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That's awesome!

(The pic is flipped, and I wish they would have used a more up to date photo, but he's still yummy!).

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Just some random thoughts tonight - no coherent narrative:

Our boyfriend is definitely the sexiest geek on that list, even if his smirk is on the wrong side of his face in that picture. Clay could learn a thing or two from Beck about making funky, cool videos. I'd like to have a word with Chris Martin about why Coldplay chose a whiny, droning song like "Fix You" to release as a single - hate it! Zach Braff is too funny and he has been supportive of Clay, so thumbs up to him. Poor Neil Patrick Harris will always and forever be Doogie Howser, no matter what else he's in. Jon Stewart is sexy / smart, and even my 80 year old mom has a crush on him from seeing him on Oprah. [Off-topic comment on the power of Oprah - my mom was also spontaneously able to identify Usher from seeing him on Oprah's show. Mom's not exactly in Usher's target demographic, but still...]

Pins - yah, four new ones came in the mail today! My bulletin board is getting full, and I'm going to have to start thinking seriously about how to display the Christmas pins. Maybe I'll have to jam them into one of my Santa bears, or more appropriately, find a stuffed penguin. Hummmm....

Someone please take away my credit card. I caved, and ordered the baseball jersey and ball cap from the Clique site when the sale started. I know I'll be lucky to get the order before Christmas, but the power of Clay compelled me. I am consoling myself with the thought that my purchase financed some tiny part of the construction of Aiken Acres in Raleigh. Maybe a doorknob..... Maybe a doorknob in the master bedroom.... A doorknob in the master bedroom that gets a lovely pair of jeans hung on it......

LuvTugs, it's a couple of days later, and I'm still snickering over this line in your skit:

Clay: No.. (coughs) Um...yeah..ah bought a tie.

It's like he's a little kid trying to slip cookies into the shopping cart when your back is turned.


eta: CLAY HAS A NEW BLOG ENTRY - a very short announcement about Andy Abad's baby girl being born. And an "Oh by the way" blurb slipped in that Andy is the new musical director.

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Also very happy to hear that he is the new MD although it also raises the question of whether S'von will be with them or not. I kinda think that he won't be with them this tour because I can;t see him getting demoted to just a keyboardist after being MD of three tours. SO I will certainly miss S'von and hope he will be able to join Clay in future concert tour.

I do think that Clay ahs been so lucky to ahve S'von with him for so long...The guy is part of a Duo with his brother and I see they are trying to launch a CD. That means they probably need a lot of time to work on their career too. Being MD in a tour means that you are involved from the inception of the tour so basically with the scop of JNT2005, this means he would have to devote at elast three months to this project. Since he was already with Clay for about 2 months this summer, it probably was no longer feasible for him to be involved. Maybe he opted to go to the next pop tour instead...HOPE so anyway. Cos I love S'von, he works so well with Clay.

So am I the only one getting really excited about this show...the theatrical elements news is intriguing. Clay sure does not like doing things the usual way!

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What does it mean to say a picture is flipped. Can I see both versions of the picture? Why would they bother doing that.

Everybody who works with Clay are working to establish their own careers. They aren't HIS so I think we are very lucky to have had S'von as long as we have. I'll miss him though.

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I will miss S'von also, but I'm sure he will be working on his own career. He is incredibly talented & we were lucky to have him. I won't be surprised to see him with Clay again in the future, though.

I'm very excited for this tour. I loved JNT but I'm excited to see what Clay comes up with for this year. I have loved every show Clay has done so I'm sure I will love this one as well.

Couch Tomato, when pictures are developed if the negative is placed right side down the picture will be flipped. Clay fans notice these things because Clay's face is unique & Clay fans study pictures of Clay 23 out of 24 hours every day. ;)

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Also, the WWJD bracelet looks like its on Clay's left arm in the picture, instead of on his right arm like it normally is. Maybe one of our lovely photographic experts, like Skatejoy or buzztechie could explain how it happens. I vote for carelessness, but what do I know?

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You can actually very easily create a mirror image in photoshop. Often done in a situation (like a magazine cover) where you need to put text over a particular part of a picture.

