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Desperate Housewives


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This is another show I watch faithfully. I don't think my husband has ever moved as fast as he does when this show comes on. LOL He loves Terry Hatcher and all the girls.

I don't see a thread for Lost or Boston Legal. MY two favorite shows. In that order.

I thought we had Lost...

IF I start it...would y'all post???

YEah I miss DH...

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The season finale of DH was just ok to me... Lots going on but it just didn't feel like a finale and I won't be holding my breath all summer wondering about anything.

Lynette and her mother are intersting. I really love Lynette's husband although he can be such a goober. He's got great comic timing. Love the scene where LYnette asked if forgiving her mother was the penance she'd have to pay for her little "thing" and he waited a beat..said yep and turned out the lights. Cracked me up.

Oh how I have I missed Bree and that entire whacky family. So the daughter is pregnant - and she's pretending to be pregnant so she can raise her daughter's baby as her own. OK..sounds like something from the old old days. I actually have a cousin that thought his mother was his aunt and his aunt was his mother. Hell he was pretty old when he found out the truth..long after his mother (aunt) died.

I hate Susan and now that sh'e married to Mike, who I also find not hot as well as boring - they can both leave. Ian, his family, and his help were just more of an interesting story..they made Susan interesting.

And in the Grey's ANatomy school of writing I really hate that the Carlos/Edie relationship took such a cliched route and that the relationship is only a plot device...biding the time until Gabby and Carlos are back togther. I love Carlos and Gabby but while they are seprated, can we have some real suspense and real relationships going on. That makes the reunion more worthwhile down the road. I think they are so worried that loyalties will change. Well, so what if they do. I really liked Carlos and Edie for what it was and would have liked to have seen it explored more so that he is just not sitting around waiitng for Gabby.

Hmmm is that everybody?

Edie - suicide -- over Carlos? Really really stupid.

Oh I just love the actor that plays Gabby's new husband. He played one of my favorite characters on my favorite show ever - Homefront.

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I don't like Susan much either. You are right about the season finale being sorta of boring. Except for the suicide hanging, which I never saw that coming, there was no cliff hanger type feeling. Nothing to get you anticipating it's return.

Yeah, we all can figure out that Carlos and Gabby will get together again. They just belong together. I like Bree too. I was a little confused about her being pregnant on the show. I knew she was in real life, but she already has had her twins. I forgot about her daughter for a minute getting in trouble.

I think Lynette is my favorite character, though. I also like her husband better than the other men. I think Lynette's mother is going to be a character I will enjoy. She seems like she will be a hoot along the lines of that crazy neighbor lady who hid her dead husband in the food chest. LOL

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I think I both agree and disagree with you couchie...

yup it didn;t seem like much of a finale because it just wasn;t explosive enough...but I really liked it because it was such a contrast to GA.

I was just telling my kids that its DH that is unapologetic in their being a soap operalike in their characters and plots...yet they are not afraid to give the characters some sort of resolution or let them change and grow up or meet their end the way it happened to Edie.

Edie Suicide...I totally didn't see that, but I understand why she did it. I feel sad it happened and I am still hoping carlos finds her just in time to save her...it is possible hee...but that character has been moving towards this act for some time now. She really wants to change her life and find someone who loves her. In the past she would deliberately look for one night stands or people who can;t commit. But she wanted a relationship with Carl..she was very envious of susan and Mike and tried to get that. I think in her mind Carlos was her final chance to have something real. She saw him as a really great guy that can really love someone. The fact that she messed that up once again is the final straw I suppose.

Susan...I am glad she did that. It was a good end for that story arc...but they are SOOOO boring. they can go away now. Mike is just so dead he seem like he is still in a coma.

I don;t think Carlos and Gabby are together yet. I bet that was just Gabby's way of getting back at Victor. They will stretch that out through the next season. I can see Victor targeting Carlos. I see more character development for Gabby. She is another one that really seem to be all about the money but really is looking for true love.

Lynette...I like the tone they are taking with her illness. I like the fact that her husband is not treating her with kid gloves...I love the mom, very interesting character.

BREE!!! I love her...I love her old fashioned sensibilities. I am looking forward to their story next year.

I think what's missing is the new mystery. Last season it ended with Mike getting hit...now there is not mystery cos we know Edie killed herself...so nothing to make us wonder whats coming up next.

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You know she may not be dead. I just can't image having success at hanging yourself with that flimsy scarf. LOL You pegged her character very nicely Ansa. I just refer to her as the neighborhood Slu* errrr, I mean floozie. LOL

I heard Nicolette Sheridan was getting married to Michael Bolton, who I happen to like, what? so maybe this is why she might be leaving the show.

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What I want to know is why can't these people lie when caught. I would have just said...oh I stopped using those weeks ago. Let him try to prove it otherwise.

Looking forward to the Bree shenanigans next sesaon.

I think it kinda counts your days...it will show when she stopped using it I think.

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I know that but does Carlos? Anyway, I did like the delivery boy..he was like no, I'll be needing cash.

I think there is already a trust issue with regards to Edie. Remember she already set things up so he would live with her...and he already knows what a manipulative person she is, I doubt she would be able to talk her way out of that. If they tried that then I would say Carlos is just too stupid.

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