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The Early Show recap, based on what I can pick up from the CV and the Clayboard recaps [bottlecap kicks her job that keeps her from experiencing early morning Clack live.]

It looks like a repeat of the school visit outfit from the other day, down to the IT tennies and the puffy black jacket. Some outside shots with Giselle Bundchen. Performance backed by WJ, Andy, and Daniel. Clay sang HYAMLC, and they apparently showed part of MDYK while coming back from a break. (Maybe to be broadcast at another time? Not quite clear on that.)

Interview with Renee: Clay admits to being a control freak. Described the story line of Joyful Noise. Talked about the tour. Talked about Insider. Building a home. Brother coming back from Iraq and will like bring company home ... cast will spend Christmas with Clay too.

Christmas at home...will have those that are on tour that can't go home...and some marines that Brett knows that can't go home either...

He said he was building his house to find a base...he will be flying between NYC and LA but Raleigh will be home base. Needed a quieter pace.

I will definitely be haunting the Early Show website - hope they have videos up soon!

ETA: The interview and HYAMLC performance are up on the CBS website now. A nice interview, and a great little jazzy performance, complete with lipbites and eye action for the camera!

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Hi all,

Just finished watching the Early Morning Show with Clay. It was as usual magnificent. It was well worth the wait (have been at work ALL LONG DAY).

On another subject, I have been reading on some of the other boards about the taping of the shows. I just want to THANK all the CLACK gathers for a great service that they are doing.

For one, I am so glad that the shows are being taped for downloading purposes only, as I am not able to get out to go to the concert/musical/performance in Atlanta. I went to the Valdosta Juke Box Tour and it about killed me, but it was so wonderful and worth all the pain on my part. :D It would be wonderful to have a professional DVD of the program, but since that is probably not going to happen, these shots are the best thing next to it.

Thank again to all the CLACK gathers. :wub:

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Amen to that, georgiaclay - the Clack gathers and distributors are the heros of the Clay Nation, and I am eternally in their debt. I didn't even bother putting a tape in my VCR this morning, because I knew the Early Show appearance, in its entirety, would be available by the time I got home from work. Fabulous! (And how come I didn't notice the position of the mike stand when I watched the clip from the website on my lunch hour? Must have been due to the 1" video screen on the website, plus I think my monitor at work has brightness issues.)

Anyway, I was catching up on some Clack viewing from the New York shows. I highly recommend jojoct's 12/4 NYC banter. To use a phrase of my mother's, Clay was just full of beans for that bit. He told jokes, he made cute faces, the dancers had their "flair" prepared, Gregory was so excited to get flowers, and Felix must have been practicing, because he got the sound effects right for Quiana and Angela. Just a really fun clip. I can't wait for DSIAFCD clip to show up.

I hadn't watched a Sleigh Ride for awhile. When did Clay start doing all those extra little hand motions? Is he perhaps getting some help with his choreography? Is that another thing the blonde dancer chick is responsible for? :P

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I finally posted my recap - I hope you are happy!

Yes Clay was quite feisty, I can't help but think something happened because everyone was aving fun. Perhaps it was just the flourishes or staying in one place for 3 days and working without cast changes causing fewer soundchecks et al, but they seemed happy from the first scene.

Did you see what Clay did in CMH to Angela and Quiana, where he pointed up and then wiggled his fingers to each of them to give more in the song? It was like Angela does some times in DSIFCD? Pretty feisty this bunch.

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Good morning fellow ClayAddicts,

I think I am getting more and more sure of myself on here to express my opinion (many thanks Bottlecap for the encouragement), and Bottlecap, get that mind out of the gutter about the mike stand (only one of us at a time can have that thought :D) oh my, what that man does to me.

Just got watching the clack from the last night in New York. Ya'll are so right, Clay and the rest of the cast were really enjoying themselves so much. It is nice that they can have so much fun after a very painful month before (the incident).

