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July 6, 2007 Houston

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Except for the medley's that leaked setlist is pretty accurate...

wow...he is in excellent voice....its just filling up the place...fantastic.

Oh I think the girl said the medleys would remain..just wanted to add that there would be additional songs.

Take it off!???

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Hee - they are yelling at him to take his jacket off.

thought the show started at 8, not 7:30 so will shorten the intermission?

Quiana up now

Did he do LAA after the tv medley last night?

Gosh, Q has a wonderful voice. And I am REALLY looking forward to Angie singing Listen. I'm a DreamGirls junkie!

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Cindi, no he sang LAA after the classics medley.

I just read on another baord that the balcony was only about half full and the audience is approx. 1/3 men. Don't know how reliable the info is but FWIW.

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he caught scarlett videotaping and has been looking at her rest of evening..he sticking his tongue out at her..he's teasing her...and she's scrunched down in her seat...

Clay is having fun.

He's getting the people more involved.

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Intermission...love Merri

blue jeans...

cream linen jacket

button down shirt...

there was fuzz coming out of jacket and played with it and said he might take it off and everyone said YAY


yay scarlette he is playing around with ehr cos he discovered her...

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I love Merrrieeee's voice.

wonderful sound and acoustic...

it is phenomenal...

he was dancing during the TV medley with funny moves...and he was dancing in front of Scarlett

she has everything...


why were they screaming duirng ETYGA...making goofy faces at scarlette and making goofy faces to the back up

Full house

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KAndre is on the cellcert now... KAndre said she is easy but not cheap...

She said he was doing stupid things and stupid dances... Kandre is having phone...

He said you can open an electronics store up in here..

intermission was shortened so pee quick...unless you're going to buy tshirts.

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EEEEEEEEEEEEE she will be getting KAndre..

I love her...

he was doing stupid dacne to moving on up...

he outted scarlette...

he kept busting the people in front row...he said that they could open an electronic store...

he said they will shorten the intermission so pee fast unless you want a pee cert...

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he's stubbley

Set List

First Half

Here You Come Again

Everything I Have

I Want to Know What Love Is w/Angela Fisher


When I See You Smile


Everytime You go Away

The West Wing theme song – orchestra only


TV Theme Song medley - Perfect Strangers, Full House, Laverne and Shirley, What's Happening (orchestra only), Growing Pains, Different Strokes, Charles in Charge, Roseanne (orchestra only), Who’s the Boss, WKRP in Cincinnati, Golden Girls, Gimme a Break, Welcome Back Kotter, The Jeffersons, All in the Family


These Open Arms

When the Lights Go Down – Quiana Parler

thanks quiet1ne from the CH

KANdre said not a lot of I LOVE YOU CLAY LOOK AT ME I"M JUST A FAMEWHORE tonight so it should be good clack.

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