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American Idol 6


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Well, at least we have almost a week to recover from that!

Another promo for the Taylor piece on my local news. He's going to do something that will set him apart from the rest of the Idol pack.

Oh goody!

Oh I really want to know keep us posted.

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Ok, I know no one is here, but wow. Does Simon hate Taylor or what!

After a great bluesy audition by Sundance Head, he says "That blew Taylor out of the water" or something like that!

Last week the gum on Taylor's picture. This week this.

And by the way - Simon is right. Sundance was 10 times better than Taylor and without all the schtick.

ETA: Ansa! I'm not alone!

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Well, they only have an hour tonight, so they have to move it along.

I get the feeling that Taylor will be the designated whipping boy this year, based on Simon saying something nasty about him in each of the audition shows so far. I'm not too worried about there being any Clay digs.

Hated Sundance's goatee - it was icky. He did sound good though.

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