What it my imagination, or is Clay suffering from a cold, because there was rasp in his voice during the Early Morning Show program. He needs to rest and relax when he can (not going to happen though). Well that is my rant for today, unless I think of something else.

I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope everybody gets what they want the most.

Well back to more Clack and Clay.

p.s.s. Anybody know where I can get some penguin slippers???? :P

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Haven't had time to write a recap, but below I've linked my pictures from Sunday night. Amazing concert!! And, yes, I'm very grateful there wasn't a camera crack down.

Whole Album


Guardian Angel

Bring It On

Amidst the falling snow

My favorite non-Clay photo

Chatty Clay

Good News


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Why does the red-hot Clack keep turning up in the middle of the day? I couldn't resist, and had to check out the fan video of the "My Grownup Christmas List" performance from GMA. Wow - if he sounds that great from the street and through glass, can you image how it's going to sound on TV? Can.not.wait.

I'm still looking for those NYC three-fer photos from Skatejoy and buzztechie. Did Clay kill you dead? [bottlecap taps her foot, bounces up and down in her chair, and squeals: "Come on! The anticipation is killing me!"]

ETA: And while I was whining, they magically appeared. Awhoo Hooo! Thanks Skate!

EDITED AGAIN: Skatejoy, you got some great pictures of Angela and Quiana in there - they looked great! I also love the sheer intensity of the expressions you caught in your Good News pictures, especially the last one in the series. Just WOW!

georgiaclay, I don't know about penguin slippers, but I did see gold lame dog booties at Target the other day. Maybe they could be adapted - how big are your penguin's flippers? ;) [Cue the rimshot, followed by the sounds of the audience groaning.]

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Hee...I see both bottlecap and I have changed our avatars. Hee.

I'm still swooning over the MGUCL from yesterday. That is one beautiful rendition...and in no way can it be compared to Quiana's version. Love it so very much, and I think I will probably faint when I see this clack for real, inside the studio.

georgiaclay, welcome. I've been looking out for penguin slippers, and the closest I could find were things from the movie Madagascar. If I have time online today, I may look around some more...

Skatejoy, thank you for the pictures. He really is dweemy, isn't he? I also like your "long view" pictures...good for the stage setup.

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Good morning ClayAddicts,

I would like to thank Skate, Bottlecap and LdyJocelyn for the warm welcome (and others behind the scenes). This site is wonderful, warm and friendly!!!!

LdyJocelyn, Bottlecap, thank you for being on the lookout for "penguin slippers". I can only find them one place and that is on Ebay and they want almost 40.00 dollars for them (no way). Now if they had OMC face on them, YES, I would pay the 40.00 if not more (I am a quivering mass of humanity when it comes to that man).

Oh my, the "peep-hole" version of MGUCL was FANTASTIC, to die for, not literally of course. I cannot wait for the official version to be shown (definite major THUD time there). I just got over my major THUD from EM on CBS. They will just have to resuscitate me anyday now, and wasn't he just the cutest when he said "Hi Momma" Such a nice southern man and believe me, I know southern men(I live in Georgia). Now if Camp Clay would just come out with a 2006 Calender, I would be one happy camper, hint hint Camp Clay. I have so enjoyed the 2005 Calender.

Well that it my rant for today. Keep up the good work with the CLACK. So enjoying it.

Thanks again every one. :wub:

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Slippers shaped like penguin feet (in childrens and adult sizes) here. Very silly, btw.

Slippers and tons of other penguin-themed apparel here, including ties (Hum, perhaps a nice M&G gift for the Aiken? Has anybody here won one of those golden tickets? ). I actually like these slippers a lot - they have cute penguin pictures on them. I might order a pair of these myself, they look very snuggly.

The slippers here have penguin faces on them.

Why yes, I should be working right now, thankyouverymuch. But shopping online is so much more fun.