In an unrelated (and kind of weird) note, EW has a Stephen Colbert article that mentions Clay here. The paragraph is:

STEPHEN (INTERVIEWER): How will you know if the show is a success?

STEPHEN (SUBJECT): Well, it's cable, so you can't measure success by ratings or personal income. But when the phone rings and it's Clay Aiken on the other end inviting me to sing ''The Little Drummer Boy'' with him on his Christmas special...then we'll know we've had an impact.

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You can actually very easily create a mirror image in photoshop.  Often done in a situation (like a magazine cover) where you need to put text over a particular part of a picture.
I used to work layout for my HS year book and college newspaper. We often flipped pictures for layout flow purposes and text purposes like Skate indicates. You usually want photos of people to be looking in the direction you want the reader to look. You dont want a photo on the right edge of a page with a person looking out to the right.... kinda leads a reader right off the page. I have also seen our dear Clay fan wallpaper experts flip photos for similar purposes.

In an unrelated (and kind of weird) note, EW has a Stephen Colbert article that mentions Clay here.  The paragraph is:

STEPHEN (INTERVIEWER): How will you know if the show is a success?

STEPHEN (SUBJECT): Well, it's cable, so you can't measure success by ratings or personal income. But when the phone rings and it's Clay Aiken on the other end inviting me to sing ''The Little Drummer Boy'' with him on his Christmas special...then we'll know we've had an impact.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Stephen Colbert. Cant wait to catch his new show.

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What does it mean to say a picture is flipped.  Can I see both versions of the picture? Why would they bother doing that.

here you go...I think they flipped it just to make the focus of the picture more towards the center. They probably thought it made the layout more interesting.

This is very easy to do in photoshop or any photo editor program...just flip horizontal...

BTW this is one of my most favorite Clay pictures....



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I'm afraid it's time for another "bottlecap is a bad Clay Fan" post. On the second anniversary of the release of MOAM, I'm finally ready to admit publicly that I hated the CD the first time I listened to it.

At that point in time, I don't think I was very clued into the Internet thing, and was only reading the main Clay thread at TWoP. I may have come across the Entertainment thread at some point, and been scared off by the intensity of the fangirling going on there. I had very little idea what was going on during the American Idol tour, and certainly hadn't heard any previews of "Invisible". In fact, to this day, I have watched very little footage of the AI tour, other than what was on the "Life on the Road" special, and the scenes that pop up in montages. I should probably do a little downloading during the next drought. [i also need to get the TITN / BOTW single at some point, as I never bought that after AI. Yeah, all the dirty laundry is getting aired out tonight!]

I watched and taped the Prime Time Live interview and the Leno appearance, which I loved. Clay seemed so happy to be performing, and he could actually move on stage! Well, he could do those little kicks and the jacket tug, anyway. Turning his feet backwards was just a bonus at that point.

I dutifully bought my copy of MOAM that Tuesday after work. [CD release parties and midnight purchases - totally foreign concept to me at that time.] I put into into my boombox, and grooved along to "Invisible". And then everything seemed to blend together to me... There was that country sounding song in there [WYSYLM], and I was of course familiar with TITN from the finale and from the radio. The rest of the songs seemed to all sound the same to me, and I was ready to cry from disappointment. Looking back on it now, I know now that I really need to live with some music for awhile to come to appreciate it, thus my fondness for "Best of" albums. I also had AI Clay's voice stuck in my head, and was expecting more of his lower register on the CD. [A reason I loved the Elvis set from the JBT, and my dearest wish for the new CD.] I took MOAM into work the next day, and had my one of my follow AI fan co-workers listen to it. He liked it, so I was encouraged to keep listening. Two years later, here I am...

Do I now love everything on MOAM from the quacked out "Watcha doin' tonight" to the crunchy guitar hooks on "Y'all can hold up your signs all you want, I ain't singing "Touch" " ? Honestly, no, not all of it. I like to do my own little shirt tugs along with "Invisible" when no ones looking. I really dig "I Will Carry You" and the Kimmel performance is one of my favorites. Because of that show, "IWCY" now has a late night, groovy, intimate vibe in my mind. Pissy NAT Clay made me look at "I Survived You" differently. And of course the opportunity to scream the words to "Invisible" along with Clay and 4,500 other fans this summer was a truly memorable experience. So, no, I don't love everything about MOAM, but two years later, I do appreciate it as the launching pad it was for Clay's career, and for the part it played in putting him where he is now. So, what's up with the next one, Clay?

