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July 17th Philadelphia

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well that letter sounds familiar..

LOL..so happy he laughs that shit off

It's too bad he couldn't bring the author front and center to say that stuff to his face.

He's an awesome man!

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he loves WW and just watched reruns...

he is a product of television...

he is playing a song and asking people if the know it...

played odd couple???

he asked why peopel were raising their hands...

I love TV theme song...telling ths story of AI

said for those of you that haven;t read this story on line the past two weeks...or something like that.

he is so funny when he sings the arthur song...he is teling the story much better now

Perfect stranger...

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Singing Perfect Strangers theme that he sung at AI audition....he's quite chatty...and I think the break helped his voice get strong again...I thought it sounded sorta strained and raspy near the end of hte Tulsa concert....

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From Smitten (Oregon):

When I first auditioned for american idol, I got cut

Audience: awww

talking about songs that he had prepared for idol, sang a bit of one.....and then always and forever

"and I was ready"

thank God I didnt sing that, so I was ready to sing, and that song didnt come out of my mouth, and neither did all those other songs that I had practiced to sing, this is what came out"

perfect strangers

from OFC

Originally Posted by PinkCocoa

The woman next to the person who I am talking to right now touched his toe as he was walking to the end of the catwalk!! How funny!

He is now pretending to conduct the orchestra.

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I remember Nell Carter singing this. Angela does a good job.

Totally agree. *sheepishly admits that I watched the show*

I love him doing WKRP in Cincinnati -- one of the best themes ever.

I agree. I even liked the show. :)

Loved the show. Need to search out the DVD's.

Clay does Archie Bunker quite well, if you ask me. But I know you didn't.

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love welcome back kotter...I actually watched about 75% of these shows.

Me too. And that song was a bonafide radio hit back in the day also. John Sebastion from Lovin' Spoonful.

it's amazing I can remember my name with all the misc. crap I have stored in my brain...



Oh hells bells .... I believe I watched all of those shows. I ain't too proud.

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jamar, you'd make a great librarian. All kinds of useless crap in your brain, and multitasking besides! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

He really hasn't changed the tenor of the show much, just tightened up a few things. I think I figured that would happen.

TOA....sounds great.

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