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July 6, 2007 Houston

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Yes, Virginia...there IS a Santa Claus.

And his name is Clay.







Dear BabyJesus:

Thank you for making it possible for me to see the Houston show after the Frisco show before going almost a month before the next one. Thank you. Houston will go down in my journal as being my very first show of the DCAT.



OMG. Now THIS was a concert. THIS was a Clay Aiken concert. He was...his voice was impeccable. The banter was hilarious and just enough. Angela and QUiana were wonderful. The orchestra---though very staid and professional as reported upthread, was terrific---they sounded great and the music and the vocals were in sync! (Something missing in Frisco.) The crowd was there JUST.FOR.CLAY. and they let him know it. He was there just.for.us. too and we felt it.

Anyone who loved the CLACK from Frisco (which I did not, by the way)...trust me when I say that when you see and hear the clack from tonight's concert---AND THERE WILL BE UNBELIEVABLE CLACK!---will wonder how you ever ooohed and aaaahed before. There is just NO comparison between the quality of tonight's show and Frisco's. None. Never mind the reasons. It was night and day from the first note.


I don't think I can go through the whole concert now...I DO have a party to go, after all...but I just had to come online to tell you that THIS is what Clay Aiken does. What he can do. He can make my face hurt from smiling so much. He can make me literally and audibly gasp at good camera shots on the jumbotron and ache to touch that face. He can make me grab CG's leg multiple times when he sings a certain way, looks a certain way, moves a certain way. He can make me guffaw because he's just so freakin' adorkable. He can make me clap and stand up and yell "YEAY!" when he engages us and makes us feel involved in the show. He can cause me to shake my booty while he's doin' his crotch grabbin' and Sexy Backin' and Yeah-Yeahing...He can make me sob singing LAA..He did. I sobbed and tears just streamed. His voice was heartbreakingly beautiful on that song. I could hear it and he hit those notes and they cried out with all the emotion I believe he put into them when he wrote the words. And during BYLM? It was SOOOO clear what he wanted to say to us. He sang to us and no one will ever make me believe otherwise. Tears showed up then, too.

So. Now I am dying to see another one and another one and another one..

Wait! I already am...hehee.

:F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss:

To all of you. I hope you all get a chance to experience this round of Clay ecstasy. :DoClay:

Now...off to the post-coital afterglow party. :Tour3:

PS. Spotlightlover was right behind us and said from the very beginning that she got absolutely dropdead gorgeous clack. At the end of the concert she hurried back to her hotel room to start loading it and doing whatever magic it is she does. Y'all are gonna have some surreal CLACK! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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Hey everyone! CG here!

Not much to add to what muski said (besides, there is partying to do....)



The song "Night and Day" keeps running through my mind.

He is amazing...

He is gorgeous....

Too much pretty for one man.....

He is funny.....

He sings purdy......

I love him.

It was amazing.

I'll write more when I get home tomorrow, but the little shit made me cry!!!!!

I love him!

He's hot.

That is all......


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sniff... :F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss: Muski and CG...can't wait for CA!!!

I have to admit...when I heard him tonight...I realized how bad he sounded in Frisco. Its like night and day.

His voice was phenomenal tonight...the best MOAM ever...the best ATDW ever...and I never liked IWTKWLI....until tonight...

and LAA>>>>OMG....

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When I was flying home from Houston yesterday, thoughts just kept running through my little brain. Having no laptop, I decided to jot them down on little teeny note paper. If I can read what I wrote, I thought I would share them with you.

The plane ride was not peaceful. It was literally half full with VERY noisey rug rats. But in my head I kept hearing Clay, his voice strong and pure - TOA, LAA, even that big butt song! I heard the audience singing "You really turn me on..." to him - a song which really should become this fandom's theme song. I heard him singing BYLM with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes during certain lines of the song. I heard the banter and the teasing. I saw him imitating Scarlett slinking down in her seat while she was trying to get that clack we all so crave ( :F_05BL17blowkiss:). I heard Angela bring the house down with her amazing rendition of "Listen". I saw in my mind his beautiful face - the stubble, those eyelashes, the smile. And I saw a man who loves to sing, loves to entertain, loves his girls - Angela and Quiana - and loves us, his fans.