One last confession about MOAM: Until about six months ago, I thought "Even when I scream out" was "Even in the streetlight". No, it makes no sense in the context of the song, but I never said I was a musical prodigy. I don't even what to discuss my difficulties trying to decipher REM's lyrics.... ;)

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I hate "Shine". Wow..that feels good to say that outloud. Thank you bottlecap for giving me the courage to say that on a messageboard. I think I've said I disliked it over at TTC, but never used the H word.

There was a release party in Fargo (about an hour's frive from me) but my daughter had school the next day, so we didn't go. Instead we drove 20 miles from our base in the boonies, to the bright sparkly lights of GF. We were so excited we could hardly stand it. As we walked thru the doors of Best Buy, our eyes eagerly scanned the racks looking for any sign of the MOAM's. There on a table right past the greeter lay the bounty we seeked. Daughter scooped up the one CD she could afford and I gathered my three. In the car we frantically tore at the shrink wrap. Clawing with our nails, and ripping at it with our teeth, we managed to get one open. I slid that baby ever so gingerly into the cd tray, put the car in gear and we headed home. As we listened to "Invisible" it was like hearing an old friend, since during the summer we had downloaded every pieced together version we could get our hot little hands on. By the time "Touch" had finished playing, we had definate opinions about all the other songs on the cd.

We both thought "The Way" was a sure fire hit. (stop laughing)

WYSYLM is a fun sing-a-long type song, but didn't think it was radio friendly.

Run To Me had us fanning ourselves, and to this day it still does.

We already had heard snippets of bootleg ISY, (and played the hell out of em) so we loved the full song. In concert? I had parts of me quivering that I didn't know I had..gah!

My daughter loved PD, and I just liked it. (concert Clay makes me love it).

I don't know why I never skip IWCY on the cd, it's not a fave of mine. But I do get the Nick Let's Just Play jeans of gah in my head when I'm listening, so that might be the reason. *g*

I'll always love TITN. It keeps me remembering the hope we had on finale night, and not the disappointment.

Of course my favorite of favorites is "Touch". Of course it is. The one song Clay refuses to sing live. In the videos where he talks about not singing it even if every person has a sign, I just want to shake him and ask....Why Not??? (I need a reason..just sayin ah'm not gonna sing it isn't a reason!!)

So yeah..I'm a hater of "Shine". Never listen to it, always skip it, and only downloaded videos of Clay singing it on the NAT at the insistance of my daughters.

Don't get me wrong. I love my MOAM cd. I love Clay. But you'd have to put toothpicks under my fingernails to get me to listen to "Shine" again. (actually, I prefer the toothpicks)

I like to do my own little shirt tugs along with "Invisible" when no ones looking.

You too? *g*

Before I forget, let me thank you for the bwah's. I told my daughter that I got my first bwah's ever! She was like.."Mom..your weird!"


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I remember the first time I heard those 20 second snippets of the absolute favorite was No More Sad Song. And then we got the whole song and I was dissappointed to find out there really wasn't much more to it. I still love it though. My favorite and the song I loved from the first time i heard it was Perfect Day. I absolutely love MoaM version of that song and there's not one single LIVE performance that I like better. That is just plain old weird to me because Clay makes everything better live.

I hated Measure of a Man the first time I heard it... but love it now. He's really learned to sing that song well. And I found that it comforts me when I'm in certain moods.

I Will Carry You is probably the song I skip most after Touch which I don't really care for. I finally learned to appreciate it during NAT - during Independent he always seemed flat to me when going for those wailing high notes. I simply adore the Oprah accoustic version of this.

