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If Clay's happy, I'm happy.

I don't care shit whether he rocks, sways, or jiggles.

Oh yeah I vote for the jiggles!!

Bolded... thread title???

Clay's going to sing.

Life is good.

wanda... you're on a roll... great thread title!

Clay's going to sing.

Life is good.

:yeahthat: *and* Thread title! :clap:

anna... great minds run in the same circles! LOL

What more could a girl (or guy) want?

Another thread title...

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Thanks jmh -- I was heading out for dinner just as all these good thread title suggestions came along.

And actually, liney suggested a different line of mine (although I *cough* kind of like the one you picked too):

Clay will sing, he'll sound great, and I'll be a happy camper.
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From Cindilu...

The man is a star and we saw him go super-nova.


"Oh yeah, he really is just. that. good."

From Ldyj...

"Shoot, I'm still suffering from post-concert giddiness, and I wasn't even freakin' there!"

From merrieeee...

"I really think it is now his time and yes it is about damn time!"

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