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Relly Awards


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~They are accepting Nominations for the Regis & whatshername show ~

So, if you think Clay would get a kick out of winning something from them then VOTE

If not, then please forgive me posting this here and try to see the humor/irony in it all :)

*I seem to recall he has a special cabinet set aside with a place already for his award (sorta)*

I think Clay himself would howl if he won anything. Below is the link for all the show lists w/guests. He was on November 17, 2006! He is NOT LISTED on that days show in the heading. He does appear in the details if you click on it. Ahh yes and the "reviews" did bring back some uhm....memories/emotions.

Link fo the list of shows and guests:


Vote here:


There has been some discussion on other boards about The "Most Touching Moment" and well, you can imagine how appropriate that would be ;)


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I think we can close this thread now since TPTB have creatively and mysteriously chosen to eliminate the the co-host category. I somehow doubt that they will allow Clay to be awarded anything at this point.

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