And then I thought back to Frisco. That concert I am sure will long be debated. To me, as you kow, it was a disappointment. I didn't think it would ever be possible for me to walk out of a Clay Aiken concert disappointed. But I did after Frisco. I am glad some loved it, especially those who saw it in person. I said to keepingfaith after the Houston concert that I was especially glad she loved it. It was her first concert ever and I was so happy she glowed afterwards - just like you should after your first time.

However, to me, the contrast between Frisco and Houston was so unbelievable, so stark, it was like I saw one concert by a Clay Aiken wannabe and one by the master himself.

Obviously there was a huge difference in the venues and the quality of the symphonies. But it was more that just that. It was even more than the few adjustments he made in the medleys or the addition of some songs. There was just something different about the feel, the flow. And, IMO, there was something different about Clay ad even Quiana and Angela. In Frisco to me he seemed almost tentative, confuzzled at times, out of sync. The voice was often, to my ears, straining and off key. I watched clack to confirm this because the sound system in Frisco was bad. I ask you to listen to the LAA clack from Frisco and then listen to the LAA clack from Houston. See and feel the difference.

In Houston his voice was strong and powerful and as close to perfection at times as I have heard it in a long time. He had his swagger back. He seemed at ease and comfortable on stage - as he usually does but which I saw lacking in Frisco.

In Houston I saw Clay Aiken doing what he does best and what he seems to so love to do.

The concert wasn't perfect. The symphony was too loud. I think their mics needed to be turned down and the singers' mics turned up a bit. I am still not a fan of the TV medley. It is still, IMO, stupid, too long and a tad boring, but it was MUCH better than it was in Frisco. I wish he would have added LNM, the only original song off of ATDW he didn't sing. I would have so preferred that to ATD since we have been hearing that for two long years! I would KILL to hear him sing IYDKMBN! I kind of always thought we wouldn't get BW and I mourn that feeling coming true.

However, I got out of the Houston concert everything I wanted and more. I was smiling so much it hurt. The little shit made me cry - and I never cry! I was entertained right down to my heart and soul. I gasped at his beauty and felt all my girly parts tingle. I left on one of the highest Clay highs ever and I am still floating.

And oddly enough, despite my feelings about the Frisco concert, I am grateful I was there. Without Frisco, there wouldn't have been Houston. I doubt it would have meant as much to me, been as powerful to me, without my having been to Frisco. Having experienced that disappointment made everything about Houston all the more special to me.

There are certain concerts that always stand out as something beyond the ordinary. The Wilkes-Barre IT concert, the last JBT concert in Atlantic City are two that come to mind for me. And now I will add the Houston DCAT concert. It was the concert that made me believe that with Clay, anything is possible. For me, Houston has set the bar very, very high for the rest of this tour.

Personally, I CANNOT WAIT to see if any other concert can top it!

After Houston, all the controversy surrounding ATDW and what did or didn't happen behind the scenes, what Clay was or wasn't forced to do, what he is or isn't "required" to sing or what he does or doesn't want to sing - all that just seems so unimportant, insignificant. Clay on that stage that night in Houston made it clear that all was right in the Clay world.

The man is back and better than ever - and doing what he loves to do!!!

I love him! :wub:

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Thanks CG... I so agree with you about those special special concerts. For me it's SJ IT, Greenville, Raleigh NAT, EC JNT04, and AC JBT. They are all special in their own way but some are just way more special than others. Glad you got that in Houston.

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Thanks for the recap, CG.

I tend to agree with everything you said based upon what I have seen thus far in clack. So take it for what it's worth. Mostly I strongly agree with the TV themem song medely. I wish he would lose it. But it's my only complaint. Ooops, did I just say "complaint"?

Shut mah mouth!


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Aww, CG, you made me cry, first with the excitement of your first paragraph,

Is it too late to add 'You really turn me on" to the thread titles?

...and then with your wrap up of the entire event.

Anticipation is a powerful thing... and in a way I can see how your Frisco experience made your Houston experience that much more awesome! I felt the same, albeit on a WAY smaller level, kind of thing. Houston, even over a cellcert was AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing your feelings (all the way up from your heart and soul). They're yours; nothing to debate about.


