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Couch Tomato

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It's just that Clay's world is so much more than us. So much more than fans and concert dates and venue choices and juvenile exchanges on his fan site.

He's just so much more.

That's from Muski..if it wins, we'll make it fit hee

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I'd like that one as "He's just so much more."

But I also really like this from keepingfaith:

He's a man of a 1000 faces and all of them are great to look at.
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anything that comes from that angelic voice is music to my soul. I still state he should have won AIdol - that voice just melts one's entire body.

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Did a search and found all my thread title suggestions...

Divayenta said:

Teefy, toofy

Smiley, goofy

Winky, "wonky"

My favorite "honky"!!

Yep, that's Clay.

Ansa said.....

He is simply doing his thing...quietly...without fanfare...what a beautiful thing

bottlecap said...

That doesn't mean that I don't still think that he is super hawt and that I'd like to lick him...

Not sure who said this one: - they'll have to be surprised

he was cute, he sings pretty, he teases people and he's sexy.

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By popular demand, from bottlecap:

A big MWAH! and muchos gracias to a globe-trotting, lazy-ass, dog-loving, soft-rocking dude!

From lightmyfire:

Clay is Clay.

His instrument is undefinable.

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Quote from muski:

"Indeed they are, my child. Clown feet." (Make me laugh, clown.' )"

(somewhat modified)


QUOTE(cindilu2 @ Jun 19 2007, 01:17 PM)




Could be quite appropriate during tour :Thud:

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Bottle said:

Refresh, read, click the next tab; Refresh, read, click the next tab; lather, rinse, repeat. Insert random EEE's. Yeap, it's cellcert time again!

Rocknrollmom said

Aw, that man can blog me any ole time!

Sounds like Muski

He's a unique treasure, no doubt. A pain in the ass sometimes, I'm sure. A blessing, plain and simple.

and one hawt man.

Totally said: Yes, I live under a rock....with Clay Aiken.

lightmyfire said:

Clay is Clay.

His instrument is undefinable.

bottle cap said:

A big MWAH! and muchos gracias to a globe-trotting, lazy-ass, dog-loving, soft-rocking dude!

Now just have to figure out how to make a poll heee.

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May I add one more? Just for the hell of it 'cause.....well, just 'cause.

"Clay, you're never alone, lover!"

whimpering mess that I am...

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Hey folks, just wanted to say hi and offer up my review of the threefer.

Ah.Freaking.Mazing. The Man, the Music. All of it. The Aiken Experience. There's nothing else like it and I am one lucky fan.

The bolded part smells like a thread title to me.

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