All of the rest of the songs I really like. I don't know all the music terms. I just know what i like and I like this album. When I pull out some of my favorite albums of all times I can see that I really only love 3 or 4 songs on them. I have very few albums where I actually like more than 5 songs so Clay done good. I understand that the production could have been much better - I put that blame on the almighty man in charge.

It was OMG OMG OMG OMG WHAT IS THAT MOVE video that was the no going back point for me. That's the video that made me buy tickets to the AI2 concert. I had no intention of going.

Anyway, I was out at the midnight party 2 years ago -- handing out prizes for the haiku winners. What fun that was. And here I am two years later -- still loving the ride as much as ever.

Bottlecap let's talk chickie. I've got some future ebay gold for you.

If there are any Bay Area people here...we're having a multi boardal JNT party. You can register for it here.

LuvTugs Loved your skit. he is adorkable..that's for sure.

And in one week I'll be on a cruise going through major net withdrawals... trying to get my fix in my budgeted 40 minutes a day. shudder.

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WOW Moam anniversary....

I remember getting every snippet of the moams songs as I can...making cds of the singapore and Raleigh previews and getting chills everytime we hear a song....It was an exciting time for the fandom. I am looking forward to it again cos I just have the feeling that the second one will be so much better...

I loved Invisible right away. I remember the reports from the AI concert and the huge discussion about the lyrics and thought the concern was over blown. Now I am one that don't mind the boyband sound cos I still like some of BSB's songs. But I sure was disappointed by the recorded version of Invisible. Can't understand why it sounded so off but man...once i got over wachadoointonight the rest I just loved. I remember there were days I would listed to it the whole afternoon.

There is only one song I didn't like...TOUCH...yuck

Songs I didn't mind but I kinda skip...NMSS, IWCY, TITN

Songs I liked Shine, The Way, MOAM

Songs I love, WYSYLM (and it does not sound country!!! :P), Invisible, Perfect Day, ISY, RTM

I really loved this CD, because the songs were nice and it was a fun CD and I think a wonderful effort for a first timer. But now when I listen to it and I see what he can do with them live with a great band I can see how we were short changed in the production. This is one thing I am hoiping for that we get instrumentation that is live...not canned or eletronic...and that it can fully support Clay's vocals.

I also realized that they made over use of his upper register...but they didn't let him wail the way he is doing now with the new songs, he voice just sound a bit thin to me in MOAM. I think they were trying to make him sound young, boybandish. I think he is a much better vocalist now so....WOW can you imagine what the 2nd CD will be like....

Overall I do think MOAM was a good CD...and a good start for Clay but I do understand why it didn't become popular with the critics. It was obvious that it was rushed and his voice was not captured as well as it could be. I do hope all that will be addressed in the future.

OKAY am I the only one that is super excited about the JNT 2005....I can't wait for the first cellstream, I can't wait for the first pictures and reports....I think it will be a fantastic show.

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Bottlecap let's talk chickie.  I've got some future ebay gold for you.

Ms. Tomato, you know I have a Paypal account, and I definitely know how to use it. If you've got some goods, I've got the funds.... [PM me!]

LuvTugs, the sight of your screen name in conjunction with a BWAH is strangely satisfying, isn't it?

So, I was panicking about not be able to access the Clack House this morning. From a thread at Clayversity, it looks like it's not just me, and that maybe they are having server issues. Darn, I guess that means it's time for me to get up off the couch, change out of my pajamas (No, I'm not normally still wondering around in my pj's at 10:25am. Unlike Clay, I don't consider pajamas to be streetwear.), and go do some housework. :(

By the way, my order from Clique is showing a shipping date of Monday the 17th, which would be a week after I ordered. I'll be interested to see if that's an actual shipping date, or if it's like the mythical August 26th shipping date on my original order.

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MOAM anniversary. Hmmm... I still remember sitting in the Target parking lot desperately trying to get that wrap off the CD!

When I first heard the 20 second snippets I really liked Run to Me. The rest didn't impress me much. I didn't listen to any of the Singapore stuff and tried to remain unspoiled for listening to MOAM for the first time.

So, I finally free the CD from the wrap and get it in my CD player. Hit Play. What a letdown. I really didn't like the CD much. Except MOAM, which made me cry the first time I heard it. I generally thought the production values were low, the material was weak and it didn't make good use of his voice.

