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If Tony just "died" last season maybe I would buy that he suddenly revived after they covered him with a sheet in the medical unit where they would have equipment to make sure he was dead and to revive him if he wasn't. But that happened two season ago - about 4 years ago in "24" time. And last season Tony and Michelle's deaths as deaths was even mentioned. To me it just yells out that the writers were desperate for something to try and lure in viewers. Tony was popular, but I don't think he was popular enough to save the show.

Here's a thought. Maybe they aren't bringing Tony back from the dead. Maybe this season will precede season one in the time line! That would be different. After all - if you think about it, why would he even return to CTU after last season - and the season before - and the season before?

They could have a season showing what made Jack the Jack we knew. Nina could even come back then!

The writers really should have consulted me! :cryingwlaughter:

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OMG people..don't you watch soaps? Lots of possibilities here...

there's the amnesia scenarios, the evil mastermind kidnapping and holding him prisoner in some island hide out scenario, there's the evil twin scenario, the falling into another dimension scenario...oh the buried alive thing has been done too...YUP lots of possiblities there, would be interesting to see what they would use.

btw...I don't watch 24 but this coming back from the dead CMSU.

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