Clay content: I'm sort of glad there's not a cellcert tonight. I think I am developing a pain in my shoulder from being hunched over my laptop every evening. Either that, or too much right-click-save-asing. Does the Clay Nation have medical coverage? ;)

ETA: Nice picture in the Boston Herald from the school visit. Scroll down.

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Welcome georgiaclay!

Bottlecap - you go above and beyond the call of duty. A festival of penguin apparel. Where were you when I was Christmas shopping for buzztechie??

I'm trying to settle back into the workweek before the next concert next weekend.

Ummm teacher Clay is very hot!

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Bottlecap - you go above and beyond the call of duty.  A festival of penguin apparel.  Where were you when I was Christmas shopping for buzztechie??
Oh lord, I can hardly wait until Christmas to see what Skate got me. :rolleyes:

Sorry I havent been around much y'all, but real life caught up with me in a big way this past few weeks. I hosted the ever-cool SkateJoy, ShelleyC, and DiamondJake at my place last weekend for the NYC shows. We had a fun time and laughed ourselves silly.

I am a bit behind Skate in getting photos posted, but I finally got my Friday Night NYC concert photos posted. Have at 'em.

NOTE: Please dont post any photos on the OFC site.

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Yeah - buzztechie Christmas pictures.

12/2/05 album - Picture 27 in the Snow - Clay looks a little surprised, like someone put a snowball down his back.

I love the pictures of Quiana and Angela during the intros - Quiana looks so radiant with her flowers (and I like her current hairstyle very much), and Angela looks so sophisticated and regal in her black pantsuit.

Picture 63 - A little tongue action, Mr. Aiken?

Okay, I will forgive you for not posting any sock pictures. :P

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Good evening yall,

Thank you for the information on the slippers BOTTLECAP. It was of great use. Thank you also SKATE and BUZZ.

I think by the time Saturday gets here, I will be on THUD overload from the all the enjoyment that Clay has sent our way this week. Buzz, the pictures were excellent, way excellent. I so enjoyed eye balling these. What a way to end a work day, by coming home to this surprise.

I went back to look at the video of GN from Reading and yall are so right, the pain was so evident on Clay's face from all of the flashes. When will these people ever learn??? Oh well that subject is old news by now. The clack from New York was wonderful, especially the third night. What wonderful snarkiness flowed that night, and YES during Sleigh Ride and Jingle Bells, I just bounce in my seat whether I am at home or driving in the car, just bouncing around. I tend to get a lot of stares like I have grown three heads or something LOL. I don't care, just into the music.

Yall have a good night. Can't wait to see what everyone has to talk about next. :D

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Yay for Buzz and Skate (I'm trying not to think of ya'll as one word..you know stocktontomalone or am I the only hoops fan here) ...but right on time...just as I'm about to work on my NYC concert pages YAY. Guess what I'll be doing tonight!

I'm seeing Penguins every damn where. Why does Clay do this to me.

2 more days on my hellish job. WHOO HOO.

Welcome GeorgiaClay. Yeah, the GN was not fun to watch. That is my song -- I love the way Clay sings it - and while he still sang it just fine... I thought it lacked the soul and heart he usually brings to it. But maybe it's just my perception after seeing the video.

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This deserves its own post. BUZZTECHIE I am blown away by your photos. WOrking on the FCA concert pages, sometimes I realize I am not really stopping to appreciate what I'm seeing. There are some fabulous, FABULOUS, photographers in Clay land but your pictures made me stop. They are breathtaking. You seemed to really capture motion... you got some of the most beautifully expressive shots I've seen this tour. Thank you so much.

And to think I still have SJ's to look at. I might not survive the night.

Amazon clip is up

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OH SHIT I did it again (Angela) Somebody take away my powers. I think I'll just make a posting screen name with NO admin powers. heh. Off to find article to report. Couchie, impersonating Bottlecap.