As the years have gone by so many of the MOAM songs have gained sentimental value. Memories of concerts and roadtrips. And Clay's gotten better at singing many of them.

I still love Invisible (especially in concert), but I pretty rarely listen to MOAM. I'm looking forward to the new album with material more suited to his voice and better production.

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Thanks for the report on the CH bottlecap...I wondered if it was the new links to the server so I sent Eva a I see so many people are having trouble I guess it is probably a server issue...I hope Eva doesn't get drowned by all the emails this morning...

And hey, about the clique order, I hear someone got their order a week after the shipping date on this latest hopefully they did get the shipping problem fixed.

eta: EEEEEEEEEE ldyjocelyn love your avatar!!!!!

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MOAM memories...

I remember hearing the clips off PromoSquad, and immediately liking Run to Me and ISY. I also still dearly loved Invisible (and still do to this day), even though I had watched all kinds of clack of the song by that time.

So, when I got the album -- I was impressed. It was a good album for a first effort. My favorite, by far, was Perfect Day. couchie, I agree with you in the fact that none of the live versions of that song live up to the MOAM version. I also agree that this seems weird.

Another memory I have of that day was coming home from Chicago, and my husband wanting to listen to the album on the good stereo. His favorites were RTM and Shine (the second being very Beatle-esque to him). I was pleased that he wanted to hear the album.

Today, I still pull the album out from time to time. I'll put Invisible on repeat. IWCY -- depends on my mood. There are days I listen to it over and over again, other days skip entirely. I generally put ISY on repeat as well, but that is due to "muscle memory" with thinking of live versions of this song. The two songs I tend to skip any more are MOAM and Shine.

My husband and I bought new computer speakers (with subwoofer) and a new sound card for my computer. While we have not installed the card yet, we did plug in the speakers...and OMG. I can have clack playing at 1/4 volume in my office, shut the door and go into my kitchen and hear it clearly. This rocks.

I love my husband the enabler. (But as I tell people, he lets me do Clay Aiken stuff, I let him buy power tools. Heh.)

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It’s been great reading everyone’s MOAM memories. I really liked MOAM the very first time I listened to it, but I must confess that during the months and weeks leading up to its release, I was actually expecting not to like it all that much. I came to love Clay with the fiery heat of a thousand suns during the course of AI, but my musical tastes at the time tended to run towards alternative rock and maybe some of the Hot-AC style pop/rock. So while I couldn’t wait for MOAM to drop so that I could grab a copy and proceed to drown in the beauty of Clay’s voice, I wasn’t really expecting to like the actual songs very much. I guess I was thinking that it would mostly contain AI-style pop ballads.

Well, upon first listening to the album I was quite pleasantly surprised at how much I liked many of the songs themselves. Even though they were mid-tempo, I thought a lot of the songs had a real rock vibe to them, some reminiscent of the Beatles and others reminiscent of 80s metal ballads. My absolute favorite was and always has been Perfect Day, and I agree with Couch Tomato and ldyjocelyn that none of the live versions measure up to the recorded version. The others I love are Shine, NMSS, ISY, and RTM. The rest I either like or don’t mind depending on my mood. Except for Touch. I never liked Touch.

I was disappointed that Clay’s lower register wasn’t utilized very much and that the instrumentation seemed canned, but overall I loved MOAM and thought it was a good solid album. I listened to it almost daily for months after its release, and I still take it out from time to time.

With everything that Clay has learned and experienced these past few years, I can’t wait to see what the sophomore album brings. This time, I think I will expect to like it!

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I have read the MOAM anniversary posts with great interest. Thanks for posting your stuff - I missed out on the community experience the first time around, and it's great to be able to pick it up now.

It also kind of blows me away that we all have such vivid memories about our individual experiences from TWO YEARS AGO. I couldn't tell you what I was doing two weeks ago at this time [well, surfing would be a good guess]. What is it about the skinny, dorky, red-headed pasty white boy from that TV show that provokes such similar responses from such a diverse group of people?

