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American Idol 6


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Well it starts again...another batch of singers... another season of looking for someone to cheer for.

Paula is already embarrasing herself and Randy and Simon are being predictable tools in their interviews.

This is the place to chat during the telecast or just discuss the show in general...

let the snark begin!!!!

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I'm watching AI Chat and Roseanne Tovares bugs me with her "Is it a mullet or a bowl cut?" comment about Clay after his interview. She's entitled to hate his hair, but I mean, there are hundreds of pop singers out there with the exact same cut (i.e. Jesse McCartney, James Blount, etc) . Does this make me a pod person for not liking her all that much? :badpc:

Too bad it was an old interview. Did like the added segment with him appreciating the fans for the UNICEF donation.

They need to show some of KarenEh's or skrpkyms' gorgeous shots of him! I wish the world could see the fabulous clack by the fans.

Wonder if Jennifer Hudson will get props this week on the show.

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You're only a pod person if you can managed to prove that Roseanne Tovares caused the LACK OF STOCK AT EVERY WAL-MART ACROSS THE NATION IN ORDER TO SUCK UP TO THE EVIL ONE CLIVE!

Otherwise, nah.

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My third boyfriend - Prince!

Yeah, like Prince talks to Randy.

I could not name one song Jewel has done. Not one.

It's a Glamour Shots girl! I like Glamour Shots.

I don't like Glamour Shots girl. Blech.

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What razor commercial? I couldn't name a razor commercial song either!

Well, this would be depressing so far if I had any sympathy for the girl - man, they are letting this go on way too long and I am bored.

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WOW girl that was just baaaaaad.....

oh I loved that montage beginning montage opening up with Claya s one of their succeses...but where was Taylor...they mentioned Kat and Chris...but nothing on him except when they announced him as winner...



she wasn;t really that interesting...

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It has been truly horrible so far.... How long until they show someone who can actually sing and isn't, you know, crazy?

Oh my - the obligatory "flamboyant" brotha...Isn't there at least one each season?

And the Minnesota version of Kellie "Hard Luck" Pickler.

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An Apollo-Creed person singing an aria? Well, he does sing better than the previous ones (which is saying very, very little).

And, dear me, the "judges" are hypocritical - they know perfectly well why such people get through...

Ooooh, a Jennifer wannabe with a sad back story. She's not bad. But just not particularly good.

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