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great recap...

I totally agree with you...the two concerts were like night and day!!!

In Frisco I also noted the awkwardness in his banter...the voice that was straining...and the lousy acoustic and almost non existent orchestra on the clack. But I guess I wasn;t disappointed because I was just in my home listening to a cellcert and I also have very low expectations for the first show. I never collect the first show audio clack in any tour cos I think he always over sings and at times get off key...So to me his vocals on Frisco was understandable. I was worried that this is the voice we will get throughout the tour and Houston totally erased that fear.

I also understood why he seemed awkward in his banter .This is not his usual audience and he can see that a large percent of the audience was not paying attention to him. That is a big difference from his usual experience.It was not only him that was off...I thought the girls were off too...

Houston...it was as if they all finally came home to the familiar and that just gave everyone that extra something.

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The Houston show, or, Is it humid like that all the time or only when Clay Aiken is in town?

Thursday, July 5: Awake at 4:00 a.m. in the morning and catch my flight at 6:00. I’m wearing my Invisible shirt (it’s a shirt I like to travel in – a great attention getter). So, I’m sitting there about ready to start my book when a woman walks up to me in the Peoria airport and says “you’re a Clay fan. You’re heading to Texas, aren’t you?” Turns out this was Invisible2sum from the CH, who lives about an hour away from me, even though we’ve never met. We kill time chatting about the Frisco show (even though neither of us knew a whole lot about it, staying unspoiled) and playing with her husband’s iPhone. The trip to Houston was made a lot of fun by having someone to talk to!

Arriving in Houston, I met up with HeidiHo at the airport, and after a freakishly long wait for a shuttle, we make it to our hotel. We oriented ourselves to the streets of Houston, and find Jones Hall. I make like a tourist by pointing at the pretty Clay banner; Heidi swats my hand. Back to the hotel to get a mean margarita in the bar, and then meet up with muskifest and Claygasm. By then the bar is filling fast with all sorts of wonderful women. I remember meeting Whatever; the rest were a blur. I think it was my second margarita caused that loss of memory. *g*

Friday, July 6: Up for breakfast at the hotel, and then Heidi and I went on a search for alcohol for our room. There’s NOTHING on the streets of Houston. Finally, we find a nice security guard, who shows us the tunnel system. So THAT’S where all the people are! We finally find a six pack of beer, and then head back to the hotel to freshen up. Then, off to the tunnels to find Biraporetti’s. The wandering group included me, Heidi, muski, Claygasm, playbiller, and a nice man who showed us almost the entire tunnel system to get to the restaurant.

The eHP throws a wild, wild west party. I think the name tags were the best part, although I have to admit that the poster I got (an enlargement of one of Karen Eh?’s Christmas shows pictures) was pretty darn cool too. I earned bling that evening by helping geekette sell raffle tickets to the ClayBoard party upstairs. I also blew out my voice…and it wasn’t even show time yet! So much fun – good food, good friends, good times. Oh, and I got to finally meet merieeee (who is a sweetheart, even through the raunchy stuff *g*) and the wonderful, wonderful keepingfaith who told me that she has been a space case all week. Wonder why? Oh yeah, I guess seeing Clay live ever for the first time would do that.

We get to Jones Hall…and discover how good 6th row dead center seats are. I told someone later that in many other concert halls, I would have been front row…so I’m extremely jellus of you lucky beyotches who were down in front. (Yes, I’m looking at you, entire eHP….) My apologies to spotlightlover, who seems to always draw the straw of having to sit directly behind me. But – she still got some awesome clack, and I’m grateful for it, because I’ll have a great memory of that night.

At this point, the whole thing turns into one big blur. I do remember using my binoculars before the show started to look at Jesse’s music, to discover that HYCA was going to be the first song. EEEEEEEEEE! And then….the lights went down….Quiana came out (looking fabulous)….Angela came out (looking fabulous)…and then that voice. OMG, he’s singing. But where is he? My training with so many other concerts had me looking toward the back of the freakin’ concert hall, thinking he must be coming through the crowd again. What a dork I am! But then, he comes through a stage door…and I melted. He.was.right.there.

