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whips out camera and takes group photo of the FCA gang....

This thread is for the discussion of photography - specifically concert photography. I'm sure there will be photos posted in here with questions or as examples, but this isn't designed to be a "Photo Clack" thread right now.

I don't claim to be the expert on photography, but I'm learning quickly and I know we have plenty of people in the fandom with photography know how both in concert and general photography.

So, feel free to post questions!

It would be great if people attending the first concert could post information about the conditions. Specifically:

- security (can we bring in cameras? were there people taking pictures? did they get hauled out?)

- lighting - how brightly is Clay lit? does the lighting change color? is there uplighting? were you able to shoot at ISO 400? 200?

- stage set up

- movement

- unusual events

I know lots of this will be covered in regular recaps, but it would be great to get some info from a photographic perspective (so we can anticipate events and adjust for them).

I'm excited about the chance to openly discuss these issues in one place.

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I'm not much of a photographer, and my venue has a "No Cameras" policy [they are obviously unfamiliar with the resourcefulness of the Clay Nation!], so I may only attempt to use a disposable camera. I wouldn't bother at all, but I've got good seats, and feel compelled to at least attempt to gather some Clack. Can anyone recommend a type of disposable camera that might allow a point-and-click photographer like me to get some decent pictures? My venue is outside and uncovered, and I would expect it to be getting dark fairly early into the concert. Thanks!

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You might want to check on the full photo policy. Sometimes NO CAMERAS means disposables are allowed, sometimes they are not.

For a review of what your pictures with a regular disposable (800 speed with flash) will take, look at my Portland Pics. Those were taken from the first row and were a waste of time and money. Mostly it was to keep me from going into withdrawl at not being able to take photos. Jerome stood in front of me the whole concert and it amused me to be so avidly taking crappy pictures in front of him. (the one good Solitaire pic I posted was from when he disappeared backstage and I whipped out my camera).

Good disposable cameras? An oxymoron. If you do go with disposable, make sure you get something that has a zoom and is digital (so you can wipe out pictures you don't want). ISO 800 is a must.

Rather than a disposable, you might want to consider bringing in a small digital with a memory card you don't mind losing (64 and 128 cards are pretty cheap these days - not much more than a disposable camera). That is if you have nerves of steel and don't mind spending quality time with security staff. (insert joke at my expense here)

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I'm attending the first show, and am pretty much a photography nut (a show is so much better when I can take pictures.) So I will let you know as much as I can. :) I know on the Toms River site they say they will announce before the show if cameras are allowed (isn't that a little late?), but it's the first show, and one of (if not the?) first shows at this particular fair, so hopefully they won't be too strict. I have no idea what my seat will be like, though, but I'm bringing my good camera.

I've been burned recently at non Clay concerts by not bringing my good camera, and then pictures being allowed. And I'm annoyed, and won't let that happen to me again. ;)

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Can I ask what is probably a really stupid question?

What on earth is a disposable digital camera? I didn't even realize such a thing existed... I've used disposable film cameras (800 speed) before and they were useless - they took pictures of the people's heads in front of me and Clay was about 1 inch tall (even from the 3rd row)... so I gave up taking pictures a while ago... but I had no idea there were disposables that had a zoom or were digital... what are these things? And how much do they cost?

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Here's some examples of the two types of cameras I mentioned.

Digital Disposable Camera

Disposable Zoom

I would think of the two, the zoom one would be the most useful.

Right now we don't know what will be allowed (during JNT not even disposables were allowed), so I wouldn't sink a lot of money into disposables yet. Last year we spotted the trends after the first couple of concerts.

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