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August 2, San Diego, California

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I'm not cool...gonna be cool before the night's over...

What's this? Gonna do something off the cuff, unrehearsed...new mic for Quiana?

I like big butts...you get sprung! Oooh, did he slap Angela's butt? with mama in da house? :cryingwlaughter:

Is he camping up LAV? I don't hear any laughing....

Bills---I like this song....

I don't hear any crowd reaction...maybe he's not doing the body wave? Ooops....now I hear some screams...

1999....he always sounds lke he's struggling to get those low notes when he first comes in on this song...

Sexy tractor---

Ooops I did it again....I can just imagine all the faces he's making while Angela sings this...here we go...OPP!

YEAH! YEAH!....sorry, but I always liked this song...it's impossible for me to be still when I hear it...stupid lyrics, I know..but it's just too catchy...

SexyBack---there wasn't a lot of audience laughing or noise during that...wonder if he cut down on the campiness...I really liked how he did this in Houston...

Achy Breaky heart---never liked this one---I mean the original...

Opposites Attract---LOVE this! Ok...huge crowd reaction to "party all night"....

Beat It !!!!!! this cracks me up...he's usually all hunched over and doing that finger snapping thing...the man can sing anything. Anything.

Can you tell I sorta like him? :lilredani:

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Yep. I can. I kinda do too.

I think he was talking about feeling cool now...."but it might just be gas." He's such a goof.

Plugging the SD symphony now, how they just learned the music in 2 hours.

Time for Listen from Angela.

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"Good night, ladies and gentleman. I can't follow her...I'm gonna have to fire her."

Jaymes encouraged/nagged/insisted/forced him to write a song. "I'd rather just be a singer."

Oh no, more puberty!!! Hee.

"It only took him 5 minutes...and 7 months to write the lyrics." LAA now.

So thankful that the audiences are good for this song.

Nice balance in the cellcert between Clay, the piano and the cello. Very nice.

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And the crowd goes WILD! And there was much rejoicing!!!

Fantastic Clay, just fantastic!

Giving his appreciation to the fan speech now, "even if it's your 50th show...we see you following our bus."

BYLM. I'm going to tear up again right now....this is such a good song for me.

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Oh, he sounded angelic on the high notes tonight...he just keeps stroking this song, making love to it...finding new places to caress each time he sings it...it's truly becoming "his" song, isn't it?

Now doing the community arts support thang....

He's asking who's at first show and got a HUGE response! Hope that's so....now talking about how long the girls have had to put up with him....appreciates his fans...

This song is FOR you...Thank you for being here tonight...we love you.


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OMG! I just realized that tonight is couchie and Ansa's first concert! WOO HOO! Will be looking forward to talking with that crew tomorrow (and hope they don't call me tonight 'cuz it would wake up the little pitcher in the bed next to me... :wub: )

"I'm Clay Aiken, Good Night!"

ANd I'm Muski and Good night to y'all! :F_05BL17blowkiss: How appropriate! They're doing fireworks...

ETA: per artquest;

table of NJU next to artquest....said they were quiet the first half but were up on their feet and really enjoying it!

cellist was amazing

Clay 'blew out' his voice during the Classics....was hoarse afterwards...struggled with LAA (really? ) but was able to pull it off...

Fireworks started while he was still singing! Went off over th water and could see the reflection....said it was beautiful!


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I love hearing him introduce everyone...and the "I'm Clay Aiken" is so cool to hear. Yeah, I know it's him...tell us something we don't know Clay!

Sounds like it was a good show...and now fireworks going off! That's pretty cool.

On that note....I'm not staying for the after concert report. I have to work tomorrow, so it's bedtime. 'night all. Looking forward to the report from the concert goers.


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What??? no San Diego recaps in this thread???

ah I think Couchie did her San Diego chapter of her CA4fer recap...I guess its my turn.

When Couchie and I were planning this trip we wanted to pack the day with activities that will let us explore San Diego. After the stressful time catching our plane and the long wait...in the sun...for our rental car...all we wanted to do was to eat something and go to our hotel. So after a few recalculations with our GPS Morticia...we finally get to San Diego Gaslamp district. We walked around looking for a cheap but good restaurant and we find it in the Cheese shop...where we proceeded to get New York style sandwiches. Of course we could have made it more California by adding avocado...We had a great relaxing lunch then we went straight to our hotel. After freshening up we decided to take a walk...we strolled by the harbor and we looked for the venue. The sea breeze made the walk really pleasant and we discover the venue and the restaurant for the pre concert party was just a 10 minute walk away. So we knew this would be a pretty relaxing venue since it was so easy to get to.

