching the season premiere of "24"! Otherwise I would be curious to see her. Never seen that show, though.

Then there is more about that punk bassist working on her new album and more about that Brit winner of "The X-Factor" singing "A Moment Like This" and how its still on the top of the British pop charts.

Then there are a couple of blog entires about Kelly's new hair style, which are not complimentary. To see a picture you can go here.

Then there are a couple of blog entires with a very unflattering picture of her without make-up! Here is one. Looks like she had the same colorist as Clay did for AI5! :lol:

Now for today's news of DAUGHTRY!!!!. There were a couple of notes about them/him re-entering the top 10 at #3 - behind the Dreamgirls soundtrack, which had the weakest #1 sales in the Soundscan era with just 66,000 sold. Didn't say what DAUGHTRY!!!! sold.

Then there was an ad for The House of Blues in Anaheim where DAUGHTRY!!!! is playing Jan. 28th. I don't know if you all can afford the tickets. They're going for a whopping $20!!! :P

And that's today's news!

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Not much in the Harrison Ford/Bono/Alicia Keyes world today. Mostly just random mentions.

But this joke about Bono came through twice:

"At a U2 concert in Dublin, Bono asks the audience for some quiet. Then in the silence, he starts to slowly clap his hands. Holding the audience in total silence, he says into the microphone: 'Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.' A voice from the crowd pierces the silence: '[Expletive] stop doing it then!'"
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But better looking hideous than what I discovered when I googled Fantasia. Mixed in with a fabulous concert review, many AI mentions due to the show's impending premier, is an unfortunate picture which can be found here...

Unfortunately the picture seems to be getting around because on a hip hop website they have now dubbed her Sweaty Kat Trap.

OMG< how embarassing is that for her. And you really are just a sitting duck when you become a celebrity. You are simply exposed.

ETA: She is supposedly dating or getting to know some rapper named Baby Boy. Have absolutely no idea who that is. Oh and she is touring with Tyrese..whoever that is. LOL.

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KAt Report...

A really great article about her that sounds pretty much like a press release.

an old news about her eating disorder

and follow up to a bad reveiw.

Josh report...

nothing really substantial...just mentioned in passing in people's blog.

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Kate Walsh -- attending People's Choice awards.. I guess GA won something. Also guess she's speaking up for being sexually responsible and planned parenthood

Jennifer Hudson - the love fest continues...wash, rinse, repeat -- she won the best supporting actress at NY Film Critics Awards - lots of blogs and articles

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The clyan is over. Long live the SEACRESTERSON?

Although the "is he gay" stuff doesn't overwhelm Cooper's coverage thus far...and I'm talking 4 days... (I have two more days of alerts I haven't read yet) there is a constant drip drip drip.

More talk about his new investigaive series. Many insignificant mentions.

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Wow, it's stretching it to call that flirting. I'll be interested to see if any of this gossip is perceived as hurting Cooper's career over time. It hasn't seemed so to me up until now. If anything, he's seemed to me to have received support beyond what he might possibly deserve (although he's certainly good, but I still miss Aaron Brown sometimes). I wonder if the "gay mafia" will take him on and make up stories about him and/or try to out him, or does having the backing of CNN protect him from this?

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4 news articles on Harrison Ford today. One a passing mention from an interview with Ewan MacGreggor ("I made more money on one Star Wars film than Harrison and Mark Hamill did combined on the first film"). Also, Chicago magazine is doing a feature on what Chicago-area celebrities looked like in high school, and HF's picture will be involved.

5 blog articles for Bono and the boys, one a quite comprehensive history of him and the group. The others were passing mentions.

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