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So You Think You Can Dance... 07,08, 2009

Couch Tomato

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Oh what a surprise to see Katie's room mate. I'm so happy. That's the saddest part to me when they let one friend go through and not the other.

I missed the first hour -- watching my Lakers lose - but I taped it and can't wait to watch it all from the beginning. I did see the girl with arthritis. She was really good. I feel for her though.

I will watch the entire thing tomorrow. So happy it's back!

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Just how cringe-inducing were last night's 'oh no they didn't' moments on SYTYCD last night.

They did have a fall at the end of their routine, and maybe were not the best. dancers. ever. but I certainly saw less 'perfect' dancers go through to Vegas. I don't know if America IS ready to see two men dancing together or not (but even if they both made it to the show, they wouldn't be dancing together. Duh. And it's their right to have who they want on their show, but really WHY show them at all? I don't want to believe it was just to mock them - but playing 'It's Raining Men' at the beginning, and 'It's A Man's World (but it's nothing without a woman)' at the end makes it pretty difficult.

This is pretty interesting... (have to read all the way through). Afterwards I was trying to decide if it was my filter that was making me despise what they did or not - but I really don't think so.

AfterElton interview with Misha

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Good lord, why they tried to squash 6 dances into 1 hour just to get to that boring ass Gordon Ramsey cooking show I'll never understand. And so I refuse to watch the bloated 2 hour finale live. I'm watching basketball and will just tune in to to see the winner.

Trying to do this show in the fall was a huge mistake. It just all felt so rushed. And the judges..I can't stand them this season.

I'm rooting for Ellenore and then Russell. I like Ryan too. I can barely remember the names of the rest.

And what do they mean they are starting auditions in January? WHAT? When does the next series start?

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Couchie... they did the same thing with the last season. Finale, then auditions for this season 2 weeks later.

I voted for a solid half an hour for Russell. Jakob is the best dancer, but as they keep telling us, it's America's favorite dancer and he's mine. Elanore is great, but I like Russell better cause he has stepped up from being a krumper to being a great all around dancer. Elanore already was a good dancer when she started and just got better.

You just like Ryan's FANTASTIC body... LOL He's just there cause everyone wanted him to be in the finals with Ashley, IMO. He's good, but definitely third place guy. Which is fine, cause Ashley is third place girl. Again, IMO.

I do love this show and will watch it again, even if it is in 2 weeks. I am TIVOing the finale and will watch later so I can fast forward thru everything but the dancing... Adam Lambert... UGH!!!!!!!!

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I ended up watching most of it live. It won't rank up there as one of the most memorable to me. Actually it's forgotten already except for the last 5 minutes. LOL. Although I was rooting for Ellenore I was very happy with Russell winning. He was my original favorite. He was so exuberant..I think that may have been the most real reaction in the history of reality shows LOL.

Anyway, last night should have been 2 hours and tonight should have been 1. They could have cut all the singing. Who cares. All of that takes away from the dancers getting their last time to shine. And the ending was so rushed - and we didn't get to hear Jacob at all. I finally saw Adam Lambert and I spent the entire time wondering what pooped on his shoulder. I don't know -- for all the hype I wasn't all that impressed.

Jennifer Lopez -- she was smart. The only reason I didn't check the score of the game during her lip synching is because all of my wonderful SYTYCD girls dancing in the background. Katie Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I still say this show needs to be a fun summer show only. I know the ratings fell like 25% and now this group may not even get a tour. So it needs to be more of a summer event. For some reason people prefer DWTS. I don't but it gets 10 times the ratings as SYTYCD. So they need to stop tyring to compete.

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I didn't know all that... no tour???? That's a shame, cause of the money the kids get. It sets them up well for not having to be a starving artist. LOL

I was, of course, thrilled that Russell won. Jakob will be just fine as he is an awesome dancer and Nigel will help him get a place in a group and he'll be exactly where he wants to be. How does Russell make a living now? I loved his reaction and also wish they had shown more of it and, as you say, Jakob. I hate the big fanale's on all the shows that show you who won at the last possible minute with no reaction time allowed. Whatsupwiththat????

I don't think they should compete with DWTS either. Let them be on in Spring and Summer when DWTS is not on. I agree with you on that.

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Maybe they will come up with something for this group but they normally announce a tour before teh show ends so the show can help sell tickets. I'm not sure how true it is but someone posted on TWoP that Nigel wasn't sure there would be one due to the lower ratings and they didn't know if they could sustain one. They could have looked at smaller venues like the first tour. I think that's better than an arena tour anyway.

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