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# 8 My titanium balled, taking his life into his big hands,


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  1. 1. What should the next thread title be for the FCA Forum?

    • I really look forward to hearing Clay bring a sexy Moon River back
    • All this talk of Moon River has made pour a nice glass of red wine, curl up on my sofa with Waldo
    • It makes your girl parts vibrate
    • The board of easy women
    • It's just that Clay's world is so much more than us. So much more than fans and concert dates and venue choices and juvenile exchanges on his fan site. He's just so much more.
    • He's just so much more.
    • He's a man of a 1000 faces and all of them are great to look at.
    • They have not fallen down on their knees and kissed his lily white ass!

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Honestly -- I don't care about "cool," I just really, really, really like Clay.

:bravo: It's so much easier once you accept that being a Clay fan will never be "cool," and why would anyone expect that it would be??

Well, to rip off ldyjocelyn - could we subtitle this board - the board of easy women?


Love it!!! Thread title?

Congratulations to everyone on your tickets--they all sound like great seats. YAY!!! :Tour3:

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No no no no - the do I see something in hishand is very big at the CB!

We're silly, but that? DO we haveto take photoshop lessons to keep up with Moanica? Every board has their specialty, I think being easy is enough for me.

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I'm home everyone from California. Flew business class for the first time ever and what a difference on my achin' back! Watched "Marie Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola. Excellent job.


Ticket stress. Well I'm goin' with those Philly and Biltmore group thingies. HOpe that works out. And guess I'll just wait for the Cary bloodbath. Those will be my three. Wonder if he's gonna come to WolfTrap. I'm too chicken to call. Probably won't.

YSRN and Lady J and Traveler, thanks for the help on Clay's "spring message". I didn't want to go through the cookie delete madness on laptop, so I got it at home on the main 'puter. Clay! Pretty lame! And he sounds like Daffy Duck- is it the teeth? Thufferin' Thuccotash!

Can't wait for summer of Clay. :TourExcite: WHATEVAH he does. Hee, muski, on the oboes. Remember when Martin Mull did "Duelin' Tubas"?

Will the strings do a pizzicato version of "Why Don't We Do IT In the Road" while Clay does the "Worm"?

Stranger things have happened.

Or is he practicing his quadruple jump in which his pants split for the "Skating Spectacular"?

Again, even though Ghirardelli blew and the weather sucked, it was fun seeing my girls last Saturday at the Cliff House. I wanna see that group shot! We should sign it and send it to Chexxie's dontcha think? :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Good luck to all on the pre-sales. And woohoo to all my girls here outing a not so nice person over at the OFC.

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Hey! Welcome Back Diva Dahlink!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

I didn't have time to figure what all the hub-bub was about this morning over at the OFC,

but I just went there and that thread seems to have disappeared. Or did they move it?

I hate to be dense, but could someone explain to me what it was all about? Send in a PM

if you don't want to rehash it on the board!


As confusing as it was to sort out all those venues and websites, etc, it seems I got a few of them wrong!

So - I made a bunch of corrections today - and THEN - they add another concert!!

:Tour3: ................ :allgood:

So I'll be adding it to the SUMMER CONCERT SCHEDULE page asap. Right now, I'm tired!!

I have to start resting up, working out, and taking those megavitamins so I can keep up my

stamina and be in shape for the ROAD TRIPS this summer!!

I sure hope he schedules something else for the mid-atlantic region. I'm not picky - anywhere

in PA, DE, WV, DC, VA, or NC will do!!

Good Luck to all ticket-buyers for Texas and beyond!!

:Tour4: ................... :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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The thread has been archived because people can not stay on topic. I was reading a thread about which station plays Clay and they were arguing about songs on the tour. So I went to the HDD, Mediabase and charts thread - and - - they were talking about the music on the tour!

Give me a break - can't people stay on topic?

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That was partly me, but I was thinking radio not tour song selections. I got confused once thinking someone asked about radio charting, and then confused again by another post suggesting LNM as a single. My fault. Sorry. Everyone agreed, which was nice (there were only a few posts though).

jmh123 - Girlfriend...you are good...I mean GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

ROTFLMAO! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

It was bracing, wasn't it? :F_05BL17blowkiss: Still want to hear more about your TITN love.

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Big push for Aiken tickets

March 26, 2007, 4:55PM

Big push for Aiken tickets


Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Aiken has Houstonians buzzing

A slow-selling second album and a daytime TV feud have done little to quell Claymania in Houston.

The Houston Symphony's phone lines were jammed Monday with calls inquiring about tickets for American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken's July 6 appearance with the orchestra.

The symphony sent e-mails to its subscribers and to Aiken fan clubs, prompting the onslaught.

"We've never seen response like this," symphony spokesman Art Kent said. "Not that we're unhappy about it. The response has been great. But I haven't even put out the press release."

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Call 713-224-7575 or log on to www.houstonsymphony.org.

As much as I don't always like to give the fandom too much power....it's nice to know that there is still some fans who want to see the man and are willing to flood ticket offices like this. *g*

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OMG! Roger does PR for the Houston Symphony too?!?!? That's the only reason Art could have for not putting out the press release months ago!

