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July 17th Philadelphia

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is he going to make me love ATD as well...how incredible is that.

teasing the light guy again

he didn;t learn the words because he was interrogated by the FBI and he didn't have time to learn it

so he will continue with the forgot the words schtick...but I really love his voice on this song.

letting the audience sing the chorus

looking for a fan that knows the words

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OMG...that was the very best yet!!!

I love how playful he was with his voice...

he said the FBI might call again or something like that.

he said the orchestra thought they would play barry manilow light or something...

now he is talking about radio...top 40 sucks...hee

it used to be good...they play..it ain't Clay Aiken...hee

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This guy is fearless and wonderful and so fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eloquently and accurately expressed, cindilu. :cryingwlaughter: :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Oooooh! We're heading to the Classics Medley! WOO!

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"The orchestra thought this was going to be Barry Manilow junk."

"Which, essentially, it has been. Let's not lie."


"I listen to Top 40 every once in awhile. And it sucks."

What they play it ain't Clay Aiken!

These songs will one day be part of the American songbook. When Rod Stewart is around 200 years old.

I FLOVE my tactful, diplomatic, timid and easily intimidated boyfriend. :lmaosmiley-1: :DoClay:

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I also love his voice on Yeah! (when he's actually singing)...He's cracking himself tonight. Did he do the whip motion tonight on Sexy Back?

He sounds breathless on Achy Breaky Heart! :lmaosmiley-1:

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