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American Idol 6


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you know when they don;t stop them singing...its just cruel...cruel...

ok...this girl looks cute...lets see what she can do.

goat girl and nasal girl..but good attitude and presentation...

gah she does sound like shakira...

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Dull cowboy guy.... zzzzzzzzzzz

JennaZ - the first hour is almost over here, and I haven't seen anything worth watching when it comes on the West Coast. The two people who have gone through so far won't be in the finals, and the bad people have just been pathetic, not funny.

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Dang, that's one of the oldest looking 27 year olds I've seen. Still looks younger than that Taylor "I'm Spaz-tacular" Hicks....

He's OK. Not great, not really interesting. I wouldn't be hurt if I never heard him again.

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Whenever I see these obviously bad people coming in...I get so pissed off to think they probably let go a ton of good singers to get these losers in front of the judges...

what a waste of time.

ok..will he sing In the Navy????

Not really very good...at least Jewel called him on the pitchiness.

another Josh Gracin?

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I think there's something in the water in Minnesota.

Like the producers didn't tell the girl doing the Wizard of Oz girl to sing that.

Green shirt guy is just kweepy - feel your heart close to mine - because I've cut it out of your chest and I have it in a jar.

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Finally a back story I halfway like.

A supportive boss! Cool!

And Simon is an ass - what a shock.

And Paula is enjoying that "Coke" way too much.

Unfortunate song choice. Not good.

Fever was much better - as I said unfortunate song choice.

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Hell, I agree with Simon most of the time - and frankly a lot of times he's the most honest of all - but he gets too schticky - the manboobs are annoying - and he needs to work on his originality. I liked him much better in season 1.

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