The Pre concert party was fun. It was the first CH party I ever attended so no one really knew me. I was happy when several people did come to me to say that they enjoyed my post...but it was still interesting to just sit back and watch all the activities around me and to finally put faces to the names I always see on the boards.

The Venue itself is very interesting. the side lawn was full of picnickers since there is fireworks every night. The seats were all arranged in tables. The middle section had servers selling drinks and serving champagne. It was designed for a relaxing evening under the stars where people can sit back and enjoy an evening of good music. So the setting was not conducive to the electric, fangirly atmosphere that is typical of Clay concerts. Clay was in good voice...but it was clear that he was not used to the audience sitting down so much and so subdued.

I do think that the HYCA and EIH combination is a good way to start the show in a more subdued manner. I think the energy started picking up during IWTKWLI. This duet is just fantastic because we see Clay playing around with the melody and truly having a great interaction with his fellow musicians on stage. This night he did the duet with Quiana. During the TV medley....Clay did his usual schtick but then he really went wild during the Jefferson section. He was dancing so much then ended up on his knees...clearly overcome by his spirited dancing. This stopped the whole show and the girls tried to help him up but he said he was overtaken by the spirit of wheezy. This got the girls laughing so much that it was tough for Quiana to sing her part for All in the Family. Other than that...the first half was not that eventful...he did chastise his mom for coming in late. He also told stories about how he tried to watch TV even when he was grounded and how his parents would catch him. Of course as usual he was electric during TOA which prompted me to give him a standing O. Then he introduced Quiana and he opted to stay on stage while she sang. Of course one can’t help but watch him watching Quiana and I find it so cute that he can’t help but sing along with her.

During intermission it was amusing to observe the fans lined up to talk to Faye. I really don’t think this is something that Faye looks for but there are just a lot of fans that seem to need to pay respects and she just has to be the polite to them.

Second half was pretty exciting with the powerful performances of MOAM, WY, that got me and my tablemates to spontaneously stand up and cheer. The classics was great…the I’m not cool schtick really started to gel in this venue. Angela was very verklempt when she started Listen…I thought she may have been tearing up a bit. This song is really hers…she did an incredible job that night. This of course was followed by a LAA that was a bit shaky. I think Clay was starting to have a problem with the dry air…but I still loved this version cos the shaky falsetto gave it a more vulnerable feel. At this point I I have to say that part of what made this concert special was the view around the venue..on one side you look out into the water and see the beautiful yachts floating on the water and the other side is the beautiful skyline of San Diego…it was stunning when it is enjoyed with Clay voice in the background. The concert ended with BYLM that coincided with the fireworks. The combination was electric specially since the jumbotron camera man superimposed Clay and the fireworks. It would seem like the perfect way to end this concert….but our unique busline experience topped that.

Before this trip I asked Couchie if we can do the busline at least once. This seems to be the best venue to do it since the bus is right there beside the exit and we only have a 10 minute walk to the hotel after this. So we walked to the parking lot where the security personnel were already lining all of us all along the parking lot. I thought the busline would be done quickly since we were formed pretty early…but we had a long wait ahead of us there was a point where I questioned our sanity cos I was soo tired I started falling asleep leaning on a tree. Finally we noticed some people walking out of the venue. We spot one of the Japanese fan running towards her friends EEEEEEEEEEing all the way. She had a M&G with Clay….She and her friends started jumping and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEing as soon as she joined them…it was so fun to see that. This also gave us hope that Clay is about to come out. Sure enough here comes Jerome….he wasn’t happy with our line so he herded all of us to this nearby basketball court. There were too much of us so he had to lead the Claymates by the hand around the nearby skating park…but our little corner was still too mushed up..so he lead a few of us to the middle of the court…we formed an odd little squiggly line that Jerome himself found odd.

So now comes Clay…he was wearing a purple shirt and khaki cargo shorts….he looked at the whole set up and was shaking his head…then he saw our squiggly line in the middle and had a WTF expression on his face…he went to shake our hands first…so he went a bit slower. He looked marvelous and he touched both my hands and I gave him a but of a squeeze…EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. We continued to watch him make the rounds around the court…by the end he was just slapping peoples hands cos he was going so fast. But it really was a great experience and truly left me giddy and fangirly as we made our way back to the hotel. We thought we would end our night at the top of the Hyatt…the view was great but the drinks were very expensive so we just went back to our room to continue to EEEEEEEEEEE about the show. We didn’t need booze…we were all still high as a kite after our great busline experience…

I will always remember San Diego…cos I got to touch Clay;s hand…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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