The clothes were fantastic. Needless to say, I couldn’t keep my binoculars off that little stud at the end of his zipper. Gulp. The pink shirt was very nice, although he kept having trouble with the sleeves. (After intermission, I noticed that they’d pinned them up….) The jacket was gorgeous – the subtle plaid in it made it so interesting. Finally – the shoes. What a nice pair. *g*

After I died hearing HYCA live, I died a second time with EIH. Two of my most favorite songs on the album – and I was hearing them live. He was in fantastic voice the entire night, IMO. The TV medley is very cute – and I was actually surprised that I didn’t know as many of them as I thought I would. I’m a TV junkie, but some of those past right by me. OTOH, I really loved hearing him sing the WKRP song. Some songs that I was not crazy about on the record, such as TOA and IWKWLI, I now have newfound respect for. They sounded great live. And those songs that I loved as soon as I heard them, such as WISYS and ATD – simply amazing. Quiana and Angela both did a fantabulous job with their two solos. I wish I could remember more of the banter…I need to recheck the clack at this point. As I said, the Aiken fog hit…

The classics medley is just on a whole ‘nother level. I keep thinking back to those times when I think I’ve written, “well, I’ll probably never hear him rap.” And then he blows that theory right out of the water. He starts in with Baby Got Back…and I’m on the floor laughing my ass off. It just keeps going from there – his Madonna/Weird Al/Keith take on LAV; being down with OPP; partying all night during Opposites Attract; and then Beat It. My favorites, though, were 1999 and STMTS (is that the new acronym?). I’ve always loved 1999, and so Clay doing Prince once again made me happier than a pig in shit. When he got down on his knees, I thought I’d never be able to catch my breath. Singing about sexy tractors – well, actually it was more his dancing during that one. He’s such a goof. My whole opinion of this section of the show, as well as the TV medley? The man has no fear. He just does his thing, screw the critics and those who want him in any kind of box (and I mean ANY kind of box *g*) and I love it.

LAA was simply beautiful. While I was totally impressed by the vocals, I found myself watching his body language. The Houston venue had jumbotrons, and I actually did manage to watch a bit of that during this song. I think he did turn mostly for the purpose of spotlighting the cello solo at first, but he stayed in that position for the rest of that song. I had a gorgeous profile shot from my seat. But, by looking at the jumbotrons, it seemed to me that he mostly kept his eyes closed as well. I had this feeling that he was showing a vulnerable side…but was also a bit uncomfortable doing that as well. It was an interesting mix. I know people around me were sobbing by the end of this song…but I wasn’t.

I had to save it for BYLM.

He started the song, and suddenly I was feeling his past year for him. All the support that he knew his fans were giving him was pouring out of his soul through that song. It was one big “Thank You” to US, and I couldn’t help but be touched. I was searching for Kleenex after the song finished. As much as I wanted more songs for an encore, I thought BYLM was the perfect ending to the show.

Afterwards, I made my way back to the hotel with keepingfaith and her sister, where we had a few final drinks with Heidi, muski and Claygasm, along with so many other great people. But soon, I was saying goodbye to people and was on the road to keepingfaith’s sister’s house to get some much needed sleep before the road trip the next day. OK, so I had to stay up for a few hours to chit chat with kf

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May I say :F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss: to Claygasm...you spoke for me this time, buddy. Great summary of those two experiences that we shared. :clap:

And ldyjocelyn...that tunnel man's name was Phillip, remember? He gave me his card so if you ever need any research or filing or whatnot done in some kind of court something or other in Houston, give him a ring! :medium-smiley-070:

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Man, are y'all gonna make me drag my recaps in here? Where are my minions? What am I paying you for? Wait...never mind. Forget I even mentioned the payment thingie...not important.

