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Couch Tomato

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Not another message board! I know, there are tons out there already. And what I particularly love is that there is a fan community for every type of Clay fan. The diversity often astounds me. Although my main home is the Clack House, I'm one of those people that loves to check out all the Clay sites. Well it's actually my "job" and has been since I started Finding Clay Aiken. I play around in every Clay site before I add it to FCA and go back periodically to make sure ya'll are still there.

So why a message board? I thought there was no way in hell I'd ever have one. But then I got a partner, Ansa, whose enthusiasm and creativity has really helped the site grow and now it seems a natural step. So, we're giving it a try.

What is our philosophy?

Being a Clay fan is all about FUN. This fandom shouldn't be a job or something that doesn't give you pleasure. Let's gush, and meet up, and trade pins and share experiences and listen to the voice and remember why we let this man into our lives.

The Clay fan COMMUNITY is an active, giving, fun community. Oh I'm not overlooking the rivalries and bad feeling that exists as well. But you know, we have shown that we can do things together successfully. The pin frenzy has been a prime example. Thank you MommaJudy of Clayversity for getting it all started but also thanks to all the fan boards that have jumped into the fray with such gusto. But there's also fan driven initiatives like the concert ticket giveaways. Or watching as a fan board raises money to help a member see Clay in concert. And the ultimate sharing experience is the way we distribute the clack.

And finally, about Clay, the reason we are here. He is the object of our AFFECTION and we would like that spirit to be reflective in your posts even if you're saying, what in the world did he do to his hair. If you are feeling an overall disenchantment, go somewhere else. Don't get in the way of our fun.

We hope this board will become your second home, cottage by the lake, or weekend getaway. We want you to post about what your board is doing, share your initiatives, shake hands across board boundaries and loyalties and get to know your fellow Clay fan. This isn't a new concept. There's Claymaniac and the Official Clay Aiken Fan Club. But there's room, I hope, for one more.

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What is a pod person?

Well people from FCA come from different Clay sites and we've noticed the same things...

People are so busy being bitter and angry and spending all their time fixating on every thing that Clay either didn't get, another Idol did get, conspiracy theory A, B or C they can't enjoy what's in front of them for more than 2 seconds. Good news go ignored. Things that Clay says that don't fit the theory are spin. Those are the pod people.

Do I think everything is peachy keen between Clay and RCA or that he had the best PR there was to have or that things could not have been handled better? No. Is it just as possible that a large company like the BMG group was just ineffective in their planning (like they are with the majority of their talent) rather than the evil CEO spends all his time coming up with ways to hurt Clay? Yes. . Do I think Clay is a wimp being led around by the hand, silenced and unable to contribute to his own career, told what to say and not to say at every turn? No. He's a strong man in a man's world with all the facts at his disposal and will do what is necessary to ensure his longevity. I won't be surprised if he stays with RCA forever or walks away next week. I also think he is a great judge of character and knows every rat in his circle, if indeed there are any. I'm certainly not about to be upset on his behalf based on stuff I have no knowledge of.

Am I poddie?

as long as someone has a open mind...they are not poddies.

Who came up with this poddie concept?

That would be JMH who wrote:

Couchie's explanation makes the most sense, but I usually jump in at this point and add my 2 cents anyway, since I kind of started this mess. I was off the boards for awhile due to moving, and when I came back, a lot of people seemed to have changed personalities overnight. When I left, they were acting normally, but when I came back they were acting like Couchie described. It was like the movie, the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where people looked the same as ever but had been taken over by the Pod People. I was afraid they would get me too, so I came over here to hide from them cause this place was obviously safe. So FCA is a safe place for people who are sick of conspiracy theories and people casting blame far and wide, sick of mad jealousy of all other musical artists--especially other AI contestants, who are all supposedly taking away attention from Clay. It's a safe place for people who don't buy delusional notions like the idea that Clay will not play any songs from ATDW on tour this summer because he hates the album, and so on.

I know we say :pod: but honestly, anyone is welcome as long as they aren't spewing a bunch of nonsense, or, if they are, they are willing to be told that they are spewing a bunch of nonsense.

And you know, based on sheer volume of theories - one or two are bound to be right eventually. Hey some of them even make some sense. I just refuse to wallow in misery until Clay is the rockingest rocker that ever rocked.

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