ETA: This is the genuine bottlecap here, instead of the admin edit victim. Ms. Tomato (or whatever your current alias is now), I can't believe you lost my hilariously funny, side-splitting, and just all-around brilliant original post. You cut me right to my heart. I am bereft. I don't know how I will ever recover. :(


While I'm editting, I will wish safe travels for the week-end concertgoers. The weather sounds like it will be iffy in parts of the Northeast. Think Clay will let you carpool with the dancers and the rest of the crew? I bet there's some extra room on some of the semi's. :P

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I'm back already. Amazon clip: Raleigh - cute; Raleigh trying to lick Faye's face while Faye tries to fend her off - BWAH!; White pants hemming and stripey socks - Gah!

Another Q & A from the Hartford Courant:

For Clay Aiken, Life After `Idol' Has Been Joyful

December 8, 2005

By AMY ELLIS, Courant Staff Writer 

Your holiday wishes have come true. Clay Aiken, runner-up to Ruben Studdard in "American Idol 2," is back in town.

Aiken brings his "Joyful Noise 2005" tour to the Chevrolet Theatre in Wallingford Saturday night.

"Joyful Noise 2005" is the sequel to Aiken's first holiday tour and will feature songs from his "Merry Christmas with Love" CD. The concert includes several songs Clay recorded for the album that didn't appear on the CD as well as new arrangements for some traditional favorites.

We talked to Aiken by phone this week from Boston:

Q: You're doing something a little different this year on tour: a series of vignettes with a running storyline, which you wrote?

A: We actually played Wallingford last year and we had a show that was just music with an orchestra. The second half with the religious songs, we tried to connect them together with some local school children reading passages from the Christmas story. As I watched that part I thought, you know it would be great if we could figure out a way to link together the non-religious songs too, with the story, and try to make them have some purpose, some meaning, some story to them ... I was going to do an outline and hand it off to somebody else and let them write out a script and it turned out that if you want something done right you do it yourself.

Q: So how's it going? Are you happy with the way it's come out?

A: It's a lot of work but we've pulled it off. We had a really great director come in and really made it work really well; we've got some dancers who kind of provide flashbacks for us and really pulled it all together into a very, professionally done, produced show.

Q: I'm sure you've been asked this question a million times, but what's your favorite holiday song to sing?

A: I get it asked all the time, my favorite kind of changes. My favorite Christmas song of all has always been "O Come, O Come, Emanuel" and I didn't get to put that on the Christmas album; this year for the tour we decided to do it. And so I think that's probably my favorite. ... Since I didn't put it on the album I haven't worn it out for myself yet.

Q: Does your family have any special holiday traditions that you do every year?

A: You know, not really as far as strange, creative holiday traditions. We don't really do anything different. We always get together as a family, the whole extended family comes together at my grandparents' house and that's nice because often times it's the only time I get to see some cousins throughout the year. It will be a little different because my brother just got back from Iraq; he's stationed at Camp Lejeune. He'll be home for the holiday but a lot of his friends who are Marines with him probably won't be able to make it home, so he'll bring them home with him. And we'll have some people who are from the tour who aren't able to make it back home or who aren't going home for Christmas ...so we're going to have an extremely extended family for Christmas with us.

Q: You're working on a new album. Are you planning on doing any collaborations with anyone? Any duets?

A: We started before the tour, we stopped before the tour and we get back in the studio some time around January. ... I'd love to sing with somebody else. I'd love to put a duet on the album. We've just got to find the right person to do it with.

Q: Any artists come to mind?

A: Well there's definitely people who I think are talented and I would love to sing with. ... I think there are people like Faith Hill and Martina McBride who are extremely talented.

Q: Well you didn't win "American Idol" but you've had a lot of success since the show. What do you think your greatest accomplishment has been so far?

A: It's hard to say. I could say a few things like, you know, `We had an album,' `We had a Christmas tour' and so on and so forth. Honestly for me, I think probably the biggest accomplishment has been being able to go and do things working with the [bubel/Aiken] foundation that I've set up.