I am doing a little jacket flip and leg kick instead of waving at you all. Shirt tugs and microphone humps all around!

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Clay brought me back to music and MOAM is the first CD where I've liked most of the songs. I had stopped buying CDs because I found that there was usually only one or two songs that I liked so buying the CD wasn't worth the money. And on those occasions where I like the first CD, I typically dislike the second CD by the same person or group.

I also love MCWL but enjoy the second half better than the first half of the CD. For that CD, I wish there had been a couple more songs from his show on the CD such as the opening song and Good News. I adore Clay's voice on the opening song from the show but even the recommended version for the ultimate CD isn't completely clear. From the CD, the more I played WAYDNYE, the more I liked it. There are other wonderful songs on the CD and I love how he sings some of the lines in certain songs on that CD.

Edited by ivy

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I was in Seattle two years ago on a business trip, so I went to the Seattle MOAM release party instead of the NY one. Got my three CDs at midnight and listened on the way back to my hotel.

My favorite, by far, was Perfect Day.  couchie, I agree with you in the fact that none of the live versions of that song live up to the MOAM version.  I also agree that this seems weird. 
I guess couchie, ldyjocelyn and I all share a brain on this. I LOVED Perfect Day and am still surprised to this day they didnt make that a 2nd or third single from the album. But the live version never measured up. I always thought if they quickened up the pace of that song a bit, it would have been kickass at conert.

Loved NMSS & RTM on the promosquad clips, but they did disapoint a little on the CD. I think the bridge on both songs is the best part of the song by far.

MOAM is still one of my favs just cause the lyrics are so meaningful to me. Plus I was at the infamous WB IT concert where the crowd sang this to Clay....beautiful moment.

It is hard to believe that we are two years removed from the MOAM release. It has been an amazing journey wathing Clay's career unfold before our eyes.

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The Joyful Noise Tour is rapidly approaching, so I think it's time to send another letter to the Great Pumpkin with my requests.

Dear Great Pumpkin:

Big Guy, I realize Christmas is not really your holiday, but since the Joyful Noise Tour 2005 starts right after Halloween, I thought you might be available to take care of some requests for me. (Let's be honest - we all know you've outsourced most of the candy distribution process to Wal-Mart, so I'm betting you've got some time on your hands right now.)

First of all, could you light a fire under Roger W. so that press release gets out there? The Clay Nation is getting more than a little restless for some new information, and we all know that things can get a a tiny bit ugly at times like these.

Next, can we talk tour wardrobe? Two words - Black Pants [see JNT2004 and JBT2005 for reference material on this. There may be one or two (cough*million*cough) pictures available, if you need some examples of what I would like to see.] And if a nice, strokable, red velvet Santa Clay suit could be worked in there somehow, I would have no objection. I have, after all, been a very good girl this year and am sure to be on Santa's nice list.

Do you have any influence over the animal kingdom? If so, can you make sure the dancing penguins get along okay with the eight tiny reindeer?

Now, this is a very important part, so please do your best. CLACK - there needs to be a lot of it, and it needs to be good [Again, see JBT2005 for reference.] While you're making your rounds on Halloween, maybe you could drop some essentials into the trick or treat bags of our tremendous Clack gathers: camera batteries, memory cards, and multi-vitamins. After all, the videographers need make sure that they keep building up that upper body strength. "God forbid the Clack skip around" [TM the in no way elf-like CHA]

And because there are those that deserve tricks rather than treats: Unscrupulous Ticket Brokers - I'm thinking an attack by a flock of rabid blood-sucking vampire bats would be deliciously ironic. I'll trust your judgment on that. And how about striking the camera flashers with a bolt of lightening? I think that might be better for them in long run, if the alternative is having the rest of the audience go all "Clay Aiken Fan" on their asses for bringing on another Clackdown.

GP, buddy, you're the man, and I'll know you'll come through for me on this. Give my best to Mrs. Pumpkin and all your little squashes, and let Santa Claus know he may be hearing from me soon about the new CD.

Regards, bottlecap

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The press release is here!