Just a little alternate view...I loved Houston and honestly believe unless a miracle happens - it will be THE concert of the summer tour...but Frisco simply wasn't that bad to me - a typical unpolished first concert. But I occasionally like my men a little rough. I didn't see "night and day". I saw seriously casual vs. casually elegant. Clay is at the point where he's not inhibited anywhere - but I think the venues where he can truly relax and not worry so much about fucking up will be few and far between - and I think frankly the crowd, the event and the venue allowed him a little leeway - and sometimes his opportunities for leeway don't pop up that often. One bad note on the Xmas tour (and I gotta admit it was horrific) and the fandom seemed to be on it's knees. Again, I sympathize with those just flat out didn't like Frisco, but man, it reminded me so much of the (thankfully) rare occasions I brought home a "C" - my mama acted like I shot her - especially when I reminded her that "average" meant just that - should have prepared her for my first "F" in college....I really don't think Clay has brought home an "F" yet - not even that Xmas special I plan never ever to watch again.

I know I lied about finishing my recap yesterday - but I'll do it today - I swear!

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Just from a cellstreams perspective...I think what made the two so different is the sound quality. both certs were actually clear...and it pains me that the Houston CH cellcert is lost cos that was really very clear even on the Banters, but the bad sound system for Frisco made my ear hurt. But I have to give props to the cellcerters for all three cos they certainly let us feel their excitment and made the Frisco concert truly enjoyable to me.

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Well, I have only been to two so far (yeah, yeah, Houston - I will work on it when I stop laundry, I am rewashing everything) but I feel this need to say that I think Frisco was rougher than it needed to be because that soccer game ran long and I believe they had to cut more of the show to get it done on time for the fireworks. It got done well before the fireworks, I think the fast talk kind of moved faster than expected.

Houston - yeah, before I forget.

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The clothes were fantastic. Needless to say, I couldn’t keep my binoculars off that little stud at the end of his zipper.
:lol: I usually can't either!

I cannot believe how seriously close to the stage you all were... intimate indeed!

Fun times... thanks for sharing!!

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My thoughts right now are still seriously muddled. I was down on the field in Frisco and loved every gosh darn minute of it. I do tend to go into an Aiken fog so it is difficult to remember anything I see and hear when he is in my sight! I know I laughed my head off, saw a freaklingly stunning man, heard some great singing and got to see one of my best buds see HIM for the first time. I will never forget the look on her face when he appeared. I honestly thought she was going to go all Sandecki on me*g*

I was really shocked when those in the stands did not see or hear what I did. I guess it really was two different concerts.

But now Houston..aahh! That man is so talented that it is really hard to comprehend. Growing up in England everything I saw on TV consisted of not just singers but phenomally talented entertainers! It was easy to become jaded when you got used to seeing that all the time. I would put Clay up against any one of those guys any day! When some of them came on to the tv screen everything stopped and they held you glued to the screen until the show was over. Clay is, in my mind, that kind of person. If he were to perform across the pond he would be a smash hit. I just know it.

I loved every minute of Houston. My sound was great, my seat could not have been better. Great. wonderful. stunning, fabulous, hawt, funny........God I don't know of any more superlatives I can use to describe it!

I cannot comment on the partay ....well it would be bragging*g*

Suffice to say the man had me a long time ago and after Houston he is never going to let me go and I thank god for it.

I would be remiss if I did not mention I met some great people, re-met some more and cemented friendships that I honestly feel will last a lifetime. For that I sincerely have to thank Clay . He has brought so much into my life that he can have no idea!

Well enough of the schmoopy.....How about them jeans??????

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I haven't written a recap yet, but I wanted to give long-overdue kudos to our party people. A whole lot of people put in a whole lot of work, for which I'm grateful...because if it had been left up to me and my organizational skills, all those hungry guests would have been fighting over one pan of brownies and putting quarters in the restaurant gumball machines for door prizes. You are super hostesses...the party was great...and you're pretty darn fun to know, too.

I was so happy to hug some very sweet folks and very sorry to have only made it half-way around the dining room...so I missed meeting a whole bunch of other people I wanted to meet. Next time...next time. :)

Anyway, the concert was a whole lot of fun. I really do look forward one day to going to more than ONE concert per series...and getting to EEE with my husband and kids around. heh Pay no attention to the drool stains on the shirt I was wearing. The dry cleaners did that, I swear! What.

I agree the musicians and the singers were out of balance, but I had such a wonderful time! More later. :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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