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Reposting this article:

Claymates in Clay Land

'American Idol' star brings his holiday tour to the Palace tonight

By STEVE BARNES Senior writer

First published: Thursday, December 8, 2005

Clay Aiken, a big-voiced nerd from North Carolina and the most successful loser in "American Idol" history, is on his way to becoming the next Barry Manilow: adored by legions of fervent fan-addicts ("Claymates") who buy his albums by the millions, yet considered a punch line, or ignored altogether, by an even larger contingent of the population.


After finishing as runner-up to soul crooner Ruben Studdard in the second season of "AI" in 2003, Aiken, now 27, went on to release the smash-selling CD "Measure of a Man" and to tour solo, drawing screams and sighs from audiences comprised mostly of generations of women.

This holiday season, as he did last year, the proudly Christian Aiken is touring with a Christmas show. He, backup singers, dancers and a band provide the theatrical and musical accompaniment, including many songs from Aiken's multiplatium "Merry Christmas, With Love" CD, for a story performed by actors. Aiken wrote the script, which details how a grumpy lady finds her holiday happiness restored by the ebullient festiveness of an 11-year-old boy.

Aiken's "Joyful Noise" tour makes a stop tonight at the Palace Theatre in Albany.

Because the fervency of his fans plays an unusually large part in his career -- and because the Claymates know far more about him that we do -- we asked them what they wondered about him. The interview questions below were e-mailed to the Times Union and read to Aiken. When available, questioners' full names, ages and places of residence are given.

Q: (Judy Constantino, Capital Region): What do you want for Christmas (besides world peace)?

A: At this point I'm pretty happy, and I'm sure I'm a lot tougher to buy for than I used to be. I guarantee if I told somebody something I wanted, fans would go and spend their own money and I'd get 55 of them, so I'm a little hesistant to say anything. I'm pretty content right now. I do want my house I'm building (in North Carolina) to be finished.

Q: (Danielle Crandall, 35, South Lake, Texas; signs her e-mails "Clay 4 President!") If you had to choose one from the following, which would it be?

A. Unlimited peach ice cream

B. Perfect vision without contacts or glasses

C. Flip-flops for every occasion

A: Oh, gosh. If I had one wish, it wouldn't be any of those three; I don't think I care for any one of them. If I had to pick one I guess it would be the flip-flops.

Q: (Joyce M. Weber, 66, Troy) As a grandmother and mother, my question is: Because you are traveling for the tour, was your mom able to be with you for your Nov. 30 birthday?

A: No, but we'll see each other at Christmas, and we talk often. I'm getting, hopefully, old enough where I can have a birthday without my mom having to be there.

Q: (Karen Ketcham, 52, Rotterdam) Clay, you talk so much onstage it's clear you're a "born talker." How do you protect your voice from the strain of performing almost nightly shows?

A: Oh, my Lord, I don't even pay attention to it; I just kind of do it. My (former high school) choir director, who's on tour with us, says I've always been the very worst when it comes to warming up, protecting the voice and all that mess. I don't think I really do anything.

Q: (Debi Cionek, 51-year-old Claymate, South Glens Falls) When you're singing at a concert, which do you prefer singing: a slow ballad or an upbeat song?

A: Oh, my goodness, it kind of depends. It doesn't necessarily depend what the tempo is, but whether it says something and whether it's got a good melody. When it's live, sometimes ballads are more powerful, but when you're recording something, a faster song can be great.

Q: (Miranda Joly, 11, Clifton Park) If you could sing anywhere in the United States, where would it be, and why?:

A: I've done most every state, except I've never been to Louisiana or Mississippi, and I've never been to Montana and I think there's another one -- Wyoming. So I probably would go with those: Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana or Wyoming, for my fans there.

Q: (Marilyn Gerby, "over 21," Latham) I was chatting online with a couple of friends on The Clayboard, and we all had tickets for a rescheduled show you did in El Cajon, Calif., last Dec. 30, and I said to them on The Clayboard, "Remember, Christmas isn't over 'til the skinny kid sings." Imagine my surprise and delight when you said pretty much the same thing onstage at that show! Ever since then I've been wondering: Did you get that line from me or was it a case of great minds thinking alike?

A: I got it from my manager; he has a penchant for saying that. So I guess I'd say I got it from the manager.

Q: (Mary Shaver, 43, Ingleside, Ontario, Canada) I had to come all the way to Albany to see you last time and will this time, too. When organizing your tour dates, would it be possible to include a city on the eastern side of Canada? I'm sure that I am not the only Clay fan in my area.

A: I don't schedule my tours. I have to trust the agencies or tour operators. Sometimes we have trouble getting to all the places we'd like to.

Q: (Terri Thompson, 50, Niverville) When you were on "American Idol," I voted for you every time -- not once but many times during the evening. Now I'm disappointed to see the price of tickets. They are $47 to $127, and some online sites have them as high as $360! What do you say to fans who liked you because you seemed to be a real down-to-earth guy who is now commercialized?

A: That's something that's a concern of mine, too. But I have nothing to do with ticket prices. All I can do is show up. If you buy from a reputable source, tickets are never really higher than the official prices. It sounds like those tickets are being sold illegally. Ticket prices are a concern of mine, and I want to make sure that my shows are affordable for family, but I only have so much control.

Q: (Chris, 38) I know you don't like to talk about your personal life, but we Claymates have heard stories about you with girls in college, making out at parties and such. Tell us the truth: You're not as innocent as you want us to believe, are you?

A: Oh, my gosh! (Laughs) We're nice to you and give you time for one last question and you go for the dirt?

STEVE BARNES: Dirt? That's not dirt. You should see the fans' questions I didn't ask:

A: Oh, my! (Laughs) Well. OK, what was the question again, about making out with girls at parties?

SB: She asked, "We Claymates have heard stories about you with girls in college, making out at parties and such. Tell us the truth: You're not as innocent as you want us to believe, are you?"

A: Some things are best left to the imagination, Claymates.

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Good evening everyone,

Couchie are you mocking my southern accent?? Shame on you. (Just kidding, really) :D I can't help it, it just comes naturally along with my sweetness (yeh right).

The back stage tape is so neat (and Raleigh is so adorable) as is her master, but we already know that.

The articles that ya'll downloaded were well worth the read.

Anyway, I hope everybody has a good night. Not much going on down here, just wet and cold. I hate winter!!! At least we don't have snow in Middle Georgia. :)

Couchie, don't let Bottlecap gripe at you so much (LOL). Your admin powers were not that bad!!.

edit: yah for penguins. Just love them.

Edited by georgiaclay
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Couchie?!?!?! COUCHIE?!?!? what have you been up to!!!!

That is so funny. I also have three aliases on but never had to demote myself for edit triger finger...HEE!!! :lol:

welcome to our new members...and thanks so much for all the great pix.

Sorry I have been scarce, I have been back since Tuesday night but is slowly getting back in the swing of things.

Although my time in Florida was wonderful the trip to and from was just terrible. Going to Florida we were stranded overnight in Maine, lost our connection twice and was on the road for 36 hours. Coming back we missed one connection got stranded over night in Boston and was on the road for 27 hours. So when I got back I gave myself lots of time to recover.

So for people waiting for pins to go up I will work on this tonight...and updates on FCA will resume tomorrow.

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Anyway, I hope everybody has a good night. Not much going on down here, just wet and cold. I hate winter!!! At least we don't have snow in Middle Georgia.

Unfortunately, georgiaclay, we do have snow in Northwestern Ohio (4" to 6" expected overnight), so I'm a little jealous about that.

Ansa, glad you're back safely. Maybe you can help keep your power-crazed, multiple-personalitied fellow moderator in check! :P

I'm off to the concert thread now. Awhoo Hoo for Albany!

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