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Clay Aiken might sing "I'll Be Home

for Christmas," but he won't be, as he embarks on his "JOYFUL NOISE 2005"

tour, his second consecutive holiday tour. The RCA Records artist will perform

40 shows in 36 cities, starting Nov. 2 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The tour then crosses into the United States, and concludes with two shows on

Dec. 29-30 at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida.

    "JOYFUL NOISE 2005" tour is the sequel to Aiken's first holiday tour,

which was a huge success, playing to sold-out theaters at every stop. The 2005

tour will feature songs from Aiken's platinum-selling "Merry Christmas with

Love," the best-selling new holiday album of 2004. The song list will differ

from the 2004 tour, and will include a number of songs Clay recorded for the

album that didn't appear on the CD, as well as new arrangements for some

traditional favorites.

    "JOYFUL NOISE 2005" tour will feature a new element - a series of

vignettes with a running storyline, written by Aiken. The vignettes will

feature two main characters and supporting roles will be cast in each city

with local actors.

    "I've always loved Christmas music and holiday songs," says Aiken. "And

even though there's no place like home for the holidays, I'm looking forward

to touring the country with the second installment of the 'Joyful Noise'


    This is the sixth tour of Clay's career, and it caps a busy year with a

schedule filled with everything from fulfilling his role as UNICEF Ambassador

to being a reporter for the TV series "The Insider." Aiken has also been in

the studio recording his next album, and will continue to work on that project

during the closing months of 2005.

    As part of his UNICEF duties, Aiken is the spokesperson for their annual

trick-or-treat fundraising campaign. While the money raised from this effort

is usually earmarked exclusively for other countries, this year, for the first

time, half of the money raised will be donated to victims of Hurricane Katrina

in the United States.

    Following is a list of dates, cities and venues for the "JOYFUL NOISE

2005" tour:

    11/2    Vancouver, BC        Queen Elizabeth Theater

    11/3    Portland, OR          Theatre of the Clouds

    11/5    Eugene, OR            Hult Center

    11/6    Seattle, WA          McCaw Hall

    11/8    Oakland, CA          Paramount Theater

    11/9    Hollywood, CA        Kodak Theatre

    11/10    Hollywood, CA        Kodak Theatre

    11/11    San Diego, CA        San Diego Civic Theater

    11/13    Phoenix, AZ          Dodge Theatre

    11/15    Salt Lake City, UT    NuSkin Theater at Delta Center

    11/16    Denver, CO            Lecture Hall

    11/18    Council Bluffs, IA    Mid America Center

    11/19    Kansas City, MO      Midland Theater

    11/21    Minneapolis, MN      Northrop Auditorium

    11/22    Chicago, IL          Chicago Theatre

    11/25    Louisville, KY        Palace Theater

    11/26    Cincinnati, OH        Music Hall

    11/27    Youngstown, OH        Convocation Center

    11/29    Pittsburgh, PA        Heinz Hall

    11/30    Reading, PA          Sovereign Center

    12/2    New York, NY          Beacon Theater

    12/3    New York, NY          Beacon Theater

    12/4    New York, NY          Beacon Theater

    12/6    Boston, MA            Orpheum

    12/8    Albany, NY            The Palace

    12/9    Providence, RI        Providence Perf Arts Center

    12/10    Wallingford, CT      Oakdale Theatre

    12/11    Camden, NJ            Tweeter Center

    12/13    Washington, DC        Constitution Hall

    12/14    Baltimore, MD        Lyric Theater

    12/16    Nashville, TN        Gaylord Entertainment Center

    12/17    Atlanta, GA          Civic Center Theater

    12/18    Pensacola, FL        Civic Center

    12/20    Columbia, SC          Township Auditorium

    12/21    Charlotte, NC        New Charlotte Arena

    12/22    Raleigh, NC          Moonlight Theatre

    12/27    Hollywood, FL        Seminole Arena

    12/28    Melbourne, FL        King Center for the Arts

    12/29    Clearwater, FL        Ruth Eckerd Hall

    12/30    Clearwater, FL        Ruth Eckerd Hall

I'll be back later to comment, when I have more time...

Thanks bottlecap for the laugh! That was awesome.

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