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July 23, Sterling Heights, MI

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EEEEEEEEEEEE have fun bottle and laughn....its and early one tonight I see

its starting...the CH cellstream that is.

orchestra just getting ready.

good weather...they said camera's were ok just no flash

more women than men...skewing older

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the last night for ATD. He is so bored with that he is falling asleep

they told him that LAA was moving and he said that he was thinking of what he was goign to eat for supper

mary came out with waterbottle...he got red vitamin water.

lots of empty seats but people are still coming in.

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Hes, snarking with Qor A, about one of them getting their hair cut. Lots of laughter going on. Talking about going to ? Heater Pointe


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not getting too much during the banters,..will have to wait for other reports

how is the CV stream?

Not bad songwise. I can hear Clay talking and make out a few words but not enough to really understand.

He's talking about Ethel now.

Now something about Sean? & his myspace?


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from CH:

Apparently "I Want to Know What Love Is" is the funniest song in history: as soon as it started, there was lots of laughter.

Quiana did the duet with Clay tonight.

Banter --- they went to Cedar Point (amusement park near Cleveland, I believe) yesterday --- everyone except Q. Hard to understand, but he's ragging on her. Sean went on just one ride.

Sees familiar faces in the audience --- "People who've chased us."

Taling to familiar "stalker" fan (his phrase) --- "Now she's stalking us to MySpace."

"When I See You Smile" --- sounding nice and free tonight, in good voice.

He must have kept the screaming on the rollercoaster to a minimum.

From CV via CH:


My caller says his shirt is tucked in and he has a belt buckle. Hard to hear her. I guess she must have meant the belt buckle was large?


OFC is reporting dark blue jacket and black boots

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telling story about the AI audition...just copied some epoplesglory noting...

I love how people clap when he sings "take time"...hee

seriously...I can understand why he chose to sing Perfect strangers...his voice is so good on this song...

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Clay said, Are you hearing 2 of me, cuz I don't even like to hear 1 of me.
He's sitting to the side because the sun is going down and it's in his eyes......I think. He said "the people in the front row are pissed!" He's also saying that he's having trouble hearing and he's not sure if he's on beat.
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