Heh. And the ticket thingie still wasn't particular stressful for me...but then I don't stress that much about tickets anyhoo.

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Loved the Houston article. It shows he still has a active fanbase. And nowhere did it say we were all old ladies with walkers who love listening to Andy Williams sing "Moon River"!

I did hate that they said "slow selling second album" and brought up the Ripa crap - but then again, you know Clive must have mandated they put that in there! *g*

But what doesn't show from that link is the scan with picture they used - a yummy AMA picture! I loved how he looked at the AMAs!


Look at the title of the article next to Clay, the one about Jack Ingram. Coincidence? I think not!

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I love the placement of the "Measure of a Man" title for the other singer, too!

I haven't received my instructions on what to think about that yet, but I bet the new Vernal Equinox record label had something to do with it.

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This was posted by someone at the OFC.

Looky what I found on the Houston Symphony site:



Media Contacts

Art Kent, Senior Director, Public Affairs

Jeff Duncan, Assistant Manager of Media Relations


Patrons of the Houston Symphony were treated to their first glimpse of the new state of the art video screen system in Jones Hall, May 28-30. The cameras, screens, projectors, and support equipment gave audience members close-up images of the conductor and musicians, a perspective generally only available to performers on stage. This permanently installed system was made possible through a grant from the Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation.

The video system is comprised of 3 cameras, two located in the lower area of the box seating section and the third mounted on the conductor's podium. The images captured by the cameras are fed to a control room located underneath the stage, and then projected onto large screens suspended above the stage.

"Other orchestras have been experimenting with video enhancement," said Ann Kennedy, Houston Symphony Executive Director and CEO. "Now, thanks to the efforts of Symphony Society President Ed Wulfe and the generosity of the Herzstein Foundation, the Houston Symphony has moved into the forefront of American orchestras by having this technology always at our disposal."

"We are especially looking forward to using video in our childrenýs concerts," said Kennedy. "Today's kids are part of the "video generation" that is more used to the visual than the aural. Being able to add that visual component to our concerts will greatly enhance our ability to teach them and create long-term interest in great music. We also think the video will be a great addition to many of our Pops and other special concerts."

The screens will be used frequently for performances in the 2004-05 Symphony season.

Hmmm. Up close images of Clay...... Sounds good to me!

I am bummed about how strict they seem to be about cameras. People have been told that even with the artist's OK cameras will NOT be allowed. Clack may be hard to come by. I just hope not all the venues are that strict.


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Somehow...I think we will still have clack...I certainly don;t want the clack gatherers to feel pressured to risk their own enjoyment of the show. But even just the cellcert will be good enough clack for the first night.

Heee...couchie...I have a feeling you will be in Texas...or maybe Florida if it is the end of the tour???

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I am bummed about how strict they seem to be about cameras. People have been told that even with the artist's OK cameras will NOT be allowed. Clack may be hard to come by. I just hope not all the venues are that strict.

I can't say I'm surprised.......there has always been a question of how to get around the orchestra's policies on the JNTs and even the JNaT. Depending what stance TC takes ("crapshoot" like last time, or "no flash" - except they are usually more lenient on that in outdoor amphitheatres) it will probably vary from venue to venue. I am sure some of our stealth gatherers will manage to get some. However, it makes me want to go to more shows, just in case. ;)

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Saw this at the CH:

From claysbuttercup99 at the CB:

Sorry if this was already posted somewhere - After seeing Clay's partial setlist, I emailed the Houston Symphony about it (expecting to get the same songs listed there in return.) But I just got an email saying Invisible and The Way are also on the set list!! Here's the email I got!




Thank you so much for your interest in the Houston Symphony!

Clay Aiken's song list has not been confirmed. But he will be perform a combination of his hits such as Invisible and The Way and classics such as Bridge Over Trouble Water and Moon River with the Houston Symphony. The entire set list will not be confirmed until the concert.

have a great day!

I wish she had asked them if members of Clay's band would be with him - as well as Angela and Quiana.

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You know....

In a way, I like hearing about things like what he's going to be doing ahead of time. There sometimes is a bit of "mental preparedness" when going into a Clay Aiken show that just needs to be done. IMO, it's just so that when you're blinded by the pretty and wowed by the voice, you'll remember thinking about this stuff before the show. *g*

But at the same time....

I'm getting more than a bit freaked by fans emailing and emailing and calling and emailing some more, just to get details and information on these shows. I liken this to fans who took to emailing and talking to the CD distributors after ATDW was released (which bugged the snot out of me). Can't we, as a fandom, just go into the show and ENJOY what is given to us? Or does it have to be analyzed like there is no tomorrow, and judgements made about the show, even before walking into the theater? Besides -- the shows are just over 3 months away! There's plenty of time for publicity to come out that will tell more of the story.

Sorry -- I'm venting here, but the impatience of this fandom really makes me see red sometimes. (And yes, I was one who with MOAM, MCWL AND ATDW, waited until actually getting a copy in my hand before making pronouncements....and most people call me weird for that.)

Carry on.

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well I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't know that as of now. I think what would be clear is the orchestras role in all this. Also it seems that there is a limit to